Thursday, October 27, 2011

Goethe, Newton and D-Brane Spectrality

Goethe, Newton and D-Brane Spectrality
L. Edgar Otto October 27, 2011

Lubos has a post on this today, D-branes. It states there are no alternatives involving the strings,(that is there is this question of non linear spaces that may or may not connect to the total topology)Of course in stings with ends or with loops- or whatever idea quantum gravity and so on we may interpret from all this- there are braided strings and iota point-string rays and so many things beyond the standard theory in mathematics and so on. But of the two great "geniuses" Goethe and Newton we have the physical and chemical color addition of pigments or of light- we should understand open and closed color wheels and spectrum from that great debate between the romantic artist more analog with digital real pigments, and the scientist with his waves as real but a more digital focusing (as if the omnipresent quantum collapse into classical models) of exacting experiment. What do the current particle physicists theoreticians not see from this great debate at the dawn of our modern science?

I did not do much thinking yesterday, but considering the division into 36 of the RCW color wheel I did download the list of pigments.

Now, at some real point- as if the universe where life is possible among the needle in the haystack of entropy Penrose makes as a metaphor, if such a pointing to such a real pigment of God's imagination is real as such the transcendental chances of finding it are infinitely against. This goes for such an origin for a universe as much as the likely hood we see even one atom. (Well that was my courious thought on the way to the coffee shop this morning.)

So, of the sparse matrices where the zeros are- the 36 in Kea's paper, perhaps they do have some relation to structure that influences such ideas as hidden symmetries, guages and so on of which theorists have only a vauge hint there s something there and it is a consistent system. Here the art and the science walk hand in hand to make breakthroughs- aim high- Ahh, Pitkanen did we not discuss 9 jets a bit? For me, of course why should strings have no or two ends when we put them into a consistent theory?

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