Tuesday, November 8, 2011

The Creative Mind

The Creative Mind L. Edgar Otto November 8, 2011

In the landscape of my soul I have longings. I can see everything and measure in cubits its expanse of space and time. Yet I can only find hints and clues of who Sleepy was, his own soul. His similarities and parallels in our life experience.

Somehow the paradox makes sense, as much as the world makes sense each morning, endures, holds together; or that absurdity that through storms my ship of soul survived. That as if more than me, the world and others, will remain after my flesh and dreams have turned to dust.

Where does a poem for another and not the local but universal color, the landscape expertly explored of oneself and only that in the final sum, and not about some other soul at all, but superficially, even so the proofs of delusion?

The true poet, true philosopher, scientists mad and sane, write beyond the longings seen only in reflection on the inevitable tragic loss of love; beyond the fabric of the cosmos, to then strive with open eyes and exquisite sensitivity of touch and ears as if in that state of new and first love, to write about and sometimes find what cannot be seen. Through the portals to an another heart, the creative mind writes beyond even the prison of our dreams.

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Interesting- I wonder if there are new properties to which such organic structures may be sensitive to such as how space may be tied up into knots- or after we see such knots as simple it just is like moving meaningless objects around some room and never actually cleaning it up. I meant to post this earlier as it was relevant. I wonder if they had to take that reverse step I did in making a stick figure pentagram.

Kea has some interesting philosophy, Bruno- in a way that I learned something historically I did not know. I understand that he also had a certain position on what are three and four things and of one many- a way to see the world I called quabic in the past- But we cannot just say that what is so described and that over the landscape of our comprehension is complete and not the beginning of further great dimensional symmetries.

I have managed to cut my visits in half to same money to the coffee shop. It was so boring. Maybe tomorrow I will try to play after all. But I wrote this piece on poetry and it gave me an excuse to walk out for the night before predicted winter weather. The above writing relates to the first idea of science fiction- Kings Knight...- time wise for a future theme. LoversOfWisdom@yahoo.com


A little bit of synchronicity here by this very good astronomer blogger.

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I saw another episode of Big Bang involving the 3 player chess- a metaphor of course, but in the three to four-ness problem (I long ago had a logical one and only new pieces were needed in the higher dimensions) the range of pieces like the new particle zoo got way out of hand and complicated... an interesting parallel there.

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