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Replication and Reproduction in Gender Reciprocity

Replication and Reproduction in Gender Reciprocity
Quasic (Number) Gender Continued...

L. Edgar Otto November 23, 2011

In this informal manuscript of yesterday I use my coined term trinx from long ago and the IPA ng symbol- here I show Dolan and Kea right on in the Triality of the projective planes (akin to quasic planes)- note, that the 54 x 4 is 2x3 cubed and sometimes such simple counting shows us deeper things as well say a cube is not the most reduced model to define it but something more complicated in it- also there is indeed an analogy of quarks and of what they may be composed when singularities are involved, a sort of further sub space closer to them as not points only. And if Godel is right we can indeed go back to the past where in a spinning universe there is no preferred general absolute direction of time (a too weird idea said Einstein to be true) but perhaps not weird enough in the new superduper symmetries that after all p-adically makes a hierarchy of trialities and is the furnace of momentum ghost particles in indeterminate ghost velocities and spin phases. Ulla. And in the cauldron of ongoing creation, Owen, by number theory and 4 space the golden section is involved and stands out- at least in the real down to earth lower dimensions.

What I find most amazing is that such high quality foundational physics ideas can pale against the sea frontier of new physics as if things like twistors, holography applied to information theory, compactification, and many others like the now accepted renormalization and Pauli exclusion as asserted axiomatically. Yet not all is lost in much of the clever cognition and designing of things in these significant ideas. What is this sea especially in the quantum world some of us sink or swim in? Why are we afraid by the checky shores of Newton not to let our feet not touch the bottom and only be coyote paranoid of the vague dreams of white sharks and rip tides that we paint upon the cave of this world to define the sky and limit our dreams when we need to face the real dangers in the world?

Of course Kea understand I am in still a different symmetry space of higher dimensions and at best departed ghost particle ideas, beyond perhaps our ideas of dark matter at the foundations- For we still have to work out the lower dimensions so to be more down to earth and scientific first. My Dad once scolded me for looking at the wing of a fly in my microscope and asking about artificial blood- "We should learn about real blood first..." said he.

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Again a reply to the TGD Diary blog comments:

Thank you Owen,

I think it has to do with "psyche" more than logos or nous in that traditional triality of which Russel once saw things.

That time in Tuscany and the great and declared traditions of NeoPlatonism (as Kea pointed out before her short not on philosophic precedence to the diagrams- and have we determined if modern physics is Platonic now, I want a third way.

In the intuitions of that time, a reflection of our human psychology and perhaps our ability to count the Tarot was found with art used for the core of book covers- and yet these ways of seeing things not only fulfill our need for archetypes but have solid number relationships to higher space geometry (of which I doubt those then understood even without the projective era and the golden ratio, at least consciously.)

Yet one can go beyond the standard Tarot deck (regardless if some are scammers selling faulty divination or entertainment for the leaders and masses) This level of symmetry is simply still far from our common grasp beyond the standard although we can reduce the deck to the 4 x 13 of the suits of the seasons (it is not accident the gene code is sometimes represented by the suits of cards and we can add two more by the way.)

We kept the Joker and the four horsemen knight went to the four winds of space and time.

Is this hype and drama or trivialities wasting our light?

Or you can believe we got our wisdom from ancient aliens or something who put symbols into the heads of our engineers who had a rather advanced pigment and symbol system for thousands of years even as cave men.

Anyway, I posted today very much some answers Ulla may just about knows she wants to understand.

I am sorry if the duality of things (the Boolean logic of which Matti admires) can be seen as He and Kea opposites when I asserted a common new ground.

I am really neutral on gender issues as a principle of objectivity and axiology in science. (Ironically I have put the old idea of gender back in our numbers). See Lubos post today that starts with matters of science then rants against the women- I wonder what Conway made of him- Conway who sees 24 dimensions.

Ulla, in that we do try dialog and scold the two geniuses who some see as "crackpots" as Matti said is a common ground- we both have wanted to jump start them to share better their visions or words and shake up the physics community too to comprehend the implications of what they are doing and do it better.

Sorry, I forget the language barrier or cultural one, Ulla, the expression "you come a long way baby" is in the culture here that praises the new hopes or achievements of women. I did not call you "baby" as I have been told I am overly careful in my writing by logic professors.

You are doing fine Ulla, and are capable of great things if you want. After all, we were the generation forever young and the promises for the next generation was perhaps over estimated. And, as Kea said : It is a great time to be a young physicists.

I just find it a little annoying that more than the hysteria on the internet where 30% of people lie more- that our expensive good books grow obsolete in our hands if we have time to read them.

Matti and Kea, their best work is yet to come- if we are lucky.


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Today's two facebook statuses:

L. Edgar Otto

Happy Harvest All! Life can be a chore in the living and maybe such a gathering is busy and much more a chore... so much travel, so much memories as the cycle of seasons change and on Black Friday a woman and her three brats run me down in the toy store with their shopping cart. May our winter dreading homeless souls give thanks the well meaning feed us twice a year when love is bigger than our bellies. Even at a distance we excite each other thru the narrow windows of our eyes- I do not see some of you now, but I have not forgotten. My ghost grows a little lazy still a little lost hanging around, I but a pardoned turkey.

What a great time to follow a football team (guess if you live long enough you try most everything to like) Go Pack! But really I do not mean to rub it in again this year so I will not wear my Donald Driver to Thanksgiving for my Bears and Viking fan relatives... Undefeated! I mean, what an embarrassing amount of hexes and intuitions and solid predictions. See, I told you skeptical physicists in this universe this would happen... :-P~ How can you really reply to that?

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Short comment to

Oh, and as I recall there is evidence that long into blindness we may have visual dreams but lose the ability to recall color...

Pinker shows that we can orient things in three space in our minds (a product of our evolving seeing) as we do in two space. I think we see like nature is made so that we imagine things in 4 and more space.

I found it a lot harder to imagine a three by three by three lattice in my mind but it was worth the effort, than it was a smashed down shadow of a 4D cube into three space. I mention also the studies of synaethesia in regards to color as philosophy or science- can we imagine higher color which to color would be as color is to black and white?


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think of this metaphorically for that passing vertical to branes etc...

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