Thursday, October 13, 2011

Sign of the Zebra Fish at Open Mike

Sign of the Zebra Fish at Open Mike L. Edgar Otto October 13, 2011

Well, perhaps talking to myself only, some philosophy of these interesting times- that and I miss my zebra fish as all things in the end ephemeral.

No deep insights today but I have kept things in mind about interesting bloggers and may take a look at what is going on in a philosophy of science in the internet (of which I just cannot take that seriously for some reason- our past technologies always a sense of the real and physical to consider first as to what effects on the mind needs adjustment.) Each if us has our taste for the music of our time, perhaps to make a generational distinction, to ground reality by our nostalgia's until what can be junked is a valuable collectible until relevant to no one it is junked again. It could be that a few days of not sleeping on the floor has made my informative dreams soft again- or that I hanging around the open mikes am a little tired of the same old walking stereotypes of winos and street people digging through the ash trays for butts or begging for change for 40s or one in particular who claims to be such a genius and former shrink who pushed a man (the man was drunk and the bar tender was trying to put him back on his stool while he gathered his pack) about ten feet into a wall whereupon the drunken old man pulled a 7 inch knife which the bartender took away and got the old man outside, bloody faced, and gave him a ride home. At this point the wandering man who pushed him- no longer scolded by the bar tender as he was busy- called the police on his cell phone for he thought he was right. I followed with my friend the bar tender until the old man was in the car and things were cool. The old guy who pushed the other then proceed to sit by a younger lady and got a beer- but he had been at our coffee shop annoying student ladies in deep study with nonsense- like nursing was a good choice but out of the blue she should lose a little weight. Lost so much in the loops of his head he tries to get inside others with all his psychiatry terms. I want to be none of these guys, nor the old blues player that hangs around town and the open mics singing the same old songs. In the end we need respect for the things of the mind of which the way some people have to live or life is for me the ultimate blasphemy. But these times are also wheels in spin that take from theory- that and the simple fact that we humans long for a little solitude and then to be out among others.

Forgive me if I make wrong judgments- but as a lady Aussie poet once said:
"Would we feed the whole world, but my children's bread is my children's bread."

Now, as happens when there is hard and dispassionate technical research and these placed in the popular press (well the mess does seem, in astrology terms, the chaos that comes in the cycle of the year at Pieces- the sign of the fish before our new spring of physics- one can expect that there are those who are indeed outside of time or so much is hidden in their states of mind- to which one has to decide what is the real and what is the fantasy in the jumble- Can a shrink not diagnose and heal himself, can he help others if he has not looked into that mirror? Does he not make progress by entering into the fantasy of his patient at least initially? But what are we to say when the news and popular press, behind the scenes, enters into the people's minds with fantasy? One day the new theories will give us all a little more strength and allow our minds in old age not to be full of cloaking devices of our memories fading not to return this time around.)
(well, use of the term dark matter is here a little ambiguous. So if there are no junk genes but here a higher analogy what do we call it? So much of science is the look for romantic and popular terms as the public clings onto a novel idea just outside the box.)

"Early comparison studies of the human and mouse genomes led to the surprising discovery that the regulatory information that controls genes dwarfs the information in the genes themselves. But, these studies were indirect: they could infer the existence of these regulatory sequences, but could find only a small fraction of them. These mysterious sequences have been referred to as the dark matter of the genome, analogous to the unseen matter and energy that make up most of the universe. "

Still, Now we are getting somewhere with our more advanced understanding of time and light! I hope some of you can see the connections in the physics, biology, and the mind here.

* * * *

Neat, wow yesterday at my posting it was very hard to think and express myself at the critical point of an idea with the dude standing behind me saying how things were all illogical and he claiming to be a professor. But I was already miffed on his bothering the student ladies deep in study before exams as I said so I chased him away from me. The owner just now saw it right away as a problem and gave him a warning but I said what I knew and he banned him from our coffee shop. Some people just do not know how to keep out of each others business and bring trouble around. The old dude playing the music of his era like Procol Harem almost decked him that night for annoying his wife. Some have called me the Jupiter here from such people and it is not a place that just chases away anyone disabled- some of the long standing customer's here are well loved- like Johnny who draws cartoons and they use them for the tee-shirts of the workers. I cannot figure out whose fault all this is, the individuals involved or some chaotic method of running a community.

* * * *

Now, a something referring to previous thoughts a little more dignified- as sometimes the artwork itself leads to the organizing of ideas- I see here the 2+2 or 3+1 formalism but I have have never played this Star Trek game. So vaguely, the board is more to do with general relativistic fields and the pieces that in themselves a quantum jumble- that is I see the question of the unification of the physics- now, what we do not see, apparently, is where the quantum gravity fits in- nor the role of the conscious or logical entities that design or play the game.

Oh, and in the links that started this posting today- if we can cloak events (new scientist has a lot of articles on time lately I cannot access which does time run out as the title of an article seems to me to give substance to my question as if over some general background of time if our intellect can be in some sense a limited resource. However, to imagine a physics as radical in relation to deep memory as I have suggested that memories are stored in the space or vacuum once established as a physicality at least- that is it is not just fields or chemicals or nerves and so on. Of course these things touch or coexist. But to imagine the cloaking of events as in the link- is it but a small step to imagine such higher ways to store things and retrieve things from the beyond or emptiness that in a sense may be the mechanism of our reality- that looking back as we find solid scientific ground our ideas were not radical enough, that lesser theories amount to so much razzle-dazzle or camouflage. How else could the borderline scientists conceive of something like the Philadelphia Experiment and yet it not contain even in imagination the complete awakening of some solid truth?

If the transfer of mass between stars or black holes in their consumption of momentum or evaporation's and so on can be explained as magnetism (for the scientist say there is nothing else it can be, all that is left)- well, the total theory would seem to me to be a cloaking of one great event- the universe itself.

* * *

A related status post on facebook today - given time to relax and take an overview of the relentless trials of our current realities:

L. Edgar Otto
I am slowly becoming aware of how much my behaviors and actions were influenced by the moods and stability of others if I admit it, something just outside my knowing my own limits. Anyone who cares for others is senitive and vulnerable to what together we share and care for. So too, regrets too late to learn that take a lifetime if one does not cloak events from some light once seen in time.

* * * *

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