Sunday, November 27, 2011

Nilcontinuum Nlcm Foundational Physics

Nilcontinuum Nlcm Foundational Physics November 27, 2011

The illustration is from a toy turtle with holes for the moon and stars (also included is the micro-level carpet from the bowling alley) Turtles holding the universe and turtles all the way down and all that...

Foundational Principle - Whatever the nature of the vacuum it is structured. How else even from this outside virtual space would particles arise consistently from a diffuse vacuum?

This from thoughts as I gaze into the 4^3 grid of yesterday, the linear in this representation exchanged with the circular (finite process at least) and the trialities possible of the nodes of primes as if parts of particles. All this within the "inside" of a continuum of physics where what is particle differs as if part of the field is outside- and of course the actual extension of the span to an outside. But the principle (as if to gaze into and instinctively shun absolute nothingness for in my early concepts, raw and not yet mature I had no zero or nil continuum).

I had the continuum, something like Einstein's world, our little galaxy and a balance of things at worst a shifting of things symmetrical, and all the empty space surrounding it- coming back to itself finite and boundless. Yet, we could add the idea of a Meta-continuum, of things hidden from what is the physics of the real. Also I imagined the Discontinuum, chaos, confusion, uncertainty and so on. But my system of continua grew thru the continuum to the irreversible, the transcontinuum. Eventually I reached the philosophic continua and now see on the very smallest level these continua, which in some ways work together as continua concepts sometimes do to a wide range of combinations to observe physics phenomena, the Metadiscontinuum.

But this combination carries over all the issues of the structured physicality and metaphysics. We take some view of what is hidden ultimately and what is random and disordered and generally these two concepts remain a matter of debate and emphasis throughout all levels (for they are outside the teleological where probabilistic and machine views remain part of the essential philosophy and growth of science in this triad of how we organize core philosophy issues). This comes up for example when we debate if a system of particles of some generations mix in a phase space with certain ideas of transcendental probabilities- or if these are finite integer ratios which can be reasoned out in physical structure as well- our world being quasi-finite. And either view is the intelligible case and essential to the reality.

The structured vacuum first occurred to me on the Dalnet philosophy chat in relation to what is ultimately the deep memory and its nature. (dreaming in particular is not on as deep a level but has other functions to discover- see today for this consideration of what is perhaps deeper than the neurobiology or other memory mechanisms). One could say, to be metaphysical or magical here, the soul exists in the deep vacuum as as a virtual process for physicalities once they are grounded so as to view the duality of metacontinua or meta-particles. In this sense we innately reason or reduce things to ideas such as dark fluid (matter- energy analogs) and the idea that there is a relation between them as to the creative or counting in nature.

This is a post on the leap as well the state of our vision. Asymmetrical models even as one sided are useless to ground our ideas on if not raised to some higher symmetrical context in a quasi-symmetrical universe.

In the diagram 4^3 of yesterday, in the play of our quasi-internal dialog, we can imagine trialities and mirrors set on nodes of primes of groups of two or three or it is about the other part, the field like empty spaces to make things like the three coordinates that are the quarks, thus contained within the 64 (actually 256) base space system. In the application to such space akin to the genetics we may hold initiator and terminator coordinate locations as expressions of paths and coding for the processes of leaping from the quasi-isolated space as well as the sustaining of its range of vision and being. Particles are, particles can interact.

For what it is worth I had some stray thoughts on feminist philosophy as well - to which all such philosophy or psychology is held suspect to science. But I feel this lack of balance of human gender detrimental to further progress of obtaining a general picture. The sense of innate threat to those who dismiss the gender issues (and I looked into this for I did decide there were links after all with my idea of the gender of numbers and our experience of gender- to better define such ambiguity.) is that feminism which seems not to endure as a philosophy may endure on a much more equality of humans level as a science. It cannot advance much as a matter of linguistics or just psychology or some social placebo or pablum depending just on stressed emotionality. For the sake of science at least let us look at this objectively, guys.
The feminility in us is sensitive to our hidden psychology of dark forces and development so should connect with science.

Now I regard this as a rather strange idea and make to claims for it other than it is there for consideration, dispassionately. The disambiguation of numerical (but not alpa-) gender (including the nature of mirror particles and sexes of our models of numbers getting lucky so to speak)- for example (and the author of this maxim as an old French saying may have made it as humoruos as much as axiom of collective behaviour) A man without a woman is half a man- but a woman without a man is nothing at all. Now it is a little more intelligent to realize that this can be reversed- but is this not a simple statement of absolute number signs? In any case the asymmetric difference does not mean that there is innate dominance and inequality as the virial (binary and inverse) real relations. It has to be enhanced as much as our ideas of complex roots and so on.
And secondary sexual characteristics needs not have physical counterparts to establish the general principles anymore than our mental models once established. If this is about children then we are very far away from deep treatment and finding out the causes or classifications as disease or not of our human mental experience.

But I do not know explicitly how others live or how they should - despite this is a movement toward isolation yet a reaching out at least in personal encounters into the wide span of structured virtual space of our social vacuum.

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Comment to Matti:


As I understand the issue looked at by chemists in Minnesota at the time, cold fusion is a real phenomenon which can be justified by quantum theory.

The problem has always been in such claims for energy breakthroughs is that so far we get less out than we put in. The argument usually goes that we take it from parallel universes for example. But this for now is outside of the general idea of physics- as well the evidence Orwin of what can happen in the sonoluminesence.

Knots of space as with real knots reach a point where they burst. As a general principle for me to post today- whatever the nature of the vacuum it is structured and we use the primes to show it in arbitrary models. So we have deep laws of particle decay and interaction- How else even from this outside virtual space would particles arise consistently from a diffuse vacuum?

Also, Orwin, In a sense the quadrants of Wilbur are a contained space which all such spaces appear scientific despite the coloration and analysis of how they apply to limit and integrate the totality.

The PeSla

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  1. Like this?

    The problem when looking at these models are to find out what he has left out.

  2. Ulla,

    That looks like a pretty good critique and I agree with your statement. Let us recall he became part of the Buddhist tradition- so the question is also what that tradition has left out or not discovered yet in its various contradictions.

    My roommate, Bonpa, is a Buddhist so we have access to those charts and books mentioned in the article. I found some of his philosophy most interesting (of which in the charts I see the problem of what we include and interpret as much as the space structure left out. I do not see Wilbur as a post-modernist but outside the fray and cultural debate. For example he shows where science and sociology, having the same reductionist aims could have worked together and not be at odds.

    I would be interested on what you think of his system- note also he is an outsider who dared to think about such things. The Buddhist have their counterpart of Plato but even there several schools have radically different positions. We are in the integral system part of the tradition of color coding our states of achievements.

    The PeSla