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Resolving Physics and Mathematical Disconnects

A great part of our interest and need for art is the debate and story of its interpretation including biography for how we may see from an artist's unique view.

Resolving Physics and Mathematical Disconnects L. Edgar Otto

This includes three pages, also the first to post Shifting Variations Twisting in the Lower Dimensions and Metaphysics of Solid Geometry and the Psi-Plasm.

I start by thoughts on my mind to Pitkanen:


I have not posted for awhile but beyond the philosophic issues and with still a little better understanding of braid and p-adic theory I have to disagree or accept alternative axioms at the heart of things. The disconnect between the physics and the mathematics.

But most of the ideas are sound. I do not see how things can be explicitly hyperbolic with the use of e^x which is not a p-adic number nor that in such systems we cannot have an order as they say.

The connection to braids or any generalized model of Feymann diagrams uses the same ideas that exceeds standard physics although both are breakthroughs that try to get around these formula limitations.

I may just have time post the photos of the pages but the main article is Quasics Resolve the Physics and Mathematical Disconnect.

It is clear to me also that p-adics is not as complete as the complex numbers- we need a higher level of numbers still.

Everything I see seems to point into the direction of a quasic space of which we have to show not just assert braids in braids and so on. Also to a great degree all is linear to wide areas- what is not is the very stuff that may pull light from the vacuum in pairs at c of which we imagine the differences in forces as a sort of exponentiation- say between branes and black holes.

The algebra of the sub-manifolds is in the cracks of the limits of our total standard theories and in the low dimensions, as Kea points also also, there is a Pythagorean relation- for me the 6 inside that triality triangle thus 24 is the hidden subspaces tangled or not.

2-braids? your term? original idea? Only in planes we have of course enumeration in quadratic time so to speak. These of course are in the cracks also as such early simple ideas as 24 dimensional lattices. But the reverse compliments and need for so many zeros in the assumed one dimensionality of a p-adic number as if the decimal reversed (and for some reason the composites dismissed as if primes can casually be taken or added to or subtracted from some power of 2 the even one) is an essential idea that tends to shift the ground, that is becomes a wider universe and its forces.

As for the philosophy part maybe you can tell me if I had a relapse in reductionism.

The PeSla

* * *

I note Kea's most excellent work progresses so I have made only this comment: I think some things I can rapidly adsorb now if it were just presented to me- and I understand it is injustice to us all to put aside our theoreticians and engineers when they are at the exquisite height of their abilities. All we can do is to put our lost languages into song that some in the next generation sings of them.


Chapel Hill seemed very much a magical place where we spent a long time in the quad talking to students. I was not easy to try to classify melody with twelve dimensions. String theory began to arise then. I assume Ms. Dolan does use the term "affine" in the sense I understand it from contexts.

This paper is right on and ahead of its time. But there is more to it than the superstructures. 24 , 48 could be- Conway? well, there is more to number than the surreal. Even and odd groups? That is a start. Guess it all comes back in the lower space of 4D with 384 hypercube rotations. 8n involved here as I too see.

I cannot say I grasp how the monster group arises (the math) but I know 240 is the 8 natural hypersphere close packing- and that number 24 is unique in the sums and recently in fractal patterns. Triality is not only generic in particle terms it is generational.

The PeSla

Oh, thanks for the inspiration to have me look a little at the physics and math disconnect.

* * *

I see Lubos is still deep into a political view of things (seems to me the politics of two parties would be stable when they work but these are balanced by the populist movements or shadow parties- in the USA the Tea and Occupy parties. But from my analysis a fifth way certainly seems a new economics for the new physics. It is not about propaganda and anti-quantum this or in the takes one to know one defense of what is to be considered a sound or unsound model declare rather in mediocrity as that left over from a propaganda (recall the more a lie is shouted to the masses the more likely it is to be believed.) Lubos is still fighting the cold war if not it as an extension from the world wars. This is not to say that his or the old guard he cites as foundational do not have some rather advanced insights. We just need a stronger foundation of evidence for that which will affect all the world globally and politically if it can be done, as Marx thought, from a scientific position.

* * * *

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