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Goethe's Rainbow

Goethe's Rainbow L. Edgar Otto November 13, 2011

I did not have a lot to post today if anything, a sort of evening off from any deep thoughts or conflicts with anyone. It occurred to me to modify the rainbow flag now used and copyrighted by the gays which as I said I designed a decade before in that pattern. It is of course the rainbow or spectrum. So now as one of my personal flags I from time to time try to modify it that it does not conflict with other rainbow flags in the world. Adding cyan and magenta. All the tempered spectrum of diatonic scales in candle making. But in candle making there are two sequences if we fill a candle with bi-colored chips... Here I give you the sequence FEM my color code for orange and yellow, red and violet, green and blue. The effect like in the candles is to have brighter arrangement using the same six colors. In fact the use of the other 12 combination's can make for some rather dark and gray mixtures of the light thru the wax. But this judgment is after all an artistic one as in Goethe rather than Newtons color ideas. I should find Goethe's proportions of say a smaller amount of violet balances (stripe width) a greater amount of yellow than does the almost equal ratio or different ratios of the other primary colors. So in simplicity we can sometimes find a different beauty.

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I did have a couple of stray thoughts jotted down in some margin that are the afterglow of ideas on number theory.

First, I do not think it is just me that is missing some idea to which I can better understand Pitkanen's number theories (in relation to my own at least.) Yet, after all this time I have to wonder if he is not making the theory clear so it will be easily dismissed or to time consuming for the establishment to bother with no matter how deep the breakthrough. But this may be a matter of these difficult and unprovable things in such number theories itself- a vague if more advanced picture at best. For Kea's I feel it is a failure of understanding when it is very obvious to see, by others (see my philosophical post yesterday). Not that we are not all capable provided science has no bias or hidden agendas.

Second, I have this idea, if the Mersenne primes are limited in the first few- although it cannot be realized in the low dimensions or known if such number theory questions can be proven or not- does it matter anyway if there is no real space or time or totality to which these ideas may apply. This I call the Mersenne barrier and it is rather irregular below 4 dimensions. I mean 107 and 89 apply to Pitkanen and these in the Fibonacci numbers do seem to imply F100 and F200 factorization into at least 16 dimensional space. (we reach an impasse here where one might as in the blog below where Profchuck speculates on naked higgs or where Leo in the Blogs see these as creative black hole like objects or where I see the gene initiator codon coordinates). This barrier is very much like the idea of quarks confined in a bag (an improvement on the water drop model) of asymptotic freedom.

Now, in any of these theories treating the abstract concepts of number we have to ask ourselves- given a pattern intelligible if a little random inside the barrier- that in the dark mirrors (that is the compliments on either side of the main diagonal which turn out to be the intergers a lot of people use... 19, 14, 18, 9 etc.) well the count seems to balance out. Toward the top of the main diagonal in the quasic plane theories like Pitkanen's strive to compress things and those like Kea's tries to expand things from some perspective.

Recall that the Big Bang singularity is but one of existing realities and views in a unified cosmos. The question really of what is the Continuous and what the Discrete, DA in my terms now, Digital-Analog. Inside the barrier to these prime or arbitrary numbers the surface is really more like the ambiance of sound and color that contains the objects in a quasi-finite space.

So, I asked this question. From the continuous view, the Lie groups, in quasic space of compliments, is there some structure for them - certainly Pitkanen's is more a continuous and even quantum approach in the use of such groups- as is string theory which is naked and neutral in some of what it can answer. When I apply this question to the main diagonal and quasic plane, a sort of inverse of Pitkanen's numbers, the answers are not reduced in the divisions by two, rather they come out as perfect quartering of the plane- thus the sum of the compliments may equal say 256 in ten space- which of course does not seem to give us the reduction toward the singularity that would at some initial point begin the substance of the world.

The minimum quantization is paradoxically zero. As in models of the universe that see things as an expanded singularity and uniform analogs to sphere vectors. From one side of these many ideas of mirror and flux- when we ask about the primes in the Fibonacci order the question so far or seems out of reach. Yet in the factoring of such numbers it is clear to me that other than the way some envision six space and all that what Pitkanen dwells in as his vision which has not been decisively communicated, would be of course those group ideas around 240 or some multiple which is the 8 space and the generalization of the 248 idea of maximum symmetry in the monster group.

We just have too many cultural differences and are too gullible in the masses to truly understand a theory that we can actually or in principle partly see. Yet from my view (and all goes back to Fermat really in the quasic quadratures and projections and Gauss's mods and quadratic reciprocity) Both of these theories when they involve (continuous numbers) are too restricted, conservative for the new physics and its barriers. As perhaps is mine- that or our universe or its description.

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L. Edgar Otto
Wow, got more minutes on the trac phone. I got a call, 4 mins. of the wrong number somewhere in Milwaukee. My policy was that one can walk a path with me but please don't interfere with my work. (or life if some meant what they said and are not hiding things from themselves- it works both ways for our destinies.) If I want to hide away from the social world and relish a little solitude- it is not that I am depressed or some such drug hungry nonsense. Well, now you all can keep trac of me- and in a way it is like I am invisible or hiding in plane sight. Get your own lives, guys.

L. Edgar Otto Plain sight- too much geometry lately and running out of it. I also bear no ill feelings for anyone.


Fernando Loup says:
November 13, 2011 at 3:12 pm

quoting ProfChuck
ProfChuck says:
November 8, 2011 at 7:51 pm
I just finished re reading the OPERA report. I am convinced that they have done everything possible to eliminate timing and distance measurement error. If this experiment can be repeated and independently verified It sure looks like new physics.

i agree at 100% 1000% a Googol % a GoogolPlex %

anyone that reads the OPERA report with “eyes to read” will agree with you…or with me
it will be new physics for real

fortunately the years when i studied the mathematics of General Relativity and Warp Drive prepared myself for this

although i am not a devoted religious man i am Catholic and i had a Religious Education…..a rigorous Religious Education

many times i spoke to God “Please God give me a clue that Superluminal Velocities and Warp Drives can exist really in Nature and this is something beyond the mathematical tricks……..come on Lord is all that i asks”

OPERA is the answer from my prayers

* * *


Many physicists think their work was to the glory of God. This is a rather traditional stance- and some work against this.

Ramanujan said he got his inspiration from the local village goddess, one of ten thousand or so- and few have argued with his work and still some have not understood it. Today, some of his pure thoughts have turned out to have practical applications.

Now, when I was in my early teens and more naive I reasoned if God made the world I could pray and ask Him how it was made- It led to a series of dreams in an alpha state in which I imagined things like quarks and quasars before they were a part of things, and what happens having studied relativity and such, the lightning in the background as I read of time and lightning, As to what happens if I crash into a nucleus.

Thing is, sen~or, I was given a different answer... Could God make an atom smasher without the help of those that built and used it? Or without a Lawrence?

If there is a Heaven, I am sure they have no need for a theoretical physicist.

ate logo, the PeSla

* * * *

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