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Mirror Modular Topology Shadow Mirror and Tempered Primes 3D Arrays

Mirror Modular Topology Shadow Mirror and
Tempered Primes 3D Arrays
L. Edgar Otto November 25/26, 2011

Just two principles today- one if my interpretations are sound is very profound and the other, the 3D array just a further mapping into space of the quasic plane tempered scale. Also, practicing my guitar I found these thoughts for a song, the first notes for them with a certain chord pattern presented as a poem- it contains both ideas from these thoughts on number division and gender and relationships.

I find it interesting, in the posts of Pitkanen and Lubos and all such debate in general that uses the rhetorical notions that essentially depends on the x or alpha direction of the quasic plane as the property of even and oddness- that when these are used in the continuous or finite group physics that I assert that the great Gauss whom I briefly read as if I were writing it as a humble human experimenter with error and wonder, amazement perhaps that the influence is justified or not, that he just another bloke with an early obsession or hobby of his child trick of mirroring to rapidly add his fathers accounting numbers by mirroring- Not to say he did not learn and lead mathematics in all directions and surveying the cubits of these diamonds and pearls at the gates of heaven- That his assertion on what is fundamental in the theory of Modular numbers and quadratic reciprocity- (which is really the issues with much of the physics theorists when you do find something that truly can be said original in there work- so beware of those who shun the fundamental for the more intuitive use of the content of physics for "he who knows how will get a job, and he who knows why will be his boss."-Gauss aware of the limits of his fundamental modular theory but not the why of it when it goes beyond certain dimensions as if non-linear and at least indeterminate as a method of examining prime numbers.

But from these ideas seen with my quasic perspective (and yes Ulla just an illustration or diagram that I know will mean little for you as a means to communicate or show what I do- how do you know it is not just another rayed star I put there for the art's sake only?) has suggested to me in the apparently totally random patterns some wild ideas for a deeper ground of our notions of symmetry and for what is the generations in quasics itself. We can say at bottom there is an ultimate unpredictable chaos or just as well extend and generalize things way beyond our lower dimensional and low numbers in to the intelligible infinity of the primes.

* In the Tempered 4^3 3D prime array (which as I have insisted relates even without mirrors to an actual 8 space more than 6 space) where we do not see some symmetric pattern even among three partitions or directions of the 30 cubes in the 36 array (which is to say that these trialities, even quark like objects, can have a pattern of privilege even if shifting, and form one of the 15 deep combinations of a gender number like projection 3:5 analogous to duality 1:2 and gender 2:3 and so on...

*Given this in mind it is clear to me that global gender issues are there as well as in the particular existential cases. So we say that, in concert with duality for example, that we have a fundamental theorem of space as resonating or quadratic like and more reciprocity - a Modular Topology of these Rhetorical Shadow Dimensions.

I suspect also that the n!! and other !'s are intimately involved in this topological reciprocity. To this end we find that the idea of fractional charges or the unity of of three separate ones (quabics) especially the observed 1/3 and 2/3's result in the significant half dimensions more, 4.5 and mirror inverse, 13.5 mirror inverse (binary compliments prime fixed and non-Cantorian in enumeration) of which the doubling or halving by duality as solid yet creative empty groups have a whole new process of defining mass, energy, and dark symmetry breaking. Not just say the complex number concept nor even the p-adics as fundamental (but this might be if we adjust the formulas to the notions of the quasics.)

So when we imagine dimensions as say fundamentally the 10 or 5 as the duality case may be, and the congruence to mod 11 and all that in the basic theory- we have to arrange the mirror reciprocity and interchange the 5th and 10th dimensional powers of two. The use of these models of dimensional powers as in the string and group theory without this deeper quasic symmetry consideration remains limited and indeterminate and thus requires a vague level of axioms to ground symmetry breaking usually along such properties of numbers (and the sort of numerology of spatial models in the landscape that asserts itself as physics but it magic as well those who assert rhetorical pictures as magic may not be aware where these are solid physics.) Part of these ideas arise from the literal count of the integral values of the first 15 or so primes in the various sequences relative to the 2^n continua and the + or - ones in absolute and mirrored or parallel relationships. In a sense it as an abstract mass count but such a count, as in the general quantum idea, my have a directional toward more mass- such a directionality corresponds to the idea of what mass is in the quasic generation hierarchy sense. For example in the 3D grid which of course trivially could partition the count of some number like 15 falling anywhere in the 64 cells- we note that only 3/4ths of the planes are used. We note also that the linear count is intelligible and more or less matches the intelligibility of the point count (I have not considered the other real and abstract subcells like faces as to what patterns arise in what dimensional representation. Nor have I imagined the global splitting, here in two generations, which could organize sequences if we chose certain fractal paths in a dual partition.)

Pitkanen seems to have some interesting ideas on the cosmic rays of which I considered way back in high school 63 along with the idea of his particles as partons so described and sent to him as the substructures of the Muon as alternative to the Higgs idea perhaps and so on in my on-line book of poems- the SphereDream. But there is in this blog some references to such cosmic ray sources which are certainly not magnetic only any more than that is the last and default mechanism for the transfer of momentum in the black hole like objects. It is an odd thing when the creative theory growing can also become obsolete in our hands.

The poetic mood, shifted to song, started for me from this note and notion: "Time can only move when it has no past and future weight." As if to move an object in the debate of what Aristotle or Newton said about it is still much a debate. Thing is, the present then has a certain absolute slice or picture at some instance which in memory at least the "weight" of time is just as strong there as in the day I sat under the fig tree in the heat of summer watching the june bugs sucking stinky sap while grandma was frying mullet fish and acorns, making tea. If such weight of time is not real then what makes the snapshots different?

* * * *

Where Do We Go After the Great Divide L. Edgar Otto 11-25-11

I guess if we live long enough we try everything
but slowly grown on us, save new unrequited love

Until we find home again, Love fore-granted and expected
new and undefeated promises in the distance not grown stale

Nor tangled terror again deep into our trade, what in you orbits
falls or shies away, compliments balanced in our mirror

No dark-side to undermine us with some minor shallow
anger sign rip tide undertow, deeps and tragic end

In young lover's stupor the pulse so fact day and night
the holding back and forth our baby even forget to fight

Alone I keep mountain spring beer in the fridge
but take it or leave it, glancing a the foggy greener Blue-ridge

Razor blades left out and not forbidden as before and after our
empty nest and cave, my sharp kitten claws with out nicks as I shave

Your cloudy phone craves life;s nightlight beyond the
phases of the moon, as old love songs bore and keep you poor

As your pennies fall to heaven in the cream of your
churned butter but one countless ring-tone dream in the data stream.

* * *

I made what I hope is a helpful comment to Kea's blog (not sure of the last one also which may have been off topic or in the way.) Oddly, the password for this post was manstob man stop? hehe this systems of such passwords does come up often with some interesting coincidental anagram like near suggestions. I mentioned this could be done better in the acceptance and rejection by email so as not to interfer with her effecient ergonomic blog and perhaps I should set up the side bar list of things since apparently I have a large web presence. Also the technical points that the generational influences may exceed the dimensions of the matrix she listed and that the ten fold triangle for Plato represented music and the number 192 which is of course and analog to the rigid rotations of orthogons- here the hypercube. Oh, and that this sort of trans-generational thing is hard to see especially if the physicists do not understand what Kea posted here about the mirror cubes in the first place for that is a conceptual stepping stone. Note also that in my post today the three low sequences of primes do add up to multiples of 9 and 18 and 36 and so on in arrays. Things balance out a little better if we realize some of the count primes are off the main diagonals and quadrants- but if this reason for division into two limits further numbers of primes or of topological dimensional spaces so as to more or less divide and quantize things- I do not know what principle other than the physical mass would apply.

It is not obvious to the old physicists that one can say there are no such things as say gravinos etc- but from my side of such conceptual mirrors Kea's assertions read solid and sound- not without justification or relevance.

* * * *

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