Monday, October 24, 2011

Goldilocks & the Triality Bears

Goldilocks & the Triality Bears
L. Edgar Otto (the Pe Sla) October 24, 2011

Here is something for the general science interest:

*The realization that on the quantum (discrete) scale the world is quite a different place - the idea of uncertainty and the Planck unit, a value that has to be of a certain ration, the Goldilocks (too hot, too cold, just right) principle that has to be in a balance favorable to life that determines rates of Hydrogen to Helium fusion and presumably the "distance" from the big bang (still, one can argue at this point that in some sense we also have a role in the universe- global warming for example might not be scientifically tied to human activity but it is a intelligible theory from this general anthropocentric consideration. But such speculations may not be in principle easy to dismiss as not plausible while only all to easy to do so where on this level of understanding it does not matter anyway. But for those of us born in the atomic age, quantum ideas are not really so alien or unfamiliar.

*I can imagine an alternative of effects that would balance the time flow - really the general issue of which manifolds of space seem to adjust time as flat or curved and so on- the logic of such geometries will stand or fall together. This I call the Anti-goldilockss principle or the Triality of Bears since in fact the bears are comfortable in different temperatures.

*Yet we should recall things like temperature are not the same measure as heat and there is the phenomenon of latent fusion. This usually means although two flames together are still one temperature, if you want more bang for the buck you need more physical stuff compressed (hopefully in my rash speculation in my last post - something like this prevents a small amount of Hydrogen with higher space controls from becoming a more general weapon. Otherwise, we might create matter ultimately and we do experience the uncertainty in imagining a small creative force say in the LHC could make a black hole that would eat the earth.)

*In my less than 5D periodic table, elements 119 and 120, as if structural shadows, may be the mirror that ameliorates this role via a sort of "anti-uncertainty."

*Clearly, with any amount of uncertainty and time variation at all, impossible if not flat geometric structures may exist over a certain anti-golden spacetime path, hence a driving difference where physicality and its effects as we know it and try to measure it and capture it in parts of formulas, persists with physical and hidden or implied structural changes and global dimensionless constants.

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