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Teleoms and the Tachyonic Aspects of Memory

Teleoms and the Tachyonic Aspects of Memory

I think it is to be expected with new data there is a spurt of new speculations of which these may not be a solid as the papers to come a little later. I have been under the weather and off line out of reach so it is unusual or a change in the pattern not to post here or on facebook- which caused some worry with relatives. But I would have had three or so post if I had the energy but these concern the vague and more organic models of these tachyonic considerations- that is for me it is not making an adjustment to the new data others will feel the need to do so- but I have to make adjustment to the level of the next set of ideas and in the early days of it I too am subject to a little less certainty in papers. However, it is not easy to try to write a science fiction if some rather sound science ideas come through it first of which that is the more important. (I also would have said something about the sit com the Big Bang in a review but will save that for later).

This morning I finally got a good sleep and had a dream of sorts where I am rolling in the quilts and sheets in such a way I have to keep the sheet between me and the quilt but that does not keep me warm- so I make a tube (wormhole) and have the idea that I should call this "half naked singularity" rather than "bare naked singularity" (of course the "Bare Naked Ladies" sing the theme of the Big Bang sit com.

Still, there can be a crisis that has us pause. (I read two new sci mag links that relate to what I have not posted yet- that we can learn while we sleep- and that the atom smasher guys are abandoning the search for the Higgs and looking at the neutrinos, in the USA at least.) My crisis and it still not resolved, was the remarkable mapping of these ideas with that of an organism, the quasic cells as if the body cells. But this does not say anything about say a Creator, while it does suggest evolution as more than just a theory- but the prices is perhaps that we are not uniquely immortal potentially after all as a possibility (the purpose to so define uniqueness of a path and realities for the physics sake). The last idea is perhaps the absurd connection Lubos pointed out between the so called failure of Einstein and the Anthropocentric idea after all (that is these falsifications together seem to add up to the pseudoscience of global warming- see his thereferenceframe blogspot recently.)

Anyway, I may come back to this day here and post the old papers if one is interested more in the new creative philosophy than expect new creative science. As far as religious motivation goes I remark that it is not enough, say at an autopsy or resident in training to dissect a body and marvel how it is so intricate and fits together then say- Praise the Creator! The dynamic living body and not a dead one is much closer to any such design praise of said Creator worthy of the name. So to with the early mathematics of the String and M theories...

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Well, other synchronous links to my current theme (actually the application of these or the implications of these new neutrino concerns... rather what we assumed all along for some of us) in the sci mags:

But I could not find a related article I mentioned last week. The first one here is of course related to the idea of deja vu in the delay of right and left brain perceptions but this a deeper question of organization of the structured vacuum to which this article does suggest a sort of stability yet a discrete organization.

I also refer to the Big Bang sitcom (and Lubos I understand was or still is the consultant) as the main character with a sort of nerdy friend that really was not a girlfriend they broke up over the issue of whose view of science was incorporated in the other- she saw everything through neurobiology- he from the string theory of physics and ultimately the theory of everything. They broke up and the main guy started keeping cats the first one Oppenheimer and so on- and the roommate Leonard ask after telling the cat names if he had adopted the whole Manhattan project and he said yes and had "given them all cute Jewish names." I wonder if these were explicitly symbolic of quantum cats?

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Well, it has been something to sleep on and long enough for me to realize the posting of these speculations may be of some use to the new areas of theory. I do remark in these ideas of learning even in sleep (if you can find that article) does refer to the Teleomnium (Tlom) idea of a background in my philosophic continuum speculations of long ago. So I shall post them, maybe today, but just as a free and working enquiry I do not claim any of my fellow bloggers, scientific or otherwise, have any necessary negative connection with this. It is a creative enterprise to which the wheel is in spin and good luck to those with sound intuition and imagination. I guess at best we have raised the bar to cognition of ourselves and the physics and not surprisingly found the same old paradoxes there but more complex.

Oh, here is the link I referred to as to sleep and learning on a deeper level. Of course where I mention dream influences this makes a little more scientific sense:

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Still, as the article points out the brain tries to organize itself intelligibly so it is difficult to work with partial and so many uncertain new views, at least initially.

That said: these will be the posts thus far to come:

Change of Density in Tachyonic Cell Memory 09-27-11

Polyhedral Iota as Biological Cell Teleomic Systems 09- 27- 11

Teleomnic Quasic Space Questions 09-27-11 11:48pm and 09-28-11

Subconscious Micro-time Travel Condensing and Expanding Motions 09-28-11 and the summer of 1953 (minor memory path revisited to which I may describe the wider associated memories).

Todays post- and a stray idea that asks of the relation with others as to their experience as independent, shallow or deep, connected or not, evolved or not, and why>

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I checked the TGD site today- well, I suspose some of the bloggers can grow obsolete until they resolve some of their own new questions in a sort of vertigo. Or as with Kea we find solid work all along.

Matti and Santeri,

The infinite or finite aspect of such numbers, p-adic or otherwise can seem a relative point of view where the multiverse and manyworld concepts apply.

Of course the reality of the physical case would resolve in the universe if it is quantumly computed and thus more efficient.

But the quantum case is not the deepest explanation or level of what is our reality. The same with numbers and geometry.

Such things are quasi-finite (-infinite) where they can be said to cut off or continue- in any case I am not talking some sort of post modern relativism here but that which does make some of our reality scientific and actual.

This is a rather deep question and seems undecided at least in terms of philosophy when we do reach these higher theories of new physics.

The PeSla

* * *

It seems that for whatever reason that we are delayed a bit at making the great new steps of insight needed- This most likely would be very useful as part of the application of tachyonic clarification in the nature of such postulated wormholes.
As you will soon see posted- in terms of physical memory it is not so much the reading of a cell to sell but the micro time travel that causes an ordered region of quasic space cells to implode by multiple as idempotent or expanded by their simplification whether we see these as direct or indirect connected wormholes or not or for that matter some fictitious or real idea of some signal or gravity waves or not- but as Kea said these wispy neutrinos are after all known real... But if the standard theorists are slow... do we as a little faster than the standard value of light against some higher form of debatable Michelson-Morely data really solve the situation as to what the values of physical things are? It is hard enough to understand why I am so slow myself to react to ideas- had I not hold on to the so strongly once I understand and sift the wheat from the chaff in the popular winds of the winnowing by the fads of physics. Still, it is the last of our human concerns that falls if we fail to take it with a grain of salt and not seriously. For the standard guys- well, you can try to jump over the chasm or ride through some portal of ideas- at least try to imagine what theories you need to survive it and not like the Steeps horses blindly jump to the contests of strength of their masters.

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This link you posted on the arvix blog talk...

The answer on is time travel possible in particular for some model and ideas on causality...

I get the feeling these kids do not know much about what they are talking about and see to be downright skirting around the issues. An hour of too early to say? There are no unified models to explain things?

ThePeSla let us expect scientists to do science not philosophy of as to how it may and not likely affect our lives. Maybe these scientists are slowly vanishing into an alternate universe and fading. Oh well.

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