Monday, October 17, 2011

The Kingdom Within and Among, Post Modern Arts of Physics

The Kingdom Within and Among, Post Modern Arts of Physics

L. Edgar Otto October 17, 2011

Which by the way is about a week away from all the hype about the Mayan calendar for 2012 according to Hoagland. But in what sense do we pinpoint time or not?

I must address Ulla's comment a little less tersely:

Ulla said...

And we cannot solve the physical without taking God inside it. God is no outstander, he is inside, the very essence of matter. As well you can maybe say he is not there at all, but then you loose something. The entanglement.

I think we must very much reconsider the concept of God. We are everyone Gods. We must face the fact that it is WE that make our choices and not wait for some outside us to heal us or undo our choices.

Set God inside matter and the physics will be solved. God is HERE and you are all dissecting him without understanding what you are doing. How can this be so difficult to understand? It is the same as with consciousness. We are the consciousness collected 'as an add' in our cells, as Damasio say. That 'add' is collected through the window-effect in our cells, genes, molecules, atoms... FROM OUTSIDE ENTANGLEMENT or measurement, perception. We just collect it and entangle it again into our own 'consciousness' (wrong word, should be awareness). Maybe as a difference in entropy, information?

The window-effect is solved by p-adics. Through that window we take in the 'unknowable'.

* * * *

The quantum world as the world within worlds- or the consideration of hidden symmetries that may be involved or dismissed, such is still an issue but of greater complexity in our time and one that as in the poet Yeats, who kept some of his symbolism for the poems sake long after the falcon was far beyond the falconer. Of moon phases and the gyres and all that, the souls of violets and automatic writing.

So, when the idea of projection became the Christian idea, down to earth that of the mother and child, certainly it was a dynamic way to see faith, to push perhaps beyond the pale the issue as to what in the reading of the words was the remote mystery, or what the physical of the fundamental, the gods as distant spirits or material, a fixed point in the firmament and face or window to which we cannot decide the issue while ourselves caught between the city of spirit and of flesh as we try to live and decipher physics and the philosophy code.

Like graphene, pure, crumpled up, so to the reading of our dreams, so many letters of which we on the outside can put together and marvel as if something beyond the coincidence some message or hidden message as we long to stand firm in bringing unity to it all.

But what is the manifold of the spaces of dream? Do we translate that the kingdom is among us or within us- something in a more uniform way to plot time and space than similar models where two or more are gathered in the name that more will be with us, some third rail and dimension of comfort. Can we say where the within or outside of things are save as the sense of mystery that there is more to Heaven than meets our eyes?

And if the ghost does not hold the atoms together can we say it is the center and reference frame of it all to which what is the world is given solid meaning. In that spacious place where our soul may touch what is uniqueness yet feels a part of all and each other and of God? If we share that attribute of the creative and the everlasting do we not also create our lesser dreams a little lower than the angels as if we can but jumble the words again, imagine they create the world and our hearts?

Now, we can braid things as well, find what could be real on the other side of a mirror or just imagine the mirror. Sweet duality razor thin its two edged sword. But what if we took our simple pictures in black and white and added the subtle nuances of colors- would that not represent some difference that goes through the evolving complexity of existence to imagine much wider connections in time? In such a living dynamical and intelligible but jumbled world do we not appeal to the quantum and in doing so can in theory redo our choices throughout the infinity that moves or moves with them? Is the mover the unitary God or ten thousand micro demons from our past or future that is a life force that constructs the cells and dwells beyond big bangs?

It is all the same, different runes for intelligible laws. What is a quasic plane or brane but the very combination of such things- entropy? information? you ask- the vivisection of some assumed substance? If it can, as Plato imagined, be of different substances then surely it can be the powers of duality condensed but not lost its meanings, sets of complex, quaternion, and octonion planes from one general view. How many string landscapes are there?

To what extent do you mean the "window-effect" is p-adic to know the mysteries, the unknown? On the simple outline of it where the physicists and mathematicians will go only so far cautiously in what sense is that fractal? In what sense is it likely to be a confused as well as informative dream? Can we not also color code these tablecloths that poke through the space so to find a wider world and not just a general focusing to find a deeper ground of the quantum and other physics?

Are there ghosts and angels or the others that pervade our myths? Are they concrete or become so as we expanding into the future so expand our hidden echos of the past? Alas, have we striven to find the best colors for a one time canvass while as a true artist beyond the grid we can symbolize the subject with the bare minimum of strokes awakening our creativity within? We too the child of new projections.

* * *

God, then who spoke the worlds into creation, was the first Poet. Our first poems were inspired to praise the Deities. When we say that the inside of atoms is only to be understood as poetry. No matter what we paint as to the way light moves in the world, upon the distant sky or deep in the heart of dust and nothingness as to each a preference for motion and time, that to go beyond our dreams, to understand ourselves and the world, that God is in a sense beyond such poetry.

* * * * *

Next day without nothing much to say yet- said what I forgot yesterday in the extended recent comments of which I thought about making a separate posting.

"Some organic cells have a nucleus and some do not." was my first thought in the symbolism of the matter of the link above.

I find this most interesting too- and reminds me of supersaturated solutions said to crystallize in one bottle of it at a distance to the other separated.

But the general thought evoked here is just how we should no longer think in terms like "cold dark matter" as the article says or anything that literally physical.

* * *


  1. Ulla,

    I'm sure its in there somewhere- quaternity too as the issue. This is the sort of triality we might explore in philosophy after the physical- for it is the core of our ideas or misguided ideas of what is three space- or three quarks that make the nucleons as such- but these are only the barest of Euclidean ideas of things like the p-adic.

    So, it has a metric? that is good but the fields of such numbers are not as complete as we are prone to believe in our simple concepts of dimensions and groups. Recall that the axiom of choice is still an axiom in such matters so how far can it probe the manifold complexity of things? Perhaps more steps than we have dared to imagine.

    Here is a trinity for you: p-adics, surreals, and the quasic physics all of many the one.

    It is not clear for example that we can say on the familiar level that some complex number field is shown isomorphic to certain other fields as we now think.

    If the lowly machine can think in Mersene primes, they being limited or not in the infinity of what works in such metrics as primes then there is a duality difference where if we use them then the inverse compliments are rather large to compute with if they can be found at all beyond or above a certain point of space structure. That beyond the inverse property does not stop the mathematical properties say beyond the octonions even compressed down into one brane like object a thousand fold.

    We start from some relative unit in the quasics and we have a braid like direction at the core of things as if the world can be seen to begin as spinning- that difference in the fine values of transcendentals and so on. We see that the joint use of addition and multiplication is intrinsic to the calculus like motions of quasics. We see that like in the surreals from a primitive cell and motion that things can go toward or away via limitlessness to the decimal, and yet that decimal over all the bases and mods is as narrow in concept as a point of the big bang.

    Of this philosophic post with religious overtones one should walk away with the idea that it can enhance the scope of our imagination and cognition- but that is not really needed for any of us to understand and live.

    Your simple question require very high maintenance, but thank you for it- I am still here like the second person in a loop of relativity to which the Hebrew physicists have asked lately is this an age of Christian physics as well I can see the unity of the people in the book and of all the other faiths. But I am a little bored lately being on this medium where we cannot really distinguish the tweets from the bots. So I thank you for it and wish you all the world- I miss that great other trinity of the Nordic Light Hero in an anti-heroic age: the warrior, the lady, and her child. I thank you for it and what else is our role but to wish well those who count the days now, daring to love, and to bring children into this world.

    The PeSla

  2. Ulla,

    Oh, I forgot in all the technical and poetic mood.

    This difference between Pitkanen's use of the Mersene primes as if say there is a wide difference of the complement to the normal use of these things in computation in binary- that here as well where it related to phase angles and the like- that clear physics of such asymmetries or braiding as Kea applies to this desire to better map the rationals etc... this may give some of the answers to your general questions that end entropy? entanglement? dark matter? All the more topological thermodynamics, coherence, deeper consistency?

    This may be the source of some of our clearer ideas on information as the world changes over our concept of higher dimensions- it may supply us a little better way to find a unified measure.

    Oh, I meant to thank you on your reflex blog for your news of the biology project there.

    The PeSla

  3. One more thing that follows here I forgot to mention. p-adics and quasics do point out what in certain planes (branes) we can say is local or non-local effects of distance. Just as in the complex plane what is near something else may not be in the expected place- and in absolute powers even in a fixed metric the points may move unexpectedly. In quasics we can show certain values of coordinates that define such abstract distances and motions of which other views may give what seems different results.

    Teleomnically (tachyonically relaxed and general) the braid approach does admit a physicality and directionality regardless of time that certainly applies to the phenomenon in physical space (see Kea recently on the persistence of pondering this deeper insight.)

    But Ulla, I do understand your point also as rather deep yet something we understand as a common sense view- that the universe, its aspects of consciousness or say God, has a certain solid reality to which we see the world continues and makes sense- in space and time- and in a way defines also our restrictions existing in and with it.

    Somewhere, as alien in terms and absurd as it sounds- and not even grounded on the concept of nothingness or nil potency of changes- there is no ultimate difference in even and odd, or which is the inverse of p-adic numbers, or even what is the macro or micro of he scale of things in the surreals. And there is no difference even with a universal and fixed pattern of primes, logically, between them and the composites such as base 10 dimensionally, all important for some models in itself where we give the composites equal weight in the scheme of things.

    The PeSla