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Zephyrpoint Quasi-real Awareness, Of God and Gravity

Zephyr-point Quasi-real Awareness, Of God and Gravity

After the post yesterday I saw had an article on elliptic functions and I wondered if these were similar to the more discrete model proposed. Also was the usual discussion on the nature of consciousness as parallel (rhyming) connections over the neurons as a possible model of consciousness. One thing for sure someone sees the importance of such things to solve more physical models.

That said, I have come almost to a religious quandary when it comes to interpreting some of these physical and metaphysical ideas- I see on that there is a lively debate between Lincoln and Forest_Dump as to if gravity should be taken on faith similar to a religious faith. I can certainly see Forest's point here but I can see more too. This is much like the asking of if there is some sort of Holy Spirit, Sophia, logos, and the like in the religious tradition of the people of the book (I do not know enough really of the deep history of the Jews and Islam and how it relates to Greek philosophy.

But surely the Philosophic Distant God and the Personal one (a question mtbturtle raised on the forum) is akin to this issue of the difference really in the illusion or not or the consciousness or not, of time or gravity depending on if we are on the inside or surface of a hologram space structure. If, from an atomic and thus less Aristotelian Christian view, but the plane as a more Islamic view, and the tent idea over Jerusalem and so on as man the religious early on- hard to keep all these straight for us historically from an over view- why not the present if but a metaphorical understanding of God as quasi-real a spirit in the hologram sense- not to say that perhaps gravity has some religious source behind it.

Let us not forget there seems to be "being" and "energy" early on and that these were once religious and poetic words- is that the meaning when some say, like Lincoln, that the key to it all is energy? And yet I do think we can make something intelligible of things more transcendent than a silent God, personal or impersonal. Not just philosophy but religion and yes mutual respect is fundamental to the debate if it can be unified, Islam as egalitarian for example or some idea of the return to our founding principles or not in our propaganda of health insurance debate - it is as hard a problem at least mathematically. Now, for my part I do not see how in the last thirty years the insurance and private sector have given us anything but grief being middle men in the student loan department. I have been denied and forced to apply for my GI Bill for the last few decades. Do we believe or not that education is good for the benefit of all of us? Both parties seem to justify the means by some end!

Well, this sort of thing on my mind (and why fill out the census if this state twice did not let me vote? - in any case I will be in another state under the letter of the law at the time.) This sort of thing on my mind but that said I will post what I casually wrote down last night:

* * *

In the misty continuum space our cold snowy souls descend to the great ground plane of earth- and we sometimes evaporate before even our raindrop lives reach the ground. So too our tricks of avoiding the need for deeper understanding.

*Given a set of neurons they can work globally in parallel or be active in the small in regions (also considering details of exploding novas as something in between).

*Global intelligibility can occur with or without consciousness.

*Existential intelligibility can do the same.

* * *

*Two such intelligibility's can cause a state of motion (also still pictures, the painted ship on a painted ocean, can imply a motion in the mist, in the atmosphere that covers the plane and sphere of the universe and earth.)

*Two can "physically" restrict each other as logical multiplication.

*If zero it may represent a potential for motion rather than a state of motion, same for infinity, both with a unity as intelligibility a sense of possible or impossible a little be fuzzy in the stratosphere of thought.

*Primacy, and zero as such, may have at least one successor (predecessor) and may have only one, this without the idea of mathematical induction so to distinguish the even and odd numbers and dimensions.

*An alternating series summed need not be ambigous.

* * *

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