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Clifford Dimensions, Tachyons, Tipper Points and Combo-computations

Clifford Dimensions, Tachyons, Tipper Points and Combo-computations L. Edgar Otto September 19. 2011

From my casual researches of last night:

A way to color a cube as an octagon of three colors JOA COF GOB axes.

An attempt to divide a cube into 20 instead of the 24 triangle regions for 3 parts and not the 4 for an overall 20 triangles of the "20Chromodo cubes" or "20chm"

The way to better see by color the possible combination's of the four axes of 8 colors in such a way that obviously 48 x 32 = 4 x 384. This can be a square within a square in which we make different permutations of one square.

A way to represent the 3, 4 or 8 hypercube symbolism as beta4 octahedral analogs and the connecting them with such extra connections for the 56 items of the 64- this applies to pre-chrial genetics and with the 24 of the "tachyonlike Higgs concept- (I also have just read Lubos's article that is rather advances but in any case should be pointing at last to some of the new ideas of the new physics.)makes the 56. That number is of course twice the 28 of the P-Z notation above.

These straightforward applications of condensed orthogons and relations also reflect in the finite part of the universe the Clifford like dimensional considerations. But if I lived on some island or planet I would not need these terms or notions second hand for such universal evolving notions are there if we look for them and if we have the inclination we will independently find the same notions- and if we are lucky sometimes we will see it from what is the backwards or wrong side that turns out to be the closer truth and beauty.

As Al Gore said- as we try to defend a dying idea we encounter stronger resistance to changing it (Lubos does have a knack for a way out with his intellect for a careful analysis if not an emotional tipping point of some political emotions that I find hopeful in the new generation where people simply have to build walls or trust each other beyond the scraps of paper we call treaties.) I am not sure the Tipper point applies as we get smaller and things are so more unstable as Lubos asserts in for micro world. I find his paper delightful really.

But Gore, or Perry... their stances are rather disturbing as to what is the truth that seems somehow beyond the solid science. What is a critical mass or tipping point anyway but the old idea of what it takes for a general system like living things to reach a certain point of replication (as in Space Odyssey) and coding and going beyond the limited world of a mere few dimensions or super-symmetries considered the real or not? That is the fear of the free lunch of fractal branching and so on- ideas to which pure string theory does not address any more than it can really in detail explain gravity or mass. Gore says this is a moral issue and blames the recent changes and costly disasters on man made and monopoly corporate made global warming. It certainly is a moral issue in the sense that whichever side is so using science with the effects on the rest of humanity is pushing a lie we can say they are immoral and if there is one they can rot in hell. What is the carbon tax on a human being made of carbon- is there a cost to his living at all? Should he not have a choice in how to live as if his own idea of venture capital to invest in a better future for us all? The rule of law cannot stand if a people needs freedom. As the corporal said "When I hear the word culture I reach for my gun." I understand what he means with all this family destroying Marxist objectivity not held but playing either side of things reaching some oppression of a tipping point of politics like programs of domestic abuse as the state herself abusing families. For example. The mentally ill are not served well by denying they have a problem nor that they have one when they do not. Maybe we will reach a tipping point where there are riots as someone said on the news when an education that promises jobs does not and puts students into lifelong debt, or a critical mass by those that think they have been educated and have the right to determine the wealth and well being and destiny of others. The universities and public schools for most in my family and community as far as math goes has made them stupid.

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Facebook status today:

L. Edgar Otto
The school system seems to have made everyone more stupid and poorer, (with of course some rare exceptions in the sciences and wellness .) So if ignorance is a sort of bliss as families and employment becomes a more remote as any real power of the politics or our nation- you should probably get more schooling.

Newscientist had an article on Gore with showed his recent presentations less that getting stellar reviews:

Sciencedaily in relation to what bacteria do call it the "dark matter" of biology- and a concrete example of life mixing its metaphors incorrectly: see what happens when in a world of normal matter we do not try to understand non-Euclidean geometry a little better?

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Well, finally something interesting and not already discussed on the sciencechatforum :

Discovering Conformational Sub-States Relevant to Protein Function
Arvind Ramanathan1,5, Andrej J. Savol2,3, Christopher J. Langmead4,5, Pratul K. Agarwal1*, Chakra S. Chennubhotla2*


Internal motions enable proteins to explore a range of conformations, even in the vicinity of native state. The role of conformational fluctuations in the designated function of a protein is widely debated. Emerging evidence suggests that sub-groups within the range of conformations (or sub-states) contain properties that may be functionally relevant. However, low populations in these sub-states and the transient nature of conformational transitions between these sub-states present significant challenges for their identification and characterization.

Methods and Findings

To overcome these challenges we have developed a new computational technique, quasi-anharmonic analysis (QAA). QAA utilizes higher-order statistics of protein motions to identify sub-states in the conformational landscape. Further, the focus on anharmonicity allows identification of conformational fluctuations that enable transitions between sub-states. QAA applied to equilibrium simulations of human ubiquitin and T4 lysozyme reveals functionally relevant sub-states and protein motions involved in molecular recognition. In combination with a reaction pathway sampling method, QAA characterizes conformational sub-states associated with cis/trans peptidyl-prolyl isomerization catalyzed by the enzyme cyclophilin A. In these three proteins, QAA allows identification of conformational sub-states, with critical structural and dynamical features relevant to protein function.


Overall, QAA provides a novel framework to intuitively understand the biophysical basis of conformational diversity and its relevance to protein function.

From the beginning this issue I tried to discuss when a member of the forum- in the passage above for those interested in the math and biology can we not see the methods of quasic math and physics even if they also involve the statistical elements? But what is the quasic landscape for the substates but a QUASIC Anharmonic Analysis (which of course will apply on the informational level of the codons too. QsAA ! QED and :-P~ biochemists and others on the forum that banned me for no reason I can tell and when invited to join this was one of my main issues :-)
actually, anharmonic is not a clear term here- let us say Quasi Informational Analysis QIA and it would be interesting to know about the individual researchers behind this- sometimes such work is done blindly and those doing do not really realize the implications of their work despite its expertness they cannot see the relevance when suggested to them- the unfolding of hypercubes by that gentleman from Toronto is a case in point from my interview with him by land line in 95 or so. Well, I hope this suggests what the article hints:

"Emerging evidence suggests that sub-groups within the range of conformations (or sub-states) contain properties that may be functionally relevant." But I must mention that the focus on the super statistics alone may cloud the rate as which we can understand and apply such emerging evidence.

Interesting this comes from the Department of Energy.

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I came back to the coffee shop to post these pics that struck me artistically on the way home: See full resolution on my other blog. More Around Eau Claire.

New Missoni Fabric Designs sells our in hours at Target stores:

Target sold out of this design line in hours the other day- as art reflects society we long for a deeper zig-zag meaning of physics than mere quantum abstract painting or some form of cubism and surrealism. Not the barber pole look at the rest seats in Randal Park of which as to see clearer the black and white zig zag pattern I put for a yacht flag for Menona Bay seems to remind me of this in nature all along. If as Penrose says the zig and the zag we may as well call particles then these are in a sense an irreducible ground for my iota point-string concepts.

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