Friday, November 18, 2011

Creative Path-Singularities, Health, and Anti-QM

Creative Path-Singularities, Health, and Anti-QM L. Edgar Otto November 18, 2011

Lubos has a fine critique on this paper today. Well, Lubos, it is clear that some of the maths in this paper and the concepts of numbers are very much like those used by some of our theoretician bloggers at the frontier of the new physics.

Forever Tycho Brae - by the way Astronomy Picture of the Day has a very nice photo of the topology of the far side of the moon (Was it there when Einstein was not looking?)

Now, I have not abandoned the quantum mechanics by any of the interpretations- after all it has been a long time since new physics and it was that (however some say the next thing to come up was string theory- and yes, I have not quite abandoned that either as a steppingstone.) Why would Lubos not support something that strengthens quantum and string methods?

OK, so we have someone with a feminine sounding name but you say it is a he- did you mean Pusey? Look, I know on a higher level you understand a deeper statistics (I call OM) and have an eye out for interesting new discoveries. So I see your qualms and confusion here without our experiments accessible in practice and here suggested in physical principle (hey we could try it).

It is propaganda and bad logic to win and argument by belittling ones opponent and not about the issue at all, is it not? In any case if this theory is a "crackpot" theory as you suggest then the joke is on the authors because as you can read on this blog the story is here long ago and not limited to the quantum bra ket formalism. Evidently these established geniuses have stolen my crackpot theory :-)

To that end I was posting today a more creative philosophic post on miracles inspired by those who try to define it by analogy to science, and the scientists who try to reinforce their positions by implied mystical models of which all of this may be in the minds of the rabble. On one side I give the wellness issue and such dynamic source functions (bra kets?) and on the other side I present a rather quantum like idea of Creative Path-Singularities in a center of the four forces quasic field.

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