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Bruno Burning (Sci-Fi Part IIa)

Bruno Burning (Sci-Fi Part IIa)

I am not in my usual coffee shop but the library so I will submit tomorrow part three there vaguely to be written. But it does cover the theme today, especially ethics, politics, big science, and technology as with the dialog with Ulla on Pitkanen's blog today. The illustration for part three will be the sun-star with twelve rays and a power line down to the meter at the back of this old bakery printing but I cannot post it from here. The coffee shop is closed for HOMECOMING at the university and I will avoid Water Street and the all night long drunk students so I am staying at Katie's watching her house when she is working in Madison, now it was so amazing to have a soft bed and not my roommates floor that I slept late- and dreams related to this which I doubt have any science significance- Banded (a recurring term not like bonded) for such an environment to extend ones rest and dreaming time and another term (I forget)that if one sleeps so well one would tend to wake up refreshed and sleep a little less.

ok - It occurs to me, Matti, that that link on hydrogen bonding on the surface of water would have some special interest to you for today's and your ideas of "teleportation imprinting on water of the DNA". But I wonder if a theory of everything can actually include all such concepts right or wrong? Look, if you showed how you derived certain number ideas- publish it- perhaps I could be a little more certain about how these may apply to other such hopes for total theories :-)

So I wake up to Inside Edition that points out the sit com "Big Bang" had become very popular and got emmys. More than the first offerings (Maybe it is all about promotion really.) But if these guys are geniuses as portrayed as one's favorite nerd stereotype- then that perhaps is how the mass of humanity regard scientists- as certainly mad and less good people in some ways. Interestingly enough, the same show had Steve Jobs life data- most interesting really. All the money and magic in the world will not heal his cancer it seems- this seems so strange that my life extends a little further before and after his as if parentheses or some way to adjust our clocks as the world spins on the time zones.

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I have read that some say the internal content of black holes is not there- they have no within, only the surface- and that is very thin.

Now there can be a wide inside, or we imagine our universe inside a gigantic one, and so on. But this conception of things is far beyond the concept of Black Holes.

Of course the p-adics are concerned with absolute values so look for something deeper than asymmetry.

While I still cling to a notion similar to your concern of a sort of "prime number space" - not quite sure how it will find a place or fit in- Lubos today has a link where the explanations for such greater than c particles is a deeper mixing of reference frames (this as an adjustment after the fact!) In any case, well, the limited concept of Eternal Inflation seems to me a global limitation and conceptual error if these concepts are not allowed to generalize.

In fact your take on biology involving wormholes and the like, would explain a lot if we saw the system inverted into internal symmetries and not to general external space. There is no outside! Such inversion by the way are conceptually things people have done to justify reversed views as the pendulum swings for say the justification of a totalitarian state.

For me the primes are best we have for some stability as to what is unique, and what unique is the scaffolding for what is a sound theory evidently. The numbers are unique but not as much as their expression in a biological like system- the good part of information technology to come.

Part of the general idea of applying this idea of numbers (indeed the very question of what can be independent egos or discoveries) is inadequately stated as we pass the event horizon of discovery by the idea of quantum results as in Lubos post that considers 1+1 pr 2+1 and so on without a better M like theory.

From one view, if we accept the facts of what a living form such as a paramecium or amoeba can do, we are not that far away actually. So any just claims you have for arrogance of these noble and a little better people, the scientists, is if they are the only ones that think their consciousness can spin a little faster than the speed of light :-)

In a self contained system can an entity know itself and still be invisible to all others? Is there but one electron or monopole or mind and how is it we observe the difference? Does the general tree of p-adic numbers not contain the same information as the ones and zeros of the canopy in any given state of growth down a unique branching?

The PeSla

(wondering if Matti discovered such numbers independently or as a competent engineer applied them? I agree there is so much more to be discovered in this area.)

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