Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Sensing or Feeling Second Differentiations or Not

I am just putting up the raw informal and somewhat experimental counts to which some notions are evoked instead of an explicit illustration. After this I did some coloring and trying to find the implications of the unfolded 3D cube- this led to an interesting anticube stacked cross candle design - it is has been a long time since the geometry leads to new areas of design whereas the study of space in the making of candles had led to new conceptions of how space works.

Now, in the mass of scrap paper I am surprised I generated I had one idea so far from todays page it may be hard to find (as it is I cannot carry all this excess weight so usually file it away somewhere- but working with notebooks makes it a lot easier as would a more disciplined and formal approach so as not to make so many counting errors- but I give you the direction and the search for a proof of things if wanted. That idea uses the yin-yang as a symbol for the quasi singularity complex as a unit of energy (the concept) or as for mass as a unit in the idea what in existence is described as the grounding iota particle. In his respect we cannot simply take the inverse of some value as if a fraction say 1/2^n... but with this multi-dipole or dialectics of matter and our metaphor of dark matter, [it is here that I take the general title of this post for beyond the iota point sting concept we now enter into the second or brane or statistical dimensions of things to which that these exist as non-linear is not always the rule with such a wider inversion of the fundations of what exists and the pragmatic down to earth restrictions that are not imposed but part of the fabric of existents and existence] of what is the relation of positive and negative entropy in relation to time, or what we may think of as to view such things as tachyon-like, that this also shows the formalism of the relation between mass and energy or is another way to define energy among the quantum or relativistic like others.

I have the stray thought to that in the Odo256 chess game notation with all the interdimensional virial variations that the 4 base numbers as we reduce from say 8 dimensional notations to 4, we derive a sort of orthogonal periodic table which is folded into itself such that the K L M N and beyond that the O P Q R electron shells add of course to 120 elements on this level of particle-mass generations and maybe ends there- This certainly can be enhanced as a useful tool including what we may imgaine the structure of the coexistent nucleus to be in the higher analogs of how we may want to see them as super relativity super quantum extensions of our usual methods of physics.

|- " If a physically existent creates the non-linear vacuum non-existent - then the only relevant physicality paths are as if only linear or polynomial in time the physical existent. Or that near and immediately via quantum matrix methods which may also imply immediate near external space realities in the general cosmic vacuum.
Now, if there is something beyond the sensing or feeling, even perception of these inversions of real or shadow differentiations over also implied connections and an ambiguous time that in some cases may seem tachyonic, these still a possibility and usually outside of science or experiment, these could be very powerful in a still greater description of reality- as if the creative force is a God-like one after all, that is the terms we now grasp in our narrow view of such a higher reality or Entity.

Sensing or Feeling Second Differentiations or Not

Apparently such a concept as in this title, that some particles can experience or be invisible to certain ideas of derivative velocities and accelerations shows both the power and limitation of our calculus. But many agree Newton was our greatest physicist- as Lubos hinted if there are tachyons then the Higgs may be one for after all this is the God particle in the half serious metaphor- so Newton was right in assuming his work was the glory of some idea of the praise of God- well, in the general metaphorical sense to which others with probability theory have given us a sound threshing with reductionism as to which way the planets go. So many today in that safe world of materialism and science in the midst of further cult and religious chaos or its reaction such as the absurd and unscientific work of Dawkins, well maybe it is scientific if it is about God- from a sort of anti-god sense.

Newton then tried to find a general theory beyond the reach of his classical levers and gravity- that is he was our last great astrologer really. The mystical principle of as above so below- unfortunately to this day such an assumed God or the stars suggest that certain territory on this world is special and God given with the right to occupy it or take it - even in the case of some towns by intelligent people like the Serbs and Croats- yeah, how do we explain this intellectual breakdown of civilization? Yet in that case the victor does not always get the city in the end.

Newton also searched the bible code- now let us not look at him and only take what we can understand of his genius and bury the rest under the rug of eccentricity or temperament. It seems to me in our day many are looking for such codes that are in a sense scientifically distinct from some fundamentalist view of a religious text.

Now it is clear also that the economy of the USA and parts of Europe and other developed powers is suffering such predictable behaviors of its people in relation to technology. (this blogger has a synchronous article today where I was thinking about such things: although I begin to look beyond the wisdom of the quotes that illustrate his work such as of Godel. Yet I understand his long worked out conclusion that what is happening is not just a question of the supernatural- our down to earth problems seem to be in trouble of sorts.) Yes, jobs, some are bringing back outsourced companies- for one thing the China policy of one child per family and the influx into the towns is drying up of workers, the products are becoming more shoddy and the demands are there for higher pay and so on- but this is predictable of human behavior- China ahead of the United States for it starting later in the industrial age gained the advantage of more than hand held tools. And the next tech level will also surpass the earlier ones.

I have my doubts that the virtual electrification age we now live in with the superficial anodyne or placebo of a drug culture can lead to general progress even if we do resolve the dementia and obesity and diabetes among the old and children of which the medicaid now is burdened with 25% for this type II diabetes. But one thing for sure it will change the context of our constitution. To loose so many postal service jobs and close post offices, as well we are losing the newspapers and libraries (books) is to mock the brilliance of Franklin as a founding father. Yet some can say, as in the industrial revolution as technology rejected by the Amish, such as the zipper and automobiles, that we would be locked in a very obsolete world of heavier labor and confining values and a withering by lack of diversity in the blood and in general. We may long to but cannot go back to land lines and AM radio and so on without this analogy to be made for holding back or making progress in a new era. In either case the society or people behave as if but a number.

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Before I posted this note I read and posted in context of today's post to Pitkanen: (sorry Ulla, I do not always have the computer time to both try to engage in dialog and post as if isolated lecturing to the the anonymous sea of space and students.)


ThePeSla said...

Welcome back,

This post I find very clear and again remarkably connected in notions of the frontier, especially of our alternative physics bloggers and again part of the theme of my brief thoughts of last night- this confluence of thought shows that even in our trivial considerations in the right context- some can take things to the logical deeper conclusions. (Then again some cannot seem to do it in the academic and funding state of things- yes, unifying the standard model too seems right on.

I have long thought we can have what seems differences in the light speed invariant and I suppose this idea connects to that of a many sheeted so to speak hierarchy of Planck values. But at this point by super or sub luminal I mean the same thing. For we have to understand these things from a wider perspective than rigid classification and separation of the Non-Euclidean geometries.

What about those conclusions early on that inside a quasar light seems to move at warp ten? Are deep into the heart of visual illusions explained at last?


* * *

Kea also is excited about this (still I think there are ways to compromise with the work of some of the others in things like string theory and where it applies to biology- but certainly if this is a result it is harder and harder to claim there is no general conceptual problem when one claims authority from experiment.)

It is quite evident that the wave front of light does go faster than the light?
Now if Pitkanen can solve these more relativistic ways of measuring mass in the hierarchy problem and Kea the more combinational ways and these match- now we may be on to something!


* * *
After long blogging and an objective open mind for the paranormal it seems that this blogger addressing the technology issues sees higher problems too here and now than in the supernatural issues:


* * *

Here again, if he decides to undertake the effort- a clearly level headed scientist seems to also address what needs to be done to resolve some of this new context of things:


* * *

Well, again a beautiful post here with quotes by this blogger, as always- this mentioning of Newton and the language of geometry I feel relevant to my mood today.


* * *

Whatever considerations of last night I meant to post, well if I were going to post today- I will put up as just in the accompanying illustration.

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