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Musings on the Complexity of Life

Musings on the Complexity of Life L. Edgar Otto (The Pe Sla) October 18, 2011

Just as in the early problem of computing "weights" in the representations of string theory, a wider and more organic view, one with our vague mystery of dark fluids in particular, may tell us something about the physical complexity of the universe.

For one thing, we can have, paradoxically, several distinct measures of proximity of places in space in different systems of measure. So the physics of the cosmos is at least as complex as we now understand our biological systems to be. But this does not mean that such inorganic systems or artificial systems are alive as such. We can of course from a more earthly view imagine this and some do- the earth herself on some time scale as a living thing- or for that matter even a pond with a lifespan after a rain.

Something in us, if we understand, has this haunting question- Can I consider that I am alive and not just a bundle of rather complicated physical laws? Are we in fact only an illusion of being more than a zombie to which those who have not thought deeply on this question may be romantically a little terrified of the costumes as on the zombie walk and the coloration of fake parts and blood. But as a child that understands what is not the normal laws of things in cartoons, one can suspend disbelief enough to imagine say a coyote suspended over the ground until he realizes there is not ground beneath him. What if we change the accepted constants of physics is a question that proves useful for the exploration of its foundations. Would someone just a zombie even react to this question? Are there such people in the world- their idea of God but the cold yet moving universe? Can we not imagine otherwise that for all its reasonable or sane and predictable behavior a dog in a sense can be the opposite of a zombie of complexity- perhaps but a sensitive and living sentient soul much distant and disembodied for his lot of time and dust. For this is the great question of our millenniums of religious debate- as Ulla said: "God may not be unphysical." In some sense then the problem of such a complexity of weights, close or far in space or time, is very much like our ideas of dark matter and this idea could certainly apply to at least the physical mechanism of our organic systems.

When things, like the flowers, have a nucleus, or as the animals in their cephalation make a place of command, the brain- is there not this idea of some sort of higher dimensional focus as complexity? In the globular galaxies do we not have a state where the orbits of the stars within it are promiscuous and as if a non-linear unpredictability? Not so that world focused within a world of the shadows and outlines of a higher dimensional structure for a cell with a nucleus as if that the self-organizing and focused brain that can relate to other cells unseen or can join into higher structures and patterns with new emergent facts on a new threshold.

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Later at the Library:

My thought turned today on the representation of fractals in higher space- and with a view of these quasic principles in mind. I never really liked some of the sea-foam taffy results and have found that the general case by most viewers. But a search of what is out there contains some very beautiful results. (I am wondering if in the p-adic world if that part of it generalized in the drawing of such things can we find a view or unity of space that is ultimately non-archemedian across the multiverse?)

The quasics, with the more general idea of groups and dimensions and abstract motions and positions I quite imagine, information wise, to be able to draw from some spaces to others, slices of a sorts, but not in the limited standard way of viewing things. For one thing as in the making of candles where we imagine the taffy like extensions of surfaces and their alephs in adjacent transfinite spaces to have to be joined to the ideas of the p-adic fractal like conceptions. This is the joining in what I have more clearly imagined as the teleomnic complex. In the expression of such a singularity we can have some interesting relationships of what is local and non local in space and time and such influences.

I imagined a poem called Sea-foam Candy- a description really of how our physical bodies change over time or seem to stay near over a spell of time, that and that we seem to age differently, be included differently within our conception of each other, and for what we can see of some expected relationship, the expected surface of some crumpled post modern art dream of jumbled codes.

Now, much like generational slices of the physics of particles as part of a more general picture, we can add these "weights" and system developments- a sort of embryonic tissue like theory with the implied centers and mirrors of more general dimensions- as well the totality to describe the telemomnic complex.

So, aside from the scandal of various string applications of so many dimensions of groups and yet no clear unification of a given picture and its intelligible topology, How can we imagine a Yang-mills structure if we cannot have a better grasp of how we imagine these complex proximity's and weights in the higher space fractals?

If we do not address this, then a great deal of our advanced mathematical and physics research will seem a little aside from the quest, and obsolete in retrospect.

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Oh a post to matti today: Icarus refutes Opera results;

Early in the days trying to understand the quasars there was the conclusion that inside them light must be traveling ten times faster to explain the distances and time involved. I am not sure what has happened with these concepts since 1964.

I am not sure the personal evaluations of mistakes- nor the conclusions made uncritically in error or that turn out to be right when said humorously are relavant to the need to experiment and do science. We are in a time when it may not be a good idea to vote yay or nay to some anomaly that appears (unless of course you have a little more advanced idea by which you can be a little more certain than the rest).

I asked Lubos about X and Y in the pacman like article and he gave me a great reply- but I cannot seem to find that post and other thoughts he had on the matter- you discussed the X and Y the next day. Can we lose posts to spam? Can the author delete them if for some reason they reconsider?

I have had some general things to say about p-adics 101, and it could be our experimental apparatus as with the desires of the experimenter may give different results relative to some higher views of numbers. This would not change the higher truths of such values. But few can reach agreements in such a case.

Now, I would expect you to say that the neutrinos on these sheets, as if projection and description the grounding science and relativity not sound and greater than that of which I agree with you it goes beyond it, that it must be a prime number value and not the composite mess we seem to have.

The PeSla

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Is it possible that some signal cannot be exceeded absolutely and we observe the adjusted effects unless we admit non-archemedian effects from an entirely different universe in the multiverse- clearly our physics is not enough but we cannot show it not enough- nor can the psychological assessment of the behavior of bloggers be taken as seriously as those in the field by anything in this medium. Nor will new physics be there just by our wishes- nor in speaking to someone is it clear in our more simplified evaluation we cannot distinguish a bot from a sentient person so for all practical purposes the bot is intelligent.

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Later that night in the coffee shop: typos corrected.

Of course the physical idea of tachyonic anything is a compromise on my part as he teleomnic complex principles... thus there is room for debate that may be taken as errors or to some extreme of perfection one way or the other. The the mechanism is there relatively and I would of course allow such phenomena to explain a lot of things in some of our confused and narrow cautious views and general debates. But if the logic of such as philosophy will allow such things in a more general and relaxed view it is true also that the philosophy code translation leans toward a general view of the Omnic universe- where such levels of changes and what we may mean by constants or not in some context certainly supplies a trend of total history and free directions that is intelligible on some level as the complexity seems to grow. So much can be answered with some of these views in specific cases of what is observed in the changes over time (even if I am sure I am out of my element in the terms presented as if I speak to you from another planet with a parallel language and algebra of thought.) But I am not revising my general intuition on things for I have had to stand by some things- and that is a measure of something even if in this world where it seems like we can have some one point or significant event on which to hang the clockwork of time as one of at least a local universe model. Asking always what are the foundations (how vague the idea of certain radiations for example in any spatial context). Such intuition is either the measure of our best hopes and attainment of research or it is as if the attainment of our physical influence on at least the world we create socially and individually. In such matters one has to be sure to make such decisions. But is it not a matter of stubbornness or the false clinging to some idea that nevertheless has all the weight of uniqueness in the universe. Besides, my dabbling with the ideas of the universe makes it a most interesting place to live knowing as much as I do now and seeing what I intuitively feel can still come. Each of us seems to repeat the general pattern if we are at all aware, receptive, and in control, our lives the center of the or a teleomnic complexity. I find it interesting, on some sort of psychological level, that certain shapes of the fractal nature in higher space- quite independent of the actual knowing of such patterns other than ones own- well, nature does not have to evolve to the wahoo and cleavage of desire. Nor by the way is the question meaningful after the fact of say our substitution of chemical opiates of reception and addiction. It also follows that some forms of the grounding interchange of this sort of complex of what we now surf on as dark fluid, energy or matter, certainly can have a real conversion to its forms over omnic time- but only with the ability to have intelligible measure. That said- tonight I am looking for something new as a few verses of my songs pop up in my head. I have lived long enough now to be immune to an awful lot of lies- only the youth will not realize it and be rash enough to believe some of them. The constant revisiting to old places in old places and people and times and the rare good feelings of any beginnings of love and an era that survive or in a sense are reborn, these take time in some sense, these are sometimes too late to find an answer- that failure of stars not forbidden and usually the rule in a world of green and broken stones and holes in the ground we have not learn to dig for gold and water. Our generation of seekers should be shouting from the rooftops of the awakening, and the many winged symmetry should resound against the shivers of the xylophone of their spines.

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I repeat the theme of my facebook status of some days ago:

L. Edgar Otto
I am slowly becoming aware of how much my behaviors and actions were influenced by the moods and stability of others if I admit it, something just outside my knowing my own limits. Anyone who cares for others is sensitive and vulnerable to what together we share and care for. So too, regrets too late to learn that take a lifetime if one does not cloak events from some light once seen in time.

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