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Teleomnic Complex

Teleomnic Complex
L. Edgar Otto October 17, 2011

So considering the post on perspective, and what we may or may not be able to see- and how it hints of at least the illusion of something over unity (as if in some way we do not see some particles in perpetual motion that it is all we can do to slow them down), I imagine an entity in the totality of it all from all perspectives. This I call the teleomnic complex. The chief point of it being that it describes a creative entity or physics looping or spinning on itself or not- as such, and in the various complexity of the directions of time, we as sentient beings are also analogous to such creative structures that form things in the vacuum of space. We partake of the attributes of what some think of as the Deity. Creativity and immortality- that is, let us extend the concepts of physics to reach the Platonic ideals of perfection and unity, for the logic of it, while the living or existing, we cannot say is rigidly broken by the statement "it is not the case..." at a different place or time.

In this sense I take the principle for muons Peter Rowlands' points out as metaphysics and extend it to a more dynamical view for a perspective where we can begin to explain in these terms some of the new thoughts or data on particle physics and the idea of time and motion and light- over unity or less than or not.

Of course one can take the geometry of all this too far- the long tradition of what some call the sacred geometry- one can build elaborate theories of conspiracies of information, the hiding of information, and disinformation. After all, given perfect pock mark craters of all sizes on the face of Mars, once can certainly see in the minds eye as if a person to be inferred there, a face on Mars.

Of course there are points of special interest on a circle, these usually tend to divide it up into so many divisions. The same seems true also of the matrices of the more complex varieties depending on how we may represent them as quaternions or complex numbers with scalars and so on. But do things actually go any deeper when they are applied to real material or physical objects in this world?


I heard a radio show last night and he guest was Richard Hoagland who talks about the new coment Lenid Elenin.

He calls his stuff hyperdimensional geometry, but I find very little depth in it. He said the comet was an artificial structure tetrahedral in shape and found the 19.5 degrees everywhere in the numerology.

No only have I wasted time this morning trying to make sense of it I find it rank pseudoscience even if we do not trust the mainstream. But worse, I find it rank pseudo-sacred geometry! What may be real in it his view vastly obscures.

Oh, he said its role was to raise our consciousness and that was the reason so many around the world want to take over wall street.

The Pe Sla

re: and


This was the radio show:

but one has to look around a lot to find the idea that the pearls of a comet trailed behind it in two groups of 4 in a line some imagined objects that followed from a brown dwarf or binary star (your linear flux tubes?)

Some see an invasion here of aliens or that all of his is evidence for very ancient civilizations here and in the rest of the solar system.

But I liked your paper on the comets and binaries (a dark matter star perhaps?)

In any case syzygy does have some strange effects on the pendulum.

The PeSla

Yet there is something to Maxwell and all that, where we look for the 20 in things like the quaternions and so on. Or where we try to interlace the symbols of triangles or tetrahedra, the metacubes and all that, the 11 nodes of the tree of life and all that also.

I listen intently to the doomers and rumors on the radio and realize I almost would whisper myself the discouraging word for the guest: "crackpot!".

Gee, even I knew it high school some of the numbers involving square root of three were a very crude and unlikely approximation of e! The guests numerology is not much more deeper than that when it comes to what real depths there may be to a true hyper-dimensionality.

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By teleomnic I mean the Teleomnium, teleology as a view included especially in the transmission of informational data bits with quantanglement, and Omnium- a sort of dynamic theory, the sum total and miscellaneous collection. By complex I use the term in the sense in general models of space I have used the term singularity complex.
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