Monday, November 14, 2011

Structural Bandwidth

Structural Bandwidth L. Edgar Otto November 14, 2011 What I think I see is like Gauss's more symmetric idea of quadratic reciprocity- over the plane or brane and quite besides complex numbers at this stage, we have intrinsic space, spectral, and numerical quasi-asymmetry. I related this also to things like the fact that a string theory could be consistent logically yet totally wrong. So I ask, this as well for our perceptions.

I note on TGD the report of a dream (and after all today it took a distant dream to tie all this days posting up) of a one way ticket on the train of Matti. I did not interpret this as death but rather the threshold of new ideas expanding the relativistic framework. How we feel about this viewpoint change and how we feel in the interpretation and observing of our dreams can have an influence beyond the immediate facts of or relevance of our dream data if it applies at all - including of course ignoring it. European trains a great example from the last century for Doppler effects in physics. Dreams of course may mean the opposite. How far in the tracks going to infinity in the perspective keep such a distant focus ever distant?

I find it interesting too that Gauss tried to measure things, being a surveyor, between the three Hartz mountains for the speed of light. Of course Einstein showed it to be on the order of 10^21 difference. Now if you compute or add things does the superluminal neutrinos not describe some perfectly good earth measure differences as between two cities? Is this a conceptual problem or are the speculators and physicists too deep into micrometers to try an simple count. Of course it is more the conceptual problem as to what is surface or not etc...

Let us not confine or confuse our perceptions with consciousness although one might suspect we need the first as a body for the latter (see my post yesterday and sci mag positions in two articles).

In the main notions in the illustrations above I wish to point out the numbers were primes in the post of yesterday as to the count within four space and their compliments over some binary squared quasic range.

Also, in a system of physics, these notions can quite easily be interpreted as quantum effects such as tunneling- symmetrical, rare or not. But the issues are more general from both the viewpoint of what is local and that of what is continuous. We do not and should not make a hard choice of views as to the philosophy differences as to what is Platonic or Aristotelian, A is A or A is not A and so on, or some combination thereof, if it obscures what is useful in our logic including the applications of what cuts thru as is or not is and no middle or gray when this applies. Otherwise the dire prediction some thoughts and experiments are beyond our ability to engage and test them will be more than a self-fulfilling prophesy or unnecessary limitation. I remain open to all such investigations and the idea of challenging warp drive of the enthusiastic Fernando et al may have some way to defeat the general physics- if we can say explain why all things radiate and stop it as if stopping the sun in its motion. These general notions in fact do help sort out what is still a little beyond our consciousness if not hints in perception.

Note: Watercolor by Erik Natti and the mixing palette.

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Breaking News: Incredible particles escape from my television set in the white noise before the Big Bang background radiation while the sit com on after the football games. The materialize with masks on a scavenger hunt in a college town and stand out from the surface of the blank slate of our perceptions as we try to describe they universe on the surface by our choice of tattoos.

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