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Conan's Blimps and Fringe Theories

Conan's Blimps and Fringe Theories L. Edgar Otto October 25, 2011

Einstein talked physics as if one on one conversation, so some say he gave us a philosophy more than physics as dogma. This flurry of new words and post comes from reading one sentence which seemed strong enough to threaten the intelligibility of others and my general model. That sentence is "Color is not explained by relativity." But in light of new knowledge this "Phoenix Anomaly" crops up in the science and the philosophy. Color is not determined by frequency. But I thought a continuous view of the spectrum could be had by adjustments in the gravitation field via general relativity. This may still be the key truth which for some reason the sentence did not make clear. Nevertheless, this is an essential problem in the physics if only to solve and speculate upon.

Philosophy, in the sense of the duality of mind and matter, does not escape this anomaly in what I call the Phoenix physics (for want of another name and it has to be called something) this bird from a leftover Lutheran set of symbols seemed to me appropriate for the issue of energy as the focus and 5 or greater physics as destruction and rebirth. This post was not from a dream- but consider the light and colors in dreams, so as to have us reconsider again the nature of consciousness. A third view (I casually called "Spectrality" seems to me this morning to help resolve this and the physics issue a little.) This trinity of ideas holds spectrality as a third leg with the arithmetical and topological ideas of ordinality and cardinality.

Alternative titles for this post I considered also: Spectrum and Spectre or The Cloak-Ramsberger Quasi-scalar Hierarchy

The page in the illustration touches on the consciousness aspect- and for the second alternative title on what amounts to gender concepts if applied to physical laws or social laws. The title Conan's Blimps and Fringe Theories is suggestive of the barbarian and the series Fringe of completing parallel universes where one uses the blimps in their technology. Genders may be different, maybe even the physical structures and processes are a part of universal law at least at the interface of cleavage and copulation- but we simply cannot have a complete and unified physics without the contributions of women in the research. Blimps thought more like a gentleness or curvaceous feminine stereotype or archetype. Of course what is sexy, as newscientist points out, if the hourglass figure is more pronounced so is the intelligence- and that in itself is sexy. But I am striving to show there is more involved than say hormones- yet, it is an open possibility again that computers can have gender personalities- in fact we can still debate if they can conscious or truly have a core to become so- a singularity that in the end depends on access to memories. For one can still imagine colors in dreams but not if one has never seen color to have a teleonomic memory of it.

It is at this point that the general ideas of muons, fermions as open systems that imply the non-existence with them and so will bond with each other, and so will justify in matter the aggregation of particles. So too our aggregation and hidden breaths of time and what implied arrows of memory and direction it moves on. I note here also that in a logical reference ground as ambiguity causation or when the idea is not necessarily abandoned in some physical models for this spectrality issue even unto the questions of conservation of energy.

Where Does Physics Go after the Unification?
was another title considered. For in the general models, the gravitation balanced with the electromagnetic in the collapsing of stars, or the weak force that is an extension of which these relate (I feel more intimately than a complex number concept of pseudo-scalars) to existence and non-existence, all else that is not a muon (Rowlands). You see in Einsteins method there is a mirror of sorts in his paradox of engagement as dogma or not that by the conversation or dialog one on one to others, that is all else not Einstein. On some level of our normal living- including global conflicts and disasters or the building of great structures and machines- Einstein tried to hold on the bucking bronco of a ray or photon of light, on such a spectrum of color one may see forever what is not of our greater self or one may find states of fall through the gravitational lens as if an Einstein condensate.

So, two key ideas on this paper to go- Ramsberger in the Quantum physics article in that Philosophy series that came with Brittanica stated that first there is nothingness or the place of anhilliation of raw invisible energy of sorts, then visible light, the colorand with the usual trend of things the next level was Extrasensory. (By Cloak I mean the more Conan approach of such interpretations, as skeptical, as materialist, and no pun intended in that his daughter married a professor and one of my mentors Cloak whose work inspired that of Richard Dawkins). If this systems is accepted in new light we should probably add layers to the hierarchy for clarity (but not arbitrarily as did Parcelus and he zodiac and body parts). Extrasensory if it exists as such is a step above the sentient in the topology of things. Particles in some sense are pointlike and without intrinsic motion would be non-existant- and light may in some senses be a string. Now is color yet above the curves or vibrations of line-like stings? Is such a color derived from say the fermion muon like properties and what is seen on which side of some mirror?

But this brings me to the original simple concepts that started the page. How do we generalize the statement on Frio's post of Pascal and God the center everywhere and circumference of a sphere nowhere- and do so in four and more space?

You see, the powerful redefinition of the calculus aside as a hemisphere, domes, we can have more than the idea that two banes (or even two with their mirrors and weak and gravitational charges and so on of Lisa or also the Ekpyrotic alternative to inflation as a model) in four space intersect at a point. Clearly 2 - 2 = 0 but also 3+1 = 4 that is one can take out an appendix (as the usual down to earth illustration goes) of someone without going through the skin. That is a line or curve can intersect a volume of space at a point.

Now these points can be of different singularities or symmetrical varieties in far as the masculine punch or feminine slice quasic abstract motion vectors go. And we can consider the mirrors of this four fold dialectic. f g e h as functions. You see, if a worm in string theory four space eats all the volume of an apple and then the skin then as much volume of the apple again (and skin is a very thick term here and maybe 6 fold larger) then a worm could eat all of both volumes at once in the abstract space leaving the point it entered and began to eat the normal apple from within.

Now, consider these sorts of algebras and topologies- all somewhere a valid model if in a sense conceivable yet not in the sense of those with relatively dysfunctional or at least different brains, but not all such models complete. In such general models the nature of a spectrum of color or other phenomena such as causation, will have some relation to that which takes time as in relativity. The center as if the poles of the spinning earth being aging faster than at the circumference as one possibility that is complete as an observation. Yet, as in the case of the transfer of mass or momentum in black holes and between stars and in sufficiently complex molecules of life- we an have this jump of a spectrality nature as well as the jump or wormhole like quantum nature as if knots or braids played upon a lattice reference where things can appear as an action at a distance no matter what the rigid perpendicular that conserves in the adjacent dimensions the phase.

That light may slow down over universal and Omnic space and time changes does not undermine relativity but generalizes it more. It is a reasonable cosmology to examine from that view just as we can say that perhaps it is the expansion of the universe itself that independently of relativity and frequency as energy factors changes the color and hidden color even the reverse as to creating massive cosmic rays and so on. But without such reverse mirrors would we be able to see and measure any meaningful differences in the stuff we call the masses of particles? The more mass the less space and so on?

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Oh, welcome to the drawing board- but there is no point in erasing things at the end of the lecture. What is our best description and most general one of Space- well, not configuration or Hilbert, phase momentum, Hyperbolic- De Sitter or not, It is really not too far to resolve this to the next level provided we think more originally and are not too dependent on previous incarnations of math and theory. If as Lubos says certain things cannot be resolved (for now) what is the point of looking for them where they assert some view of cosmology, independent and local as physics or not? Now perhaps some of our alternative theories of physics and philosophy do seem to "screw around with string theory by matrices and the like" and basing so much on one say lepton metaphysical principle colors the whole are we not in the beginning of mystery again here before new dogma? For now it is a little more clear to me such resolutions are part of how we perceive things in our heads too as well as taking things intellectually even if we do not like some answers. But by this I do not mean we are back to a simple subjectivity again- nor that does is my red your red returns as a model philosophic question. Even with the open systems of leptons and mirrors that are neutral and do not change if reversed or if our systems are unimaginably closed have we done enough understand the levels of the specters and the spectrum issue. At least in the models we know- subtlety different or speaking the same things at ground- we should know enough to include what models we have when they work together- holographic or fractal like on their own does not add to unity or completeness where from my view some of this is obvious and possible.

I have warmed up some to the Big Bang sitcom but for the human relations as with any of the usual dramatic situations possible in a new local color- I did not particularly like the three player chessboard save the snake and the old lady which became a more general piece on promotion- and in real life such triangles and square based games are very difficult to play not to mention three player alliances for example in general- but I do not see how to convey an intelligible game to a general audience would be possible short of a serious star wars like drama with new ideas as the physics and the logic if not the acceptance of tachyonic but intelligible effects (of which the show does not resolve these easily, even with Well's time machine from the movie). Logic can be suspect for both sides of an issue.

Now, this in after the return to caution on the experiment for neutrino velocities which avoids the general questions here of this post at a wider view of points in space and time as if we hide the higher symmetries from ourselves. After all the experiment to the limits of observation proved to the Greeks stars did not move.


links to


Well, looks like some progress is being made even if there may be no deep local or cosmological connections as some say- or even those when total theories were considered out of step, as Einstein's later efforts were.

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