Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Loading the Dice in the God-game

Loading the Dice in the God-game L. Edgar Otto (The Pe Sla) October 19, 2011

In the city library where I can print things we can only have 10 free pages. So today I printed the rest of the 18 for the wiki article on the surreal number. I found it rather interesting having only seen parts of the theory from Conway with the games view as the article said he first developed it from games in general and of GO in particular. The logic had alternative development of which some of it touches on my discussions on what I read earlier. One thing is that more general than the realms of numbers and ordering and all that is the space that Games encompass. Obviously there is more to be explored beyond these higher realms of thinking. Why did I say for example earlier that I thought certain games in some higher spaces would "play themselves"?

I notice also technical terms like Fields and Rings and so on of which I have not used but have a sense of how they are used when you get down to the ideas. Now, do we need such terms- how can they be avoided really? Are there such terms which develop as say any form of an overriding philosophy? I have noticed that certain people in person are rather down to earth but seem almost unintelligible on the documentaries such as Fred Hoyle.

So here is a blogger philosopher I follow with this sort of position- but I see the issue as one more as art- yes, the surrealist can paint abstractly but there is no doubt they can paint or draw a realistic still life as well- and if one can use the moderated words one has the right to challenge the reader with more advanced ones. In any case the publishers say for every equation in a text they lose so many hundreds of readers.

So, If in a sense God is a great poet- perhaps God can be a great Gamer too and we left with our one on one face to face actual reality of the situation of dialog that is not just the mixed contributions according to our ability - nor if we are to be manipulated by the judges of work in a debate- well, it is hard to beat the dialogs of Plato as a method of reaching past the hype and into a more aware state for enquiry. But left here among ourselves, or if elected for the people or given a position of final authority- as in John Fowles psychotic novel, the Magus- those left may wonder what to do now since the "In the God-game, the Gods have loaded the dice and walked away" and we are at least for awhile the only one watching. Fowles btw was a Heraclitean in his non-fiction philosophical stance.

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