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The Philosophic Landscape

The Philosophic Landscape
L.. Edgar Otto (The Pe Sla)
October 19, 2011

" During these weeks of superluminal neutrinos I have learned how rare phenomenon genuine thinking is. It must be really difficult. " Matti Pitkanen in a comment reply to mine at:

Of course we can bring science down to earth, the rare golden ages or the time that interestingly leads up to them the people unaware of a new awakening. Then the busy work assuming the knowledge is near enough finished that stifles new breakthroughs and the arts themselves suffer.

This dialectic ultimately between Aristotle and Plato, each with advantages, persists over our history, intermittently perhaps. It amounts to the pragmatic sense of some mysterious theory brought down to earth as application- and the idea, beyond the limits of the logic of its day, that there is more than meets the eye to be seen in the dust and in the heavens, and in ourselves.

The surreal numbers, as powerful as the concept is, has its limitations and unquestioned hidden assumptions. Yes, it is logical (while some more advanced ideas are still difficult if possible to prove), that is it is an induction of method. Yet since its invention other things have come up in the experimental world that suggests there is more to physics than induction and deduction. For if the ideas of teleportation of particles can be shown there has to be something else- abduction I think is the word after the reality of "beam me up, Scotti."

Yet in these numbers it is clear that there are systems that inherently exceed other systems as they strive to contain things under its umbrella of a continuum. While it includes the ordinal numbers to various infinities and infinitesimals, what can it say about cardinality. Can that be exceeded in a similar sense? While it does not find a number between limits as one would in the Dedekind cut so bypasses that issue of what is rigorous definition of the calculus- and the system can be shown to be a consistent one, a logical one, perhaps completely. As with all such ideas of the general application of logic in, of and beyond the world, we should question the grounding axioms and definition wherein we assume that two fields or two numbers have by necessity to be equal to each other. It is unclear also that we can begin the edifice on the reality of a null and nothing that so comes before. The notation does not establish the foundations of this flow of things in the description of the physics beyond its balance at some place, unlike the quasic model the singularity is not free and central to the whole and the idea of time and even causation may depend on more than the idea of an origin (a "birthday" in the "inheritance" to use the technical terms.)

Answers can seem difficult to imagine before the fact, or for some all too easy. The whole process of thought seems intimate to what is in the physics and what is in the compass of social history over the intellectual awakening of this world- as if the books can take away as much as encourage new and genuine thinking.

I have a handful of models and symbols before my vision- some I have fancied as my own and perhaps no where else in the universe, not yet anyway. Many, even as but a vague art rather than science, are rather good and not a bad answer to we of theory and genuine curiosity. Just at the point when I can dismiss some vision from the the intelligibly ordered by chaotic future as to what can be a created or discovered model of the world, I but the player in the game deep into the role of the actor- such immersion can take its toll on those with some sense of self. I stand again with the old feeling that being life most likely short in the long struggle for such things, I will vanish before I have the answer to the mystery and the model. In our existential doubts- and seeing others along the procession beyond the horizons of the philosophic landscape- now they blind- I wonder if in the great models I find amazingly not too difficult that I cannot understand or stumble upon, even get a little bored, even try to put it all into a formal notation myself if that would not kill the art and spirit of it- that I too might die under the false comfort in my thought that I was sure of my theory of everything.

* * * * These early posts of Pitkanen give me a more general view of the TGD model and the scope of his insights and speculations. As philosophy it is clear that some of us, like Whitehead, are slow readers of this or that idea of the cosmic and philosophic code- yet by that I understand that once comprehending an idea we tend to cling to it and develop it, keep it fresh, always ask in review is binary test of what is deterministic or not ultimately.

Of my philosophic continua this question comes up when we move from the Omnium to the Plutomnium and then the resolution of the Teleomnium. For in the Plutomnium is a radical flow of all things rigidly determined and overall reflectively so. Again free will and determinism an acid test of philosophy.

On that hopeful site of emergent mind concepts there is a quote that the measure of doubt is a measure of genuine breakthrough.

The idea of a Plutomnium Complex would raise deep questions of the stability of such entities- and as such any model that is recursive in its logic would have the potential for a more unified and deeper treatment, raw at the so called beginnings where the original questions, while more complex, still persist for doubts. This hierarchy of philosophic landscapes and encoding carry over to the various number and physics models I have emphasized and contrasted as if focused system entities and their interrelationships. Yet the world is not that unstable that in our fresh consideration of ideas whole systems fall should we abandon too far what we have so hard worked for to keep in our understanding. Such vertigo may or may not define our self and consciousness but it does describe the state of our landscape of thinking and our intimate connections with it and the styles of others as well.

But, apparently, as in the sci mag articles lately as we explore our anthropology, even the cave artist had their ritual of tools and systems of step production. I living much like the wanderer in the forests of early Europe have to carry things on my person, tools, medicines, communications- keep to the checklist lest I leave something behind- do the labor of the borrowing of coats of fur in my nakedness against the cold and snow and stalking eyes of other hungry beasts. These tools of razor sharp obsidian are as important as the ritual system we use them. The stars are so many pairs of eyes that gaze toward my campfire at night thinking they are invisible to me- and I respect the fire and try to make it by my own efforts.

* * * *

Not long ago it was hoped that we might find a pattern given pi taken out far enough- and interestingly given the last nine digits we can find the next, in hex but not the decimal.

This too of interest lately in the discussion about numbers in general between some bloggers.

I forget where I read it but there is a clever saying:

"Life has a purpose which is the good news about why we are here as the creation by a God, the bad news is that He is a nerd whose purpose is computing pi to the zillonth digit."

* * * *

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