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Why Neutrinos Change Flavor

Spectrality in Higher Physics
Why Neutrinos Change Flavor &

L. Edgar Otto October 28, 2011

*a - An open (spectral) string excludes magenta.

*b - A closed string includes magenta.

*c - An open-closed string (Iota) *d - thus mixed magenta's

*e - The reduction of topological genus to points or 3-spheres does not necessarily reduce color information.

*f - One might relate this to charge, charge build-up and chirality among many vague interpretations.

*g - Mixed (pseudo-) or excluded magenta's may contain a field dynamics of their own.

*h - The division as if by 0 dynamically in the patterns of sparce matrices may intelligibly contain the sets and classes of patterns of reduce physicality even if the background colors are logically excluded.

*i - Phase and momenta phenomena do not necessarily match without consideration of emergent properties of such backgrounds in the paradox of correspondence and uncertainties.

*j - The choice of UV and other models over this uncertainty is an unresolved spectrality in in the current state of physics.

*k - Strings with an ambiguous open end may superimpose but not mix magenta's- but this allows for decay and binding of particles.

*l - Analogs to higher branes and general quasic plane exist, and can be observed or not by objects with relative higher acceleration.

*m - Two sentient beings may have such ESP-like mimicking superposition and nearly at a distance. (Love can bond over explicit obstacles.)

*n - The ideas might also apply to general economics.

*o - A totality of an organism's lifespan specter involves pruning of connections of trees at both color ends of a lifespan in the mind developmentally. (see article on New Scientist on autism). Yet, both closed loops persist over (Omnium) time.

*p - The interchange of two struts of five, self supporting rods, two ways reflects knot crossovers of 4 and 5 of them and the intimately related 3 and 4 quasic collections of 3+1 sparse matrix 0's (ie 27 and 36)- Consider the difference in these quasic regions or matrices between the 2 + 2 and 3 + 1 formalism at say 5^n code spaces.

* * *

Why Neutrinos Change Flavors: (The PeSla)

The discovery of neutrinos changing flavors show it the consequence of the quasic view of organizing space.

*In the quasic space is quasi-continuous (on the scale of neutrinos the teleomnometry approaches the uncertainty of directionality as if a pure continuum).

*Thus in the ordering intrinsic to directed quasic global tachyonic states, the future-past directions are uncertain.

*The mechanism of braiding theory defines the general (teleomnium) triality states hierarchical and in concert to the space backgrounds.

*Something should define the mass difference and probability of such states - the general 3+ laws of them, and the energy-entropy of what is actually a flow or directed ordering against virtual mirrors (dark matter?). But in any case computations along these lines are intelligible or intelligibly closer so.

*On the neutral or grounding level or levels all such states are equal and coherent as a unique preference,(privilege) which allows chiral structures as relations to intelligibly function on any intelligible level.

*And this can be the source or cause of local deviations from the coherent organism (as in cancer, and the differentiation of organs).

*Here the quasic field coordinates can be treated as information bits in a generational context as if braided singularities (iotas). Now, why is this mixing defeated in Nova's?

*Perhaps, this can be answered by matter-dark matter effects where regional differences quasically vary, which as with all hidden physics brings us back to a generalization of dark and normal fluid dynamics.

* * *

The Quasi-Omnium
(The PeSla)

To the extent the quasic universe is completely describing physicality the reason for existing is uncertain, and to the extent some completely describe the uncertainty the physicality seems certain.

*1 The principle of generational neutrino shift as a crossover by a braid for 3 crossover knots (and the global mirror of this) requires a beginning in quasic 4-space and so on...

*2 The unique actual and trend of reading a species or individual specific genetic encoding sets global quasic systems uniqueness which may or may not persist beyond actual changes of teleomnic states of the cosmos (if this can be defined meaningfully on this level anymore than the question of one or many universes be so defined).

*3 Mechanisms describing gains in mass or other such quasi-continuous values across the omnium have quasic generational analogs where they qualitatively emerge and progress in relation to other quasic states (and all other quasic states in the sense that such singularities exist but the total space does not have to say what it is and all else is what it is not, metaphysically.)

*4 Some uncertain holographic systems (quasi-holographic) may intelligibly focus to more unique patterns (as in the idea of quantum collapse relatively.)

*5 A small focusing resonating between similar system parallel in similarities may (at some dimensional threshold) make large changes over creative fields- including the replication of successive systems in organisms.

*6 Braids may be implemented as if fractal path systems, thus parallel strings over the general field and these quasi-continuous.

*7 A prefered number in structures, say linearly 4D from a systems star (or possibly galactic core) or proton is at least three.

*8 To be in the universe from God's-eye view or within that view (while we can reasonably be sure these concepts and models satisfy our physical need to understand, by general default of possible and most general of designs) is the same description - satisfying because on some level we understand it.

Ideas are like stars and we sometimes enter into a creative cluster.

Maybe, with spacetime or with a configuration space in mind, a quasic generational state of star masses go nova.

Imagine, for those who see the higher reaches of hyperbolic geometry into the linear (of which the Minkowski values of 4 or 5 is the above knot description) directionality leaving a ring as a core-less galaxy (and rings quasically and quasi-finite in description also) so to remarkably find one ring seen thru the other of at least two such creative regions so splitting from a virtual unitary pattern.

The Quasi-Omnium addresses the generalization of space in that at each point or singularity the whole can be contained- and in that each point is contained and so on- including the non-linear virtual mirrors where in the reality something in the physicality of say, light itself exists.

Thus the totality is the question of quasic organization including how we organize or see the cells as each the totality of a brane or branes, of the fourth law to be proposed of thermodynamics here which includes moderated (teleomnic) tachyon concepts.

So the question is of uniqueness in a sense much deeper than what is the free or determined state of all universes, greater than our familiar quantum concepts, and involves that part of flux or flow or what is absolute or fixed- and the reasonable extension into totalities, at least conceptually.

If the dark matter like ideas can have physical effects, and these on some level or to some extent are creative but "clumpy" then the entropy concepts involved as if the totality of a brane or universe does explain a lot and shows vast areas where we are not aware of what is the nature of some of our most intimate physics of our home planet which may be dangers or opportunities we have not yet imagined.

If we are to understand the great complexity of the universe and map it in the flow of time as space as a scientific and quasic field (God is so far beyond these questions yet the circumference and orign of he circle is beyond anywhere.), if we are to admit radical ends and beginnings and the idea of tachyons as physical beyond the manifolds of groups and geometry of spaces, then quasicity seems to contain these concepts and connects various models. In a way we justify our little island of concerns together for that is the uniqueness, in spacious present time anyway.

* * *

I think to grasp this picture one has to review what I mean by the quasic space and its view of coordinate motions and generational differences. But one thing seems a little sure to me, if the universe can be put into intelligible matrices or models, that if the neutrinos change flavors this is evidence of tachyon effects in the universe.

* * * *

Lubos papers on R-partity violation and dark matter and super symmetry are rather complicated and closer to my idea of the general idea of parity and so on- are superpartners of neutrinos needed? Maybe our theories need to lose a little weigh in some respects. That such things would be unstable is interesting, but I think it takes a more foundational theory to streamline the systems, such as this one. Anyway, I went home and came back to post some further thoughts but I will do it as a photo: The Omnic Depth and Span of the Quasic Brane(s) (in my own terminology):

* * * *

New info on a question from long ago on the mystery of amoebas and somewhere in these blogs, the line's error balanced or dying out in one branch from splitting daughters- but the whole balanced line can die out.
Bacteria in particular raise good questions for models of symmetry and asymmetry.

Does this organic model form an example or underlying principle of R violation- and to what extend over an averaged balanced as in the comment above lifetime (of a brane system, quasically) remain stable (that is the question of proton longevity)?

* * *

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