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The Grand Unified Old Opera

The Grand Unified Old Opera L. Edgar Otto October 11, 2011

I do not have much to say today on physics. Just watched some of the games. The Texas Rangers grand slam at overtime, and the Cubs vs Lions (5-0 like the Packers). I was late to the last Packers game and they were behind when I came in to watch it at the Mousetrap but I did not play music at the open mic that night.

So, I just checked posts and comments and mail- damn, son mugged again a second time this year in Chicago and I may have to visit there or have him move here.

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The PeSla (L. Edgar Otto) commented on Can Neutrinos be Superluminal? Ask OPERA!.

in response to a comment by Philip Gibbs:




I will look forward to your paper.

This reminds me of the conclusion of Fred Hoyle’s book on the Quasars after the so called big bang evidence. That perhaps the world does not start with a big bang but many little bangs.

One idea for me is that of micro-time travel – what this amounts to is that such invariance or uniformity of universal laws is not as radically superluminal but some degree of this, perhaps a generalization of symmetry where in a sense the same Lorentz invariance occurs with a hierarchy of values if we can distinguish the inside from outside of things within finite considerations. That is to say that Einstein is not abandoned in principle just applied a little more comprehensively. Nor can we say quantum theories are likewise abandoned.

How might this relate to some beginning where theoreticians have postulated some left over mini-black holes? What is left when all such entities evaporate if not some unlimited acceleration?

And more to the point as it begins to dawn on us there are other ways to see and unify the physics- can there be micro-warp bubbles in the micro-warp bubbles and so on?

Sorry, I am not familiar with any of the names you mentioned.

The PeSla

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Ahh, this paper up already in the PDF. An impressive work and use of the formulas. I am not that comfortable with the ideas of negative energy but I take it to be a way of looking at things (not to say there are only zero or positive values involved but certainly this is the usual problem of generalizing zero as we have our notions of infinity.)

The powers involved could be seen as pure dimension numbers including the all important squaring of something as a dimension- or the reduction from binary powers of c in the computations- that informational idea. 28 or 48 dimensions in the grand unified old opry of things- and 200- perhaps as in the generational idea we here consider the second generation of things- the muon to the electron as perhaps between such generations (of neutrinos) these sort of relativity concepts apply as well ideas of the Casmir (thus dark entities), still much the Peter Rowlands ideas of metaphysics of what is and what is not distinguished as Muons... To this we of course have to add some idea of tachyon or time principles as a general idea of the flow of time or of time of dimensionless direction in the macro world (tauons?) as well any such concepts at the ground of locality, that is at zero, of the micro-world. The other quadrants of the Cartesian system may make good sense to apply after all, as well some idea on some level of the alternation of things that vibrate into an idea of negative space. But this requires a better understanding of absolutes and the foundations of mathematics.

Ate Logo Fernado, keep up the enquiry :-)

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There was a reply from Fernando. I am not sure just how the on line publications work or stand. I do recall that some have speculated in the folding of space to achieve faster than light flight from some popular magazines a while ago. Still, in the general scope of his formulas with what principles I have thought worthwhile in the "new physics" I find a lot of can have things I see as solid grounding for the general concepts of space and dimensions. The question remains for me one of if we use more of the relativistic concepts we tend to overemphasize the continuous groups while the finite ones, and indeed the problems involving descriptions of singularities, are in a sense unexplored. I do not know how well this series of what seems very standard formulas is to be received- but from my graphic views and the idea of measure in condensed or unfolded dimensions these general patterns make sense.

For those who have followed some of these concepts the distinction between the 6x6 where it repeats in possible symmetries certainly applies where in the 8x8 it would be obscured. These are not very advanced graphics so are closer to the general logic of drawing. But I cannot say I could evaluate this work as do professionals - indeed I did not know my explorations involved M theory. But something like seeing dark matter as neutrino condensates does seem conceptually right to me or at least as good a description as any other, for example. What shows that any device based on these ideas would be workable or not? Let us not forget also that it is not just the idea of whole numbers or fractions involved but a sort of operation such as addition that involves pure numbers like pi. Now where do these meet?

I certainly would expect that any new physics breakthrough would come with new ways to use the old mathematics or even new mathematics if one can say there is what to our human enterprise does solidly seem original- or at least competent.

I stood once and got a photo at the old Grand Old Opry building in Nashville, but of course no one was there. There was a time when from Mexico the radio could reach so many with the songs of the sunny side Carter Family - but note, for popular music they did have training in classical music. Copyrights were really just a matter of accounting. But such raw first arts certainly lead to new forms of the music - and perhaps the romance of fully developed and superior forms grow stale.

We sugar coat many things but so do the proteins with what was formerly toxic. So we say that from some view even a fruit diet is toxic to us. How does anyone know what to feed or teach their children? Oddly, today on the science magazines there is an article that states such sugar gave us an evolutionary leap for it also enhances our resistance to invaders and helps the immunity in survival. So too, those who wonder at what is happening in the synapses or in the space that surrounds them.


We build our coils of life upon a sweet backbone- and I have only begun to encounter so many creative people out there in the internet of all that have some part to play for the general picture. We have yet to harness intelligibly such wisdom which for all I know is not a renewable resource.

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