Sunday, October 16, 2011

Toward a New Perspective

Toward a New Perspective L. Edgar Otto Oct.15, 2011

From some perspective, deeper than the surface of worlds within worlds, the idea that- as Aristotle and the Islamic world thought- that we see by light rays emanating from our eyes.

Thus the perfection and circular motion in timelessness. The mathematics of perspective and the fluxions that bring time into the mix of change overthrowing such perfection, the ellipses of Kepler and the development of such models to build upon in our ongoing history.

How Platonic the sphere of everything - nothing new under the sun; how deep the mystic probing eyes of Plotinus far into and beyond the stars.

I mean, in in any real sense time can be reversed in its flow or apparent flow as a description, can we say our sight goes but one way? Can we not imagine a new level of reflections and motion riding the light in super symmetry where some Newton has to make another quantum leap beyond the infinitesimal and infinite?

So too we imagine the atom as if a solar system, our electrons full of unexplained whole notes and half steps as if these are epicycles from the outside we where are as if at the center of our own scale. Then someone makes this little solar system ellipses again. Yet if we reduce to that minimum of quantization, some fixed frequency of a spectrum for each color, our God's eye view all is circular again at some point or radius of perfection, invisible the phases modified, all in the cloudy compass is the material caught in a matrix of the real and unreal.

What then is the careful science that will see beyond the light, break through, yet building on our past awaiting a new Einstein to travel in all directions in some higher time at least in the atoms and space of our minds, full of desire to make sense of the chaotic clumpy whole, and yes to add some unity to it all not an illusion.

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