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Cell Integration and Differentiation

Cell Integration and Differentiation L. Edgar Otto October 15, 2011

I come today without any theme to develop and write about- I wonder if the posts on Lubos and Pitkanen's blogs are changed or lost. I looked at the sci mags for some direction for inspiration but while great strides are made it was a little sparse for theory. In fact, I was going to address a clearer application and mapping of the intelligible connections for patterns in the discussion of surreal and p-adic integrations to my usual quasic grid. I see Matti did not understand my 137 - 89 question, and that I myself did not include the halving of his values. I do see the surprising intimate connection of the views that support each other in his and Lubos post- and that the discussion is more toward the philosophy or diversity of a scientific view- Was there not 89 comments on one of Lubos interesting posts or is it reorganized or replaced?

In any case to the lady head of research at UNC who encouraged the problem and showed interest, who was retiring in the 80s with Alzheimers on the way, to whom I dedicated my first large manuscript, Instruction and Being ... She would have loved these articles and events:

Now, the description of the bacteria forming in patterns and some slipping through is explained here as chemical messengers to which the process starts again as if these were a multi-cell organism. Still, on a more foundational level, (Lubos does ask if we should treat the evidence of different disciplines or not differently, I mean I constantly have found those who want a very clear line in the levels of applying physics to say some level of complexity of a biological process- and this separation by specialization and isolation is the first way they dismiss connections.)

Real or artificial, the laws seem to be fairly uniform across some intelligible space or even within a given range of connections we can define as a unique organism.
This question of uniqueness in general is like that of isolated universes or lab thermodynamic concepts of the entropy involved, an analog of sorts if we do one day come closer to a better explanation of cell integration and differentiation. Such uniqueness is the application of pattern to a real or implied reference frame that may be there as a general law of nature or by default to many levels.

Thus I had thought, if things were less hectic and I can get beyond this trap or long standing place of stability in my writing and drawing life (all of it on-line really). I would map some of these things on the quasic grid with various rules for what is to be considered what direction as origin or termination on what symmetry of say the primes, or if the various Pascal triangle values and so on. Someone should try it- and by the way, although my cell phone is very primitive maybe one of you can make a guitar tuning app for the day I can upgrade to a better phone and as with the ancient man wandering the forests of Europe, there is less to carry of my essential gear.

* * *

When I was posting on the surreal and p-adic ideas of integration I was going put an abstract picture up along these lines- but could not do so from the library:

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