Sunday, October 23, 2011

Candles, Puzzles, and Crystals

Candles, Puzzles, and Crystals
L. Edgar Otto October 23, 2011
Sometimes, going back through an old notebook, the usual uncertainties with time, maybe an objective accessment with such distance. Some things not forgotten if the are seen after all within their time- that is then even in retrospect. Or some memories may indeed be blended and requrie archelogy or deep thought to sort them out. Here is one of my study of lattices and other geometrical shapes in 3D- made of marshmallows and toothpicks or spagghetti dipped in wax (as part of one of our first candle companies in Milwaukee.

I made a little progress on the idea of quasic knots. If a matrix can be seen as a knot and that can be broken into related matrix sets of the contained elements- then knots with crossovers can also be so broken in a generational manner- so there are more such linear knots and maybe there are more analogs in still higher spaces.

It may require an expansion of the idea of crossovers as simply plus or minus to the degree of such information is transited over a path.

As such linear knots are to be made in 4space of three crossovers but five crossovers need 64 + 16 areas for the normal crossover classifications (that is the trivial first idea of "quasic knots". The question of the positive roots of 1 that are not unity (as the problem of measurement in physics) suggests to me that such an idea of hypernumbers can also apply to the squaring in balance as positive that in effect one might say this is a sort of negative probability or entropy and so on.

In any case there is good reason to understand these dimensionless values as well the potential if not the reality of new states of matter, the universe, and the influence of dimensions evolving. The universe as a general quasic knot. The fourth of things is like the ends of some knots and only that is in that quadrant and can be opened or closed as well as the literal braid notation. So too the idea of new particles of a higher qualitative class. But this potential is not clearly realized necessarily over the Omnium. 128 (a rather p-adic number and an important one for the observed relation to particle values that was not 136- and that in the 3+1 formulation we observe 7 x 7 crossovers = 48 + 1 = 49 for all the dimensional structure that implies) or 136 may quasically add or subtract the 8 involved for some intelligible numerology. Thus a quadratic quadrapole double dialectic we observe in such general omnic space.

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