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The Non-necessary but Pragmatic Universe

The Non-necessary but Pragmatic Universe
L. Edgar Otto September 5, 2011

Before I begin my abstrusely worded philosophical shot post with odd logic, I would like to say that Lubos post today is right on the issue, the money- that is if that can be the case of the discussion by the author of the notions of D-branes. I do not quite see, while these topics are relevant to my contemplations presented here especially lately, how such clear statements of issues do not resolve with other such statements on the micro-level view considering the high quality of our theoreticians as far as ability to think is concerned. Is the issue of things violating some way to see a plane (some group idea like Lorentz) or that of a lack of understanding of some idea concerning say the nature of things at the Planck level?

In any case one objection to yesterdays ten new time principles paper (which is aware but compares yet does not resolve the asymmetry on the micro level with a more general theory of such groups and violations of their role as general gospel law) I see the Noether ideas, basically one of a Judaic- or Spinozan notion of God, as in the depths of what happens if we short circuit the go-around rather than default through the inversions, as far as symmetry and action goes, a statement of limiting notions (closed minded rather than open insightful) of which the doing of science, especially in biochemistry, is a superficial thing with hidden and unseen consequences.

This would suggest to me for example the recent voicing by the nutritionists and others that the quality of food in the United States has gone down hill from its relatively healthy and safe state in the early 70's. Pesticides aside, the artificial flavors and so on are mimics of what is actually the deeper content of the chemical structures. We are not like the canine with very high ability to smell things and gather a larger picture, even as chemists. We do not have the dedicated brain power for such an emphasis on a world view. What smells and tastes like cream in the Twinkies is really lard as far as a holographic sense of things is concerned. It is too obvious that anti-freeze in the potato chips could have some effect of defaulting to the center if such symmetries were not thought a matter of cost benefit and homeopathic logic of our toxins on no better grounding that that potentially useful but overly vague idea of medicine. Now other than the evidence that the correlation is almost certainly the cause- there are hints and suggestions that this change of our diet is the reason for obesity, diabetes, some cancers, and the so called epidemic of autism among other things. But this is more vague than my philosophy post below, as science perhaps.

Today is Labor Day, whatever that means by the Cross of God President Cleavland who initiated it... hey, the Soviet constitution had free education and guaranteed work and no need of insurance for the State, ideally at least, paid for everything. But apparently this can only be an idea- such is the idea of home ownership, health care, unemployment insurance, education access leading to a better level of jobs- the so called American Dream (and Veteran's Administration- where was the small business or job or home or education you promised or for that matter my teeth- if it comes to choices in our day for to pay for school or pass the burden on to the children to dispose of my remains- I told them to leave me at the county doorway of your office. If it turns out one benefit comes, the death benefit, I have changed my mind about the honor of burying me in Arlington in the mass graves. But my deeper point is, in this world the nation, region, or group that understands the new physics will make a better and stronger world for themselves at least and this can arise most anywhere. Yet things on the macro or familiar scale seem to have lags and take a little time- yet there is a logic and intelligible direction to the development of general history given so many who may be there to throw in their thoughts, not as many as the left-right culture that is killing our oceans with mass pollution, an ocean responsible for 80% of the air we breathe. Did some not wonder not so long ago why in the last mass extinction that a third of ocean life vanished also ?

I must add in my post of yesterday- which certainly seems an emphasis on the geometry over the physics despite I agree with Rowlands who suggests as physics it is otherwise and that includes the emphasis on other Platonic like mathematics such as arithmetic and group theory as not the goal but the means (although I tend now to see these as all part of a still bigger picture)- that the relations of things in the 5-cell is a good explanation of the reason we have such concerns and observations of how the elements are formed in stars and so on - and what is possible of the nucleons, and at what higher level say Iron things break up into Helium or beyond a certain level no higher elements form even with novas and so on...)

For the development of these color theories and structures should be investigated in a logically developing manner- say two color relations to begin with for we are talking about the general structure here of the abstract leptons and the iota string ensembles of them and that essential difference of the so called fermions and bosons which for more than a string theory or gravity theory begs for ways of unification.

* * *


The philosophy question (recently mentioned again by Hawkings et al) "Why does the world exist rather than does not exist?" is not as deep or the right question. To ask it assumes things about the universe as a given - it exists and thus is self-evident as if a proof of the assumptions.

In the first place the world in general and in any part thereof does not "rather exist than not exist" for as both it is the most general and intelligible design for all possible designs so far conceivable clearly insofar as physicality goes. Otherwise we can imagine the universe could not exist and in any but an absolute sense be a totality or something somehow greater than that, that is some idea of something external to physicality. (This too as in Lubos's post today, is the sort of vague philosophy of reasoning behind what happens in the extremes of logic if we try to find the totalities of the various current ways to unify or explain the physics.)

Such a principle can of itself, and quasi-deterministically in space or time notions, be a creative force or power fluid in its relative directionality also as if annihilation. But would time as directional exist or not otherwise?

*This of course is conceptually grounded on the Omnic connections of iota point-strings. However, that this grounding exists in a sense can be that that it cannot "rather not exist". A way out of its certainty of hegemony if resolved of singularities and directionality (and of schemes of lesser unified physics of laws that also are unresolved as to the rather than exist or not to some degree at least of reasonable and intelligible aggregation) if resolved- that is if I did not exist or will not exist in any sense or pointless past vanished or future sense of the reasonableness as a cognitive state - would not this theory itself rather not exist?

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New Scientist has an interesting post today: It seems we have finally found it acceptable to discuss some sort of quantum connection and the mind, human thought. Such theories were generally regarded as not very scientific not long ago by the debaters, usually the established scientists as I have seen it over the decade on the internet as in the philosophy or

But before some of you jump on this to say I told you so, or some come on to show where the article is wrong or incomplete or really not quite relevant. Note the conclusion that something deeper is going on here- and that applies to something more than the ordinary debate as to what is the logic, classical or otherwise.

In other words, we need at least the next level of logic and the mind which for me is over course the quasic level of things- but then again quantum ideas is hard enough and has taken a long time and more and more needed to explain some of our intelligibly progressing technology where such theories are engineered practically and seem real enough to demand at least speculation on the reasons behind things.

So much of our thinking is still too vague or crude in any so called logics- to say for example negative energy or zero point energy has nothing to do do with gravity is to say things rather vaguely and the knowing this is not clearly demonstrated in the mere assertion of it (Lincoln with a good vague reply to a very confused questioner).

Quarks? well, that stretches the argument a bit. Maybe not if we just see the quarks as the surface of things vaguely built on some imagined and only probabilistic origin with all of these old physics holographic ideas only of the symmetry of equations and so on...

The quantum computational era may be a long time before the next breakthroughs and understanding of human cognition and the physical universe. Let us hope it passes rapidly this time for the sake of future generations.

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