Wednesday, November 2, 2011

PeSla on the Quasic Plane (State of the Vision)

PeSla on the Quasic Plane (State of the Vision)L. Edgar Otto November 2, 2011

I seem to have had a creative spurt looking closer at the third physics of the quasic plane so I post it mostly by photos. In many ways this vision, while difficult in the various abstractions, is a breath of fresh air and easily explored place with many new virgin lands to explore- now that more of it comes together as symbols in my mind. I mean, physics as we know it now in many forms compared to quasics seems so confined and on shaky grounds of what structure and space are.

Part of it is the dynamics, part the deep mathematical connections, part the accepting of foundations different from expected beliefs (hopefully no excluded paths will be forgotten where they may still apply). In that it is dynamic I compare it to the Fundamental Theory of Eddington with his take on the value, including the adjustments, of the fine structure constant as a fixed system, Uranoid in his quantum relativity of 1929. There are quasic reasons for the shifting of the units involved (of which an enterprising number theorist may put into the usual terms if they have the interest and time, and I have not led anyone astray). So the posts today end with the realization, as with the 7 and 9 = 16 in the four space, that the 6D and 8D quasic generations continue the order and initiator source as in the gene code. But if at 4 or 5 generations we only get to the electron fine structure constant what generalization may be at hand in still higher dimensions? I mean 40 protons seems a good unit (for some subatomic entities)- but can we in a sense go beyond the periodic table that would involve 120 and 136 to some very strange atoms of discrete matter?

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Note to Pitkanen:


In some sense I think in an infinite view of the universe protons would be immortal too- and I approve your explanation (as you said no observation to date) as one way. If these do decay at the end and beginning of some finite time (unlikely in my framework) it would be beyond the physical universe(s) and more physics than we now dream.

I post here today because you interest in primes and thinking about questions I asked you and all we have in common for some things like the powers of 2, I posted today (state of the vision) some interesting plots of primes and their compliments (to 257 anyway) of which you may find of interest or see what I do not there.

The PeSla

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I did not include the last note in any of the illustrated pages. But it is clear that in a general space structure with relative non-conservation of parity that in condensed shadows of organic systems we can have planes that slice thru the structures as if real or mirrors or not as dynamic active sources for directionality.
In a sense this btw does make the anthropic condition a minor point where the universe is intelligibly structured. Clown noses, red dwarf hats- perhaps as that is about what I am seeing of the particle zoo for now. So I pinned a note to the resonances blog:

and I quote this relevant remark:

"The situation remains so dramatic that there are 2 only solutions that are technically correct

1. The anthropic principle: the cosmological constant is an environmental quantity that takes different values in different patches of the universe, however more-or-less intelligent observers can see only those tiny patches where it is unnaturally small.
2. The misanthropic principle: the cosmological constant is being adjusted manually by seven dwarfs wearing red hats who are invisible."

which cited this interesting paper:

ThePeSla said...

I have speculations today from a third physics perspective that in some ways suggests things remotely similar to Oldershaw's link- for it concerns the nature of the vacuum and of the confusion of matters, and the fine structure constant(s).

I would not promote this as I am not making my blog widely circulated but just perhaps the answers we are looking for (for our era of physics) are or will be here in your lifetime. :-)

The PeSla

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Later This Day: This reminds me to not simply think of matter as being grounded in a particular isolated dimension, but multi-dimensional effects and the higher generations of the quasic grid... yet the intelligibility of the numbers did surprise me. What might be the n-generational limit to the torque phase angle from the initiator and terminator hyper codons? Anyway, comments invite those who promote fringe theories (for their own sake or for the desire to inform the world). Who knows, so far no one has called my ideas fringe- that is as close as I have come I think- that is not to debate the actual theory. Well, it does not matter either if we still believe or not in the invisible dwarf particle zoo alternative Jester mentioned or not- some are comfortable there I think, and after all lord of the rings is a fun fantasy- only the sane can produce such a movie in a sober land.

I should probably look at this from other binary codes, such as the binary decimals. Should I expect a difference in the coordinate directions of readings?

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A sweet link here, number-wise and the doubled connectivity and so on if viewed over evolving brain development- it seems to relate, anyway my friend Ed is going south for the winter as he has trouble staying up without enough light and some problems with a stroke once in the brain stem and memory- I inform him of any breaking news.

Experiment remains one of the key elements of sane science- even if we use it to support a hardly adequate theory- if matter is made of space in knots then how hard is it really to imagine memory outside what we think of the physical- and yes, to have existed, and to have physical access this side of a possible heaven or a more balanced world (indeed, the flatland worlds are viable- was that a theory the commenter on Jester's blog thought crazy- well, it was sound just not deep enough is all- the price we pay for leaning a dead language.

I may take a vacation from the blog awhile. Will be back if I can reach a higher level.

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  1. Ulla,

    He was on a comment to Jester's blog, and there was some rather soul searching philosophy of science and facts that covered some topics I was considering and Oldershaw's link was most interesting as in the post mentioned above.

    I note also his concern with "On the other hand, the sum of very similar diagrams with graviton coupled to matter loops in vacuum must be nearly zero, otherwise the approximate Minkowski vacuum in which we live in would be destabilized." which relates to TGD I imagine.

    Heck since I am here I may as well add another pretty picture in a still higher generation of prime patterns- unto 2^10.

    The PeSla

    Thanks for making the autos there as no one will do it here. Will Finland join Scotland in rationing the alcohol consumption. I see on the news even small amounts increases the incident of breast cancer from a long study?