Thursday, November 10, 2011

The Tachyonic Aether

The Tachyonic Aether L. Edgar Otto 11-10-11 In this post, mainly in the photos, I casually jotted down some general ideas in the world of tachyons and how they apply as a deeper concept of our reality. In it I mention the primary people and connections to ideas that others have pursued to a common ground for physics. But I did not include secondary sources on which this framework should be considered. But none of this is new other than the complexity of the fractal patterns of low dimensions and numbers and the further richness along the lines of Eddington's totality of protons as a beginning (and that is says much the same thing as Dirac from a more general view, Dirac too surpassed but he states the issue not settled.)

There is a sci mag article as I post this- especially where we see the magic in the states of matter and see physics as if fluid. That at certain temperatures water itself can conduct heat better for it is really a different if hard to find transition state as another fluid. This same sort of thing seems to touch upon my theme today where time is more than one type of fluid to be modeled - to make our usual crude and vague analogies.

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On the Big Bang sit com today there was Green featured. The disdain yet the praise for him trying to teach the general population about physics. I find myself asking in this confused state of cultural stereotypes in that sitcom if Green is Jewish- which I imagine means even the liberals have adds on Lubos like senator Feingold (who has always been a most courteous person when we run into him in Madison and his staff the only ones who tried to help me in either party.) Lubos of course the consultant for he show he said and with articles on Green lately. I wonder if I had monetized things for this prolific blog it would make any difference in its quality even when I was operating on third world money.

In my opinion, around the last century or so, our best physicists have come from the British Empire, especially England. And I am surprised how often to someone like Penrose the term crackpot has been raised. Although existentially we are not authentic if we promote a lie, clearly without objective stances we are subject to the reality still of tribal race conflicts as well as gender biases. It is the rules of states that change in time as the centers of learning and the rules are the reason some rob the rich or rob the poor as in the loose confederation of Europe with its euros or anywhere we impose global free trade without respect or clear limits creating false scarcity. Let us not bankrupt physics by greedy devaluation of the currency. Let us respect the ancient wisdom of Greece, the economy of Rome for the world, and the great heritage of the German schools in their days of optics and chemistry. But again, it was probably a mistake for me to imagine people mostly good and smart, and that the world and society makes sense.

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