Friday, October 1, 2010

October 1st is Too Late

Today I am not very good company, this happens when I try to explain things to the government- dealing all these years with the Veteran's Administration takes a toll but not as bad as it has been when reasonable people could have made a difference for my life and for the good of the nations. I have second thoughts about voting in the next election because it is hard to make sense of the ads and lies on either side of the isle. We are badly need a new idea of how to live together in this world with some theory of the state and how to truly respect individual lives and liberty. So there was no new ideas today, just a little troubled what is the point sleep. I find it a new experience too, not to worry about every penny when I buy something like storage for photos and writing. I am not sure that is a good thing for it reminds me of the long road to recovery of a minimum of life support and the human fallibility into fall for excess after a drought. But more than that (and the local news full of not news but political lies that only scam money from the people by the politics of fear, by soft terrorism.)

It is noble to have a purpose, one I have tried to do as best I can- but upon a new awakening threshold, one where I by good fortune have survived this long, not only have I seen a few mountaintops, met a few and lost a few whom I loved, I see how much what could have been found sooner for the betterment of all of us- and that is a loss bigger than my thousand of poems and hundreds of songs. (by the way I tried but could not add to my song last night- the delay in time maybe- the theme from the first time last year I tried to extend it not as good as I vaguely recalled and no new themes in sight. Back to the drawing board and no video to place this Sunday- but there is always hope that in the raw art of creative writing and physics we do well taking a closer look again at the fundamentals.

October 1st always reminds me of Fred Hoyle and his book called that and my meeting him in Cambridge while an American airman in England.

Now, today there are three other bloggers discussing the issues of physics- I ask you, perhaps from hindsight one day, are we not saying the same thing?

* * *

Well, the world looks a little better after a walk in the almost first frost October morning walk, a check on how well I did with funds from the past at the ATM and knowing I needed nothing today, at one with the balance of my needs, and the first cup of coffee at the coffee shop. Thankfully a minor toothache passed as they all have over the last few years- some compensation of older age and learning to deal with natural pains. There are so many victims around me, one lady struggling in the pretzel shop had two wisdom teeth removed at the cost of $2400 !

I cannot think of a photo for this post so I put up the quasic grid again- useful to find it when I need to do very high dimensional calculations. But on facebook I found some links explaining the Islamic faith from an historical perspective. As my last post was leaning toward some sort of understanding of our religious natures I recalled an article I think in Discover magazine some years back about the cube or the Kaabe and the game of backgammon.

The observation on one of the blogs cited above was if there was no need to reduce things to ultimately Euclidean physics- especially invoking contours and the fundamental place of complex numbers in the quantum theory. In some ways that was a possibility where I speak of a mystical sense of focused lines in relation to a more general space around us.

In the letters from the Moslems to the Byzantines it was explained that there was the unity to be found in monotheism (I might see this as one universe and not a multiverse) but the idea is as decidedly linear and Euclidean as the tessellations of Islamic art, especially that denies the image of the prophet yet the many names of the creator, not the nameless, faceless, unknown God- that old Greek concept. In such a world of course it is not a dynamic of revelation where it starts somewhere as if the light that loops on itself in the tent to explain early Jewish concepts that have a beginning. In Islam the idea of its religion extends infinitely in all directions for all of time, and as a theory of everything it is thus comprehensive in its viewpoint and explanation. It is only monoverse as a resolved question on the highest levels of our cosmological conceptions to date, lesser generalizations either reduce to chaos of uncertainty and cosmos of unity to conflict, or in the comprehensive but correspondence of a theory we find unresolved conflicts at the current foundation and its analogs.

The game of backgammon has 24 blips which in a way are part of a cube. The question of where the counters go when they are on the bar is one outside of normal space- perhaps that is where we get the idea of external destiny and angels. But the cube as well the circle were profound objects of Greek contemplation and sense of beauty or perfection.

Yet in our time we have witness the rise of digital codes- 24 for colors and this to include the three primaries and black and white (3+1 dimensions?) but that is only three quarters of 32, so significant for many reasons, as if fifth natural dimensional and the unity of gravity and electromagnetism in the old Unified Field Theory dream with modern group theory sense. Also its use in quantum theory. We still seem to add one to the dimensions and throw them together after the fact of some concept of fundamental unity that requires the concept of time and causality for a practical and accurate physics.

Rowlands treats the corners of a Rubik's cube as an example of 2/3 and one third charges in the case of a deeper quark symmetry- an idea held as only and interesting metaphor in earlier books. But for such and intelligible idea- is it really enough for a scientist to put a caveat on his publications like "the multiverse, if it exists" when we can be so familiar with such theories and higher space that the physics and description is obvious from first principles and hints of experiment?

* * *

I forgot to mention Ulla in these blogspots I have commented on an accidentally encountered and followed here. I want to emphasize that for the mechanisms that shore up the ends of chromosomes that require other than the gene encoding that this from first principles is as much if not more due to the geometry possible than chance and evolution as the design determinants. Given the context of the picture of our genes, a sort of reversal of the equivalent of the cosmological question Crick and Watson asked when contemplating the structure of DNA, the design and mechanism will follow from what is known of theories about physical laws.

* * *
I also mention the blog : which is of course concerning issues said less scientific in our time (despite the recent absurdity of say UN ambassador to the aliens or the old story as if news of former military saying something tampered with the soviet and USA missile launch codes (I never encountered anything to do with aliens so cannot report what I do not know about- but the subject (and today's quote from Ouspensky there is from his New Model of the Universe). But more than this the author is a prolific writer coming to grips with his unique perceptions, and in a very strange and parallel way I came close to similar personal events that caused such an output of thought and philosophy so I can sympathize and wonder at the near coincidence of it all and be thankful that it did not happen- I do not think my creativity can stand another such affront and incident. Ultimately, I agree that the issues of these occult and supernatural concerns are still open as to the truth of things- and as in this paragraph the blogger too has some scientific and intelligent insights that ponder our shared concerns:

"Many claim that quantum principles are only operand at a subatomic level, which I have been saying for well over two years that this is not necessarily so. A cyberneticist I know tells me everything is behavioral. A mathematician would say it's externalized demarcations. A theologian would say it is a contest between light and darkness. A physicist would say it is the storage, transformation and irradiation of energy. A philosopher would say it is value applied to form. Each is perhaps correct and each is patently wrong. The observer bias tainting reality or reality as an outcome is not confined to the subatomic realm."

Have not many here said that in one way or another so as to agree, either outright or something we may find as a possibility. For me the scale of things on a human level and yet independent of our not clearly applied anthropocentric biases is a central truth and issue.

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