Monday, October 31, 2011

Pinwheel Patterns (Pn24) and Quasic Mass

Pinwheel Patterns (Pn24) and Quasic Mass

L. Edgar Otto
October 31, 2011

We can learn a lot from the patterns that arise in the braid source ordering of cells (branes) in the quasic grid. The illustration is an informal example of all six of the faces of the 4 color rigid rotations of the cube that follow in the notation, quite picked randomly, x y z -x -y -z repeating over the 24 cells.

We note that the pentad pattern in the quasic order from zero deviates and returns to make a different, non-pseudo? code realization. We might consider further a shadow world where each of the 4 colors can be interchanged indistinguishably with each other. Quasic braids are thus equivalent to applying or by default the group symmetries and functions.

Note the quasic diagonals and the color of cells, note also the symmetry across the main diagonal of the read or initial cells.

Intelligibly we notice that the squaring of cells may make a gel like expanison across other intergers than powers of two which reduce... 121 242 121 spread out over a 8x8 centered conway-like field for 16 initial squares.

It occurs to me there can be in a sense different meanings of mass when applied to say what happens in neutrino flavor change states as there are different degrees or a sort of sub-generational spaces. This I style quasized mass or inertia but is but a way nature distinguishes the usual unitary mass concept. But it cannot directly come from but one particle as a grounding (if that particle is creative) even if to some extent the process is reasonable. Quasic motion as pinwheels seems to only apply to physicality explicitly. Dark matter should be considered in this context as well if in any sense we regard it as matter- also if the matter is of an other sub-class then could not some clear variations on our fundamental constants like c have a possible but intelligible to some hole, Multi-machian, existence?

The origin of mass could be different because of these quasic pattern influences as well the distinguishing of gravity ideas as variable to the quasic field expression.

In the "tacking" of three color permutations yet shifting a hidden fourth, the overall patterns extended across the quasic field (as if a three space torus or equator of 4 of the 6 four color patterns in a directed flux- we can have a boost or generation change upward to the power of the binary base- and the process may exclude one of the four colors in this higher extension of the pattern.

* * * *

(I had some trouble making a clear paint graph of some of this so of the many possible ways of exact solutions to the color encoding I may have not made the transitions clear as to what is natural or quasic ordering of sets of them. But it is a suggestion of the spirit of it. Note 48 covers 3 quadrants of the quasic grid.
In some ways I was trying to also move groups of 8 of them either horizontally or vertically. I hope there is not an serious error in my colorings- I will double check things later. Perhaps, find a good numbering to list possible patterns. But in the labeling errors the main diagonal as symmetrical by many views stands out as the repeated patterns in this double modular double quadratic reciprocity plane arithmetic.)

This was perhaps due to end of the month running out of supplies or the flirtatious but distant lady next door while I was trying to write, roommate hallucinating with some legal incense like substance call out my name while my nap, or politics as it seems to affect those around me...Anyway, as Lubos discussed we reached the seven billion humans mark. (A subject I thought about discussing too.) Now, is such a world sustainable? Can we ignore the reference frame of our old ideas of capitalism (still even with less false scarcity we can only support ten or twelve billions). Government strikes me as legal lies and false science and vanished as to what I expected in the world- perhaps that is a good thing if we do believe the best government is the least government. Still, in the business of survival we should look again at any propaganda that impedes science and distracts it, if we believe that all of us can have high honest and moral standards.

Where do the steeples point? To the heavens or to each other? If there is a within and without as in the experience of our dreams, what of the more open and third view that things in the arrow of time and braids and diamonds of stars point to something totally new?

* * * *

We add new code at the end and beginning of the totality of organization... Certainly the patterns apply in that quasics apply to the gene expression patterns.

Consciousness like unto a density or bonding strength, the 6 then the 8 and so on... Still, I have not cleared up the feeling that the quasic field is the consciousness or contains it somehow...

* * *

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