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Dream Catchers

Dream Catchers L. Edgar Otto September 10, 2011

The Pregnant Silence of the end of an enquiry reach overwhelming complexity, the blank page a the frontier of competence or intellect or intuition, that which needs also a time of more particle counting and enumeration of math ideas- that is more experimental busy work as well the wall or limit to some project felt complete- no ideas thus the answers to be sought in new myths that creatively and of necessity is a stretch of our faculty of speculation:

Speculation 1 - Mass is the deletion of two digits in the ten base number system where ten-fold space symmetry applies, those digits being zero and one, as pure binary or as a part of other polynomial place holder notation representations, thus being, nothingness, and existence somehow in between not necessarily Leibniz's salamander (imaginary numbers).

Speculation 2 - That difference between flat local spaces of lattices of higher dimensional tori and higher dimensional spherical tori if you find substance made of empty space, knotted or looped or not.

Speculation 2b - Of course the projective duality difference as if the nodes of mass vibrate between the various geometric solids with and without mediator particles.

Speculation 3 -

Mass is difference between the tension of being and nothing, space that pulls apart and the compression or fall from general grace into the dark-matter like black holes into real or virtual singularities. Particle physicists want something like matter itself as the grounding of all this even when their said mass is from some motion between things when viewed at some higher resolution of our instruments- the greater part of atoms empty yet the greater part of mass the movement in this rather than the ground particle itself. The singularity of black holes and so on is neither material, nor motion as falling or expanding, nor our concept of dark matter- but a new idea of which we may resolve the tension or condense our dimensionless existing according to our preferences.

Mass, proper and as a form of inertia, the illusion of separation and what force this may be thought to cause, exists then as the quasicity concept first and foremost which acknowledges int he reasonable world that Mass as we imagine it is a continuum. We so distinguish it as discrete or what is physical seemingly continuous but is physically discrete (a sort of anti-quasic idea of what is continuous in space and time) Mass is the resistance in the falling into singularity as well Energy as a metaphor is the relation to the flux that reaches infinity in the maximum diameter of a given universe of space.

* * *

Comments on Pitkanen's blog:


I think I understand what you are trying to show me- well, OK you did not say what sort of meaning of mass you wanted. (Newton-like? Einstein-like?) I thought about this this morning but it is too long to post here.

Leo, this will be of some interest to you also, as per your comment with Rio Frio and your own theories.

I wrote nothing yesterday day so as Lubos says we need a new era of more theory! So I offer some speculations at the frontier for other than some busy work my thoughts did not make the concrete new today- at least I cannot know this consciously.

that reply to me was a very timely and brilliant answer and is sad but true- I suspect our president will and congress will still only give lip service to science and anyone with a half working brain. This is unfortunate for the future and should not depend on funding. It not about science but just how much the arbitrary powers want to keep the people in the dark and ignorant to control them. But we would not know this unless we had some idea of a new and optimistic era where we are the innovators and the social reward for the sciences- in the name of our future children.

The PeSla

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Comment to Hans on the nanotechnology link in the last blog:

L. Edgar Otto on facebook-
Hans, the distinction between the artificial and natural, the organic and the machine is merely a working assumption we make to explore certain phenomena, It seems to me as far from the fundamentals as the insistence that these are one no meaningful distinction. In the article there are a lot of new fad terms claimed like the ideas of Fuller and fractals to be new science recently realized- but it is very old science. The mind touches the scent and the canine brain very much wider. The bandwidth is not so narrow for the observation of a single photon can determine by a sentient being that say a star from a billion years ago exists- if we are to believe quantum physics.

* * *

I keep thinking also (actually I did call the vet rep again at the tech school but there is nothing changed for me there as a vet- nice talk really) if the nano program does adhere to the outside world as electromagnetic thus the artificial parts now can relate to perception- the sperm motor mentioned- well, let me note also that for that matter the Platinum wire can also fertilize an egg. I see a certain lack of philosophy applied here despite the quotes from philosophers. Of course this is from my more general perspective- and the feeling some get when we do imagine the cosmos involved in say the Casimir effect which of course can be a few different systems to represent it, some are urging the next era of young researchers to explore these new areas. To say it just Vanderals-like (as Rowlands points out) is to adjust things into one of the several views- such as the point like only.

In any case if we are out of ideas at the moment- thinking on things like this will often lead to the wall or frontier of speculation- for we hope the sober analysis of some fresh new ideas and innovation.

* * *

Happy Enquiring! Oh these casual almost subconscious doodles (man, I really enjoyed the Packers and Saints kickoff game (a rather late new hobby in a world too long lost in nerddom :-) ) involving the difference of symmetry (mass?) of the analog to the octahedron or stella octanga applied to four space has proven quite interesting and there are some new interesting cube puzzle games. Moreover, the count of things very remarkably relate to the 1152 or group of the 24 cell. This new area suggests to me that the rule of doubling or halving the information binaries into a quaterion or octonion difference is modified somewhat where a color can be the reduction to its letter (bicolor) label, a sort of analog to this rule as a triality and super triality symmetrical change. (3 x 384)^2 / 216 = 16 x 384 but many ways to count the volume elements and shadow volumes. It is somewhat suggestive to me that the representation of the four space analog to the octahedron of 16 tetrahedrons that thru the center of such a cube we could in fact discover it to be really composed of 24 such tetrahedra (the 8 being condensed according to such informational rules- again this to be corresponded to or distinguished from the 24 cell.

And such distinctions, in that these condense and do have super symmetric shadows when flanged into normal space- may be what we mean by mass- which seems a little more concrete a speculation- yet it could mean our equally primitive idea of what gravity is--- or any sort of idea of opaque or dark energy or matter. The Higgs type speculation may still be there to supply mass that way but only as an initiator of the resolved singularity structure or when seen a certain way a terminator.

The again where the strings may not deal with mass at all, the iota (point string transfinite scaleless and dimensionless particles) may itself intrinsically define mass.

I had the odd notion that in terms of bra-ket notation that what was needed for some ideas was the general color coding of the brackets according to a general idea of using some number of colors.

I did not get around to Ramsey theory yet for colors beyond three as I did not have access to the known data- but I suggest our combinatorial enthusiasts look at this.

It occurs to me that by these relaxed and quasi-real physics that one can say there certainly is something of a singularity complex or black hole say in the center of the earth- for that sort of general structure is true of any intelligible geometric quasi-finite shape with a quasi-center of simple or multiple connectivity.

So much of all this is still the gathering and disambiguation of our terms and where they fit the concrete and metaphorical notions.

* * *

Perhaps, some may add that "God" holds the atoms together- which as a sort of ultimate speculation makes the literal name for the so called Higgs, God-particle as not far from the idea- that such an ultimate concern would require some sort of mediator to transfer mass- We do not ask of God of what he drinks- the water or the wave. Nor can we distinguish the mediator from the source on the level things are understood now.

I forgot to add I tried to set up application of some of these information and group combination ideas to modify the I Ching (and thus the four base reading of the gene code, to the 81 of so many colors (that is we do regard a set of such colors as at least a triple state of three colors. Interestingly as far as the proximity of certain colors go in the rather fractal three things in three things and so on, that and a shift of the order of colors, we can read along a hexagram groups of three and what is outside this proximity. But it seems in the normal 64 hexagrams that there is such readings- how did the ancients intuit this?

I ask roommate, an artist, if he would be up to illustrating a set of such cards and he was enthusiastic- yet how do we interpret them in the subjective usual way?

* * *

[roommates rant deleted](Did I mention that in my later life having been more nerdy I did not get into football that much, but I do like trying new things- but it was very restful and exciting to watch the Packers and Saints game!) Life to short for other stupid peoples crappola- and school, well, of course one cannot learn what is not there... How do we build it all again without the cost of supporting people that block progress and depress others who cannot think for themselves. I am open to suggestions for any new worthy project. Sometimes an understanding of society or say politics only has the result that you can survey the limits of possibilities and options so it achieved little real hope of a wider world- the future or past confused so we do not know which is the good reason for optimism- well, we were people then...

* * *

Newscientist has article on the very long proof on the groups which I looked over and found that wide field and some things or thoughts related to some of the simpler things I seem to be doing. Still, there is something more needed- maybe, if I ever get stable and can learn more of this and have the lifetime left- who knows?

* * *

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