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A Simple Dynamic Model for n-D Generational Physics

A Simple Dynamic Model for n-D Generational Physics L. Edgar Otto November 3, 2011
or Nematode Holes and Prime Particles of 4 into 3 D... or maybe Sally Theory "You get Sally I get Susy doesn't matter much, Cocaine going 'round in my brane." Well, some of the established researchers are on crack, now are they crackpots or just stoned? Those who use uppers do not generally get along with the downers and the halluci-generations just laugh it off between bad trips. (but there are more combination's and dimensions to this problem that this simple joy sorrow desire or Spinozan division of primitive emotions -But if you are not artistically stoned on the cosmos you just do the work of mindless robots and zombies.

I note on the U-duality page the creation of matter and E7 and so on- comes a little late I think- and it does not matter who now publishes papers many of us bloggers were there first and for many years. But I just saw this post- last night I decided to make a simple model of the prime and compliment graphs where we actually number them into three space (albeit on a series of hypercubes), in the usual manner we can see the magic of the quasic plane, magic squares too. Note in the first or zeroth quasic cell here I have numbered it beginning at 1 for easy of mental arithmetic but we can shift things or count them from zero, as braid theory would suggest also, and as Pitkanen on the Mersene primes, and moreover, these two systems can work together as some suggest in the subtle ways to do vectors and such like I imply in the quasic plane.

(Have we not seen that this was a problem for higher elements made in novas that there may be not enough there to explain them? Have I not discussed such issues in the postings before long before this revelation or speculation of such a treatment of the Group theory? And have others not worked to show the how of this in this idea working long in it? Here in today's post let us see simply, how the general idea of dimensions and groups, at least in the lower spaces, are rather primitive by these standards- so many refuse to accept the possibility of higher dimensions still. Why do some regard these things as abstract and subjective as if all things are that- that is an extreme and illogical position?)

This too is a teaching and visualizing tool and the interpretations I offer here in relation to particles for such Euclidean dimensional ideas are fanciful, but no more so than the string theories and so on. (just one should apply their own interpretations- and for me this is a dynamic system.) By nematode hole I mean a sort of a wormhole. These in a space where I have (and it does not matter really here, the directionality problem and what is inside or outside of finite systems) clearly defined the parity of black and white in n-dimensional checkerboards.

I have only taken the first 64 primes in both the 6D and 10D case, the 4th and 5th generation of matter. (I would fancy also we are dealing with rayguns or iotas rather than points or strings and these can be thought of as vibrating.) There of the hypercube points connected by edges in color here represent the coordinate change thru four numbers or thru a cube in the hyper-lattice. This is the 3+1 formalism and could for example represent three quarks in a greater particle of which one may have distinct (relativistic) generational properties. Two such points can make a particle of two components, and while there can be single points these are not isolated in the sense that globally they as either prime or compliment are mirrored somewhere in the generational field symmetrically (as well as the nematodes eating the wood in the hull of a ship in all intelligible generational spaces mapped).

Now, since there are differences in the order and thus the mass counts of things at least in aggregates of finite quasi-isolated and even in hidden objects- we can say that the symmetry of such primes (beyond the simple idea of balanced powers and wormholes but certainly the unit shift as in TGD or my periodic notation for fives across the quasic field, driven by Kea's sensibility of expanding sources- of which the total number density or the coherence of items or primes in the field like a star field is intelligible in the totality as well the dispersion of entities in the count and the strength of the field.) This applies to the values of the gene material complexity of so designated amino acids and codons in the 8x8 field. As such the ratio of primes in such natural (even if accidental and random) order amounts to a natural increase of mass between a prime and its compliment. We in a sense count the nth say 89th prime as 400 or so in value and so on... In this sense nature is asymmetric and it intelligibly relates to the decoherence as well the idea that we can relate entropy to the same said of jumbling particles and the exchanges of energy- that is abstractly the dispersion over the quasic plane of apparent disorder.

To merely see this as a narrow 6 space problem, even as I show with this simple model, is rather long winded and overly complicated and a very small part of the intelligible truth of things. So you all can eat my harry black hole!

I note that this is also the basis for various representations of my chess game of 1963-1964. I would suppose the particles (string-like) are much like the general picture of exchanges, even the products of particle decay in the atom smashers, and with a computer may be easily computed and modeled.

Now, at least we can imagine these simple structures and move with ease and soberly between the dimensions- but I wish I could or have some one to program some of this drawing for me. Still, practice and simplifying drawings helps the theory too. We may in fact have gone too vulnerably far into using computers and not our hands.

* * * Rant Alert! (we shall see who cites whom as a measure of the importance of their work, if there is not whitewash of the record)

It is not the myths of global warming or the truths of such that the next generation may look back on and ask us why we were not smart enough to take care of ourselves and the world and the dangers we allow for others. The extremes on the right or left work, mindlessly and in bad faith knowing what they do, for the excesses to take from a reasonable compromise of liberty and push it to its legal consequences until we have no more concept of human social relations nor a world for honest enquiry.

The generations if they care to, will look back at and judge how we treated our resources of scientists and general training for useful skills in our society and nations.

I am sorry today to see Kea posting on the discrimination (whatever the case may be for some always uncertain political expectation- I am no feminist either, more in favor of merit by the private and public sectors recognizing it.) But I have lost faith in the universities and the ability to teach the next generation- and I no longer see the point in it- not that I am well past the age but even how my children are having a hard time and for what, debts, no jobs, no real global system, no deep learning? No future, right or left of expectations. Kea looks like she will not get the opportunity to contribute and like all who squeeze out the last crumbs of capital our past generations built up, they are very bad at making investments and innovations while they treat people as if only to make money on the margins up or down. They are too stupid to hire her, that or downright mean or evil.

And if anyone, state or someone in power, not truly discovering things creatively and independently, steal our work- for God's sake get it right!

* * * *

I forgot to post some side or stray observations. First, I am proud I had certain of my graph papers printed out on hand to save drawing these things- but that is a little thing really.

Second, in these dispersed but intelligible generation graphs of various multiply related but not necessarily non-linear wormhole-like tunnels, as in the case of the 2^10 generation, we find a 16 x 16 what I have called Conway like higher or super matrix that in the count is also intelligible to the involved numbers. But we must be on our guard as to when for the sake of intelligibility alone a series of numbers is just the result of trivial operations or count. For example in the claim we recover the 5's (obviously composite in general) in a previous graph I did not notice the 7x5 or 35 was skipped. But there is reason for this I associate with the initiator and terminator positions in the grid or torque.

I also made a simple graph not considering the group notations A and B for inside and outside and C to Z of the 24 letters on the surface of a cube (two hexes together as if a half cube unfolded also makes a simple way to keep direction of rotation straight) so that given the various types of order of the 4 elements on the face of such a cube we can compare or even notate a combination of 24 such operations that do not necessarily define what we expect of another member of such a group explicitly, we can then use these 24 to arrange things in the quasic grid as if we are to make an alphabet of the 24 amino acids- then to examine these nematode dynamic connections. But it is quite a short step from the trivial to the profound and all I can say for sure is that my methods and hints of them were creative.

* * * *


  1. When it is individuals, it may be stupidity. When it is a large society, it is pure evil.

  2. Kea,

    I agree, evil is a powerful word but as things stand to what greater thing will it practically apply?

    I greatly admire your choices at 15 with such dedication.

    Who knows where your ideas will stand and new ideas for anyone with more time being still young in heart- what you have yet and will achieve?

    No great explorer or innovator achieved things without such a concept of destiny.

    Getting to be winter here- I recall how you did not look forward to it there- have a good spring.

    The PeSla