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Quantum Cats Contemplating Knot Theory

Quantum Cats Contemplating Knot Theory L. Edgar Otto Oct.29, 2011

Leo Vuyk has an interesting post today. His work touches on things unseen that are there are are creative in spirit, especially the concepts of black holes. In his search the idea of knots are here applied- I do not know to what extent he is influenced by the work of others in spirit or methods that are solid about these things, such as my coincidental use of this topic, and the influence of Kea.

(I had nothing new in mind today, just rather normal dreams this week wondering how I did these post without a direct connection to dreaming and the disruptive weirdness of their usual functions- I wonder if these new neurological views of scanned dreaming can catch such an internal content or just such surface dreams? In any case one was where I was at the open mike and put on the spot I had to complete some verses of the song long worked on- it kicked ass- now if I can only recall some more of the details.)

(I had some thoughts on the mystery of government, in the bipartisan compromises and struggles we are screwed over by the private sector party or the public one.)

I see Lubos is railing against Cold Fusion with the usual and sometimes deserved attacks on personalities. Let us not lose sight that the phenomenon is real- that is if we believe the quantum theory that shows it possible even if not an energy gain.

(I have had this bacteria and the insect article and issue on my mind- the stress article in the sci mags that creatures fear to be eaten so even the presence of others, smaller or larger, that can do so is a stress. Also, in the gap between generations would this apply to if a tribe maintains its strong genes or if they too pass the worse ones to but one of the daughters. Say good banking or alcoholism. Well life and death on many scales seems a balance of coming into existence and falling from it. It is unlikely that our offspring are totally like us and that sometimes the alloy is stronger or weaker than the parents.)

So with Leo, the post concludes as to if here is the beginning of a mini black hole. But I immediately see that much more is involved here, for it takes systems of knots quasically and physically to describe and shore up the physics- you see it is a very brave thing to see this stuff in the raw encounter but that is so hard to understand the significance or show the sanity if any of it to others. So let us start with the combining of such knots- and the algebra of doing so. I note also that if these were strings they have from the knot an open end. Again, it is only on our reduced familiar level that if we cut a literal sting we still have two strings but each with two ends- so no single quarks (perhaps monopoles either) yet that may not be the case- to start with the open end of a string may be subject to much higher concepts than the ideal at infinity that seems to fill all of space.

Now do such knots apply as in the intimate organic models of ourselves- certainly the gender difference is profound and not to be ignored- more errors in the male chromosome passed on and so on, more problems with the maternal mitochondria. Is beauty a perfection of symmetry or to some point slight asymmetry is better? The left or right division again in the small and great of organisms? And what wisdom is it that our right and left brains can connect resonating molecularity when there is not direct nerve links as we expect needed (see recent sci mag articles)?

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Another comment posted to Fernando (which I feel is relevant to the creative idea, black holes, light speed, knots and all that):


If that clear but speculative paper states the facts of things, and perhaps from another alternate universe some particles enter ours as if a miniwarp neutrino a little earlier than our space time would hold as constant and that encountered in the experiment duplicating such early conditions, then I ask you:

“Is there a mini warp drive physics inside the mini warp drive physics and one inside that and so on?”.

This is the case if we allow such things yet under one unified theory as a possibility. So from my view the speculation can overreach as well as our probes as science.

That said, while some of us have long lived in the new physics essentially of higher spaces (ProfChuck there is a great new breath of physics and it needs not be unexpected), Let us be thankful the physicists have support for their work and give us a reality check.

The PeSla

The Russian pdf is an interesting paper- yet the concepts do not quite explicitly reach the true foundations of theory in my opinion while there is some sense of the issues involved. Not the least of which is trying to make sense of knots or speeds in space and mass made out of nothingness.

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