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Bruno Burning (Part 1- a Sci Fi)

Bruno Burning (Part 1- a Sci Fi)

{Not much happening as far as physics posting goes- Marcus and I looking into the internet marketing of our music. There were a few suggestive notations as to how we might deal with some of these ideas of novel ways to view space. Lubos put up a good series of videos and I must admit they have convincing scenarios- but it seems we could just as well make other ones- so this morning I decided another sort of science fiction plot based on this- one that does not depend so much on the idea of a big bang or acceleration as part of some still unclear dark fluid dynamics. I saw the sit com yesterday, "The Big Bang" and it will be interesting to see just how this goes over as so humorous on a low level with some rather advanced traditional themes of science and nerd-dom, and string theory. I understand Lubos was a consultant for those things for the program. I must say the show is growing on me, it may have a camp following more than Red Dwarf or any other spoof on Star Trek.

Well, in yesterdays episode the main character had to take time to move all his files and so on, clean up his computer. When the roommate came in he had a book open saying it was taking awhile so he was learning Finish. I took a picture of this but do not know if such a thing can be posted. It evoked the connection that exists between TGD and Ulla- perhaps if Lubos knew Finnish he could understand Pitkanen's views a little better.

I suppose there is the usual anecdotes we all learn from somewhere and sayings that relate to science and math- I wonder just how the non-scientist hearing these things for the first time, memes of a sort, would relate or enjoy them. Anyway, I looked back a bit as some of the stray things I have encountered in bygone decades and tried to reevaluate them with my new grasp of our more advanced physics. One stands out, the universal topology of Rene Thom that seems relevant to our concerns here lately. This probably was the origin of the theme for this sci-fi if I find time or inclination to write it- for embedding non-Euclidean spheres in Euclidean planes and seeking the several catastrophes in the background by the so called butterfly flips was after all inspired by embryology, an embryology of the universe perhaps.

Another idea was the realization that Bruno (I could have made him a dog or a dog Caleb as one of the characters in this vague place which as a center is not to be thought of as the center of a big bang) burned at the sake for his cosmological ideas which after all seem to ask all the logical possibilities. Did the universe begin then end, was it here forever and will one day end? and so on. Wittgenstein says that if we could hear a dog speak we would not understand what it says. But it all cannot be only a linguistic relativism- why then when something seems absolute it surprises us. If in my link of yesterday the alternative theory of worm holes through an organic molecule rather than the fitting of shapes as a way to smell as if a tunneling effect- imagine what the canine "sees" as his vast brain for scents organizes this reduced but comprehensive data. Can someone not see that if this is the proper theory that we understand the dog's brain well enough and being adaptable and naked creatures this could very well make a technology where we could have hand held mass spectrometers that determine most any issue, and cheaply too- but Oh that sounds like one of the minor devices from Star-Trek only a little less far fetched.

In any case, Matti complains today that his work, the p-adic as perhaps a form of absolutes, is not even half acknowledged. Well, the whole scam of the educational system here is about ready to implode anyway over the credit student loan issue. But as a theory it should be clear that Matti's idea can apply in a sort of reverse micro cosmology, a mirror to what topology and arithmetic there is- a, well, dark fluid like concept that we see more like space flight rather than internal symmetries. Beyond the unfolding world of the so called big bang, the precipitation of broken forces and particles, the point where the universe accelerates to overcome some idea of gravity- the ladder of differentiation applied- but beyond acceleration and in a way beyond the lower dimensions if we as humans recognize these at all what differnces do such disembodied dreams make to the real world- can we accelerate any faster than infinity? Is the rest, velocity, and acceleration all we can see or in some sense, and some greater integration of a theory such as TGD do these things have effects, say more than making strange ideas like ten or eleven dimensions seem more real- and then to magically try to limit things to them again? }

Bruno Burning
L. Edgar Otto (Pe Sla) October 5, 2011

Olney took off into the cosmos seeking the pathways in the sky to make sense of his life, his fantasy of purpose, and how the worlds were made. If one is already of the Godhead, to what appeal can we go any higher- not even the SphereFather could explain Creation to him. Yes, his head was clearer now that the Mare-maiden whom he thought he rescued from the tidal pool, She, herself the SphereVigin, could do more than doubt her place beyond begetting the Sea-lings sinking from her height of marble moonlit skin to scuddy scales that festooned the beach returned to driftwood after the mindless gulls picked through her scales of the scud of forgetfulness.

Olney, the SphereDream, fifth of the broken fallen gods, no longer marveled at the mystery of the endless beach. He had walked all through it time and time again, returned, relived, found the fisher folk high in their mundane wisdom and the teachers proud of their gowns lost in the corn maze to which they, entering the wrong way, found the search for the center then the final escape exceedingly complex.

Eventually, given more than time itself, Oln grew tired of arguing with them at some junction of choices or loop of paths, even the ones who did not dare the labyrinth but kept their hands against the right walls as if the world owed them a solution as all silent nuns who know their place. Their lives they could not wait to be over yet when the book was finished and done they mourned the cycle of the seasons in the relentless roundabout of it all. Olney then tried to take otherworldly flight above the maze, Icarus like, a moth in search of height and some flame of his melting wax wings sun, and found the orb at the center of all worlds- The crackling fire and half burned logs that suggested tortoise shell cracks and yarrow runes, naked or charred their carbon bark, the bonfire not yet but embers in his world, the timeless flame delayed against the faster flight that leaves the worlds eternal ice- and the people of this world called it Bruno.

* * *

I too must gather my dreams and redefine my path- but Matti and others- there is a point when we no longer feel old. No one can copy your work, claim it or otherwise, that would be an honor if they did as good a job when changing things- there is no big science as such- only the bright and burning star at the center of our space and time and hearts- Bruno gazes on the excesses of the church as inquisition- but the mercy of it all is that humans can feel only so much heat and pain before we become unconscious. I once drew the essential equation on the sand by the cold North Sea and knew that I have seen it, odd little human with ancestors in waves that built the pyramids and Stonehenge, somewhere between Africa and Australia, between the dream time and written words that watched the loud whispers of the starlight- I saw you in that equation too.

* * *

Well, I find it hard not to post another comment on the neutrinos- what is it anyway that you guys just cannot seem to see?

John Ståhle says:
October 5, 2011 at 12:24 pm

- and before I tumble: Nobody knows if a neutrino is a Majorana fermion, AFAIK none have ever been observed, but the possibility exists that neutrinos are Mfs, and the (as yet hypothetical) neutralino is/should be.
Leonard Edgar Otto says:
October 5, 2011 at 4:37 pm

John Stahle,

It does have something to do with our ideas of mirrors- in any case these can be Majorana and not be and it can be shown theoretically in terms of information theory. It is a matter of counting the right bits, and even on one side of the “mirror” we can show (as in Penrose’s idea of “quantanglement” that this has to be the case.) If by neutralino you mean to divide the concepts from the general case- well that is a matter of taste. I am sure the sensibility of theory will stand even if such speculations cannot be observed.

But does this matter when we deal with hyperbolic models of the universe? I can image a world where the standard model and cosmology is the ground- but it is only a small part of disjoint possibilities as we see a wider sea of foundations.

The PeSla

* * *


There are a few respected physicists who would disagree with you - but they are theories. What are we to make of the setting up of two or four bit stations that it takes the speed of light travel to establish them but once they are the exchange of messages is non-local and instantaneous? How do you account for this especially if of all the mirrors the totality may in a sense have a mirror? This is also a multiverse issue is it not? Perhaps we need to generalize this concept of what frames are? On what does anything bounce back, silvered or abstract that we can establish something to react against and measure the direction of flow.

Have we not detected particles sent from the future? Have you never thought the phone may ring and it does? OK, we scratch off a lottery ticket and have some remarkable series of wins- was this coincidence or if we take the quantum theory at face value the actual numbers changed before they were scratched off? How can you be so sure of such calculations with such a possibility of numbers?

With due respect also,
The PeSla

* * * just saw this! But can we say we make a theory or discover it somehow from it there as a future fact? This should be of interest to those to whom I commented above. Well, a beginning and a sort of experimental proof for all you topology oriented theorists. Of course perhaps what some of you do not see and I can be wrong, was that in the more general case if we have a sort of balance, one quasi-reversible as far as laws go, the systems such as what we think of as dark fluid in contrast to normal matter- well, the balance can be what is dissipative is a congregation in the other side or that which congregates represents a dissipation on the other side. I have come to realize this as a unified theory was one of my early assumptions that stuck with me and I did not see the significance would have a more mature application. But it does not take an experiment to discover some of these effects if we just reason a little better. As far as the few abstract motion formulas go- these are still a little fanciful to post other than as a general description- after all in a sense we can exchange the perpendular and parallels more generally than their concept in the several non-euclidean geometries involving the vague notations of zero and infinity.

But such a notation is useful and a little like differentiation.

* * *

You know, I have not made a big deal over who got the Nobel Prizes- now about the quasi-crystals... was it for a physical experiment? Again, what was not already in Coxeter's discussion of such symmetries? In the three dimensional case I mentioned it to the admissions at NC State- back when I thought admission officers could see something important or useful. There are dozens of names I could associate with this recreation- Penrose, the lady in Australia who was not part of academia, and so on... The winner of this prize for this? just a name for what it is worth and hardly a household name I would imagine. But as in the sitcom the Big Bang, the main actor could not get a Nobel Prize in physics so he looked for the Peace prize by making a replica of Jerusalem in the Sonora desert- If you build it they will come... a dream of Fields I guess.

* * *

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