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Quabics - The Five-fold Periodic Godhead Pattern

Quabics - The Five-fold Periodic Godhead Pattern

L. Edgar Otto November 9, 2011

The symbol for this I use the candle with five flames- or the creature that accompanies Olney (the fifth of the godhead, SphereDream) on his journey along the endless beach coming time and time again to the great city of Far Rock-a-bye. It is an extension of the idea of the Trinity. Eventually, in my lost poems of the first decade of this century, the godhead differentiated into 8 persons. I should post what Olney poems are left. But this is not the end of the companion idea to quasic, the patterns of physics and higher dimensional symmetry. I note Kea has understood this idea that there is more to the philosophy than meets the eye of the materialist mind but without appeal to what seems mysticism to some, thoughts even the formal scientific minds pondered although that part of their work not emphasized. This perhaps explains why from my long view this does relate to the current ideas about M theory and supersymmetry and so on.

The idea of Trinity, that which has cause so much conflict in the world, is a Triality innate to our consciousness and the structures of physical objects. This does not mean that we are saying from a religious stance that - the argument by the Moslem's for example- this doctrine amounts to Christians being polytheists. This could be and certainly is in some cases, explicitly, like in Mormon duality or in the idea of return to but one and only one God as in the Jehovah's Witnesses. But this idea is not here discussed as a religious issue or concept- I will say that if one is not raised in this tradition it is hard to go beyond the closure of what we experience as three in the one space and it may have little to do with whatever is a spiritual base in Christianity. The creative mind has to grow thru the stages of understanding as surely as these structures stereonomically unfold in the reality of the universe if not some higher realm also.

There is the need felt to compress or compact things back from the five fold worlds into the four fold. It is this looping idea I see as not useful for a total theory. It is a rather complicated denial as surely as the application of number for God as nothing or one or three and so on. Many still have no conception of the quaternity that makes the fourth dimension (as a science not just philosophic ideas of time that is also a way to narrow our vision).

Consider my graphs of primes in the quasic field. We note also the reading of the binary system (let us mention the Chinese this day have both the traditions of the I ching and its binary system and the ten wings- their symbolic use of 5, as in the current flag of 5 stars. I noted there is a fractal sieve that exists in the plane, a cycle of the division of the field into fives. I propose today, with nature herself often confused and with the useful right to change her mind, that is mutations when things get locally too complex or become stressed, that:

If we only examine the odd numbers in the quasic field and find the fives, no prime other than 5 part of the patterns, and divide it into 8n rather than 4n areas as if the octonians dynamically can all apply to complex number fields, in each set of the 8 we also find one of the 5 periodic patterns repeating across the field as if we have a lattice of 5 dimensional orthogons. In the physical world where today our dimensions are so separated we should as if not separated how do these distinct five fold patterns interact with each other.

Today, in Mississippi, I hear the laws were voted down making it the stance that live of an individual begins at conception. Even if I was a strong pro-lifer I would have to vote this proposed law down. There is evidence in embryology that beyond 32 cells in mammals we can clone 32 twins. But to remove one cell from more than that makes the embryo die- it has become a promising individual. So life as individuality of human tissue begins a little later than conception. This would not preclude birth control at some level and certainly not make it an issue of murder for the obvious human tissue. I suppose if we did think of this as murder we should logically extend it to any cell that can be be cloned. Neither the science nor the morals involved, and certainly not the laws of the land make clear cases here. But it cannot just be 2^5 and 5 the interpretation as 5 the dimension. We do need some further physics of supersymmetry, and beyond that it all in a life like system that combines dynamic things quabically and quasically- the unity of our soul as well as the physics.

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At the TGD blog today I added a comment:

Matti and Eugene,

So, for a theory to get some attention there has to be dramatic experimental new results? Just what does it mean to be on the internet with its inadequacies anyway- I mean in a world where the usual views of causality and relativity can be much more complicated, well, the relative velocity of such neutrinos is also a deeper relativistic effect?

We are too hung up on the old traditions of and formalisms of imagines spaces and mathematics- at least the string theories made a breakthrough despite the questions of tachyons and so on. I wonder just how deep these focused issues are.

Maybe, those who made predictions (apparently as a measure of the soundness of a theory) also are in a sort of relative time that in a sense draws reasonable spaces and velocities outside their comfortable Hilbert spaces and Poincare universes (dark fluid or dark flow no?) which come back with ideas like where the energy of things is not directly involved.

So somewhere at a certain weird distance from the interaction, from my hyper reference frame I made the prediction of such particle reactions at a distance before the new neutrino evidence and yes it does not ultimately demolish the relativity's.

One day perhaps the personalities in the web cannot be disguised or hidden where things like the physics are real. In that sense the theories are living philosophies not lagged in the halls of secrecy and rationed lags publications. The truths will be known and some for centuries even if no one has heard them- and they will pop up again like the violets in the field story and the non-euclidean geometers.

One defect I feel is the thinking we can solve this with only the two neutrino flavors and find a solid picture of what is happening- in that sense no one should be describing three space as the "real world" as in the pdf paper above. We have to begin by knowing the nature of flavors and generations and the reasons for such oscillations in the first place.

Worry over the loss of important ideas will not be healed by the publishing in the internet to show the world a deep hoax or scandal or any political conspiracy. Yes these are real enough sometimes. One cannot get revenge when the object of that revenge is no longer with us- but one can feel the worth of his own and our shared discoveries- and uniquely so. That said, our universities have lost their way and do no better.

The PeSla

* * *

I should have added that all this really amounts to is the discovery that there is a new physics of super symmetry (not necessarily in the expected formulation but near it)- and that discovery should be explained and recognized as a great achievement of our science and technology. Of the unlikely chain of choosing the right answers some (such as Kea) have chosen the clear path among the choices- if indeed we simply want to use the old terms. Why is three space so difficult to see even when the higher spaces seem all the more simpler? This was a surprise to me I understand it as that to many others.

PS I did not mean to post- but there is a moral question is there not if some new wrinkle on an idea should happen should it get noted somewhere for the sharing? Other things have occurred I must attend to so I guess the pattern is that I cannot predict if I shall be moved to write again here and now, or not. I have always felt that in a good bull session or deep discussion that the conversation eventually reaches a point of entropy. I would hope that as we all stand naked eventually in cyberspace that my character shows true and there is not much to hold against me.

Stray reply on facebook today:

Arian Otto
Those to whom no distant horizons beckon… for whom no challenges remain… though they have inherited a Universe… they possess only empty sand!

Paul Forster deep thoughts by Silver Surfer
14 hours ago ·

Douglas Warns Kinda sucks when you get to that point in your life
13 hours ago ·
L. Edgar Otto That is why God made the Sand Reckoner' s
3 hours ago ·

L. Edgar Otto After the point of boredom at silver and a life of struggle and fission we find unity again with fusion, the sand empty and new endless worlds we face again and transcend a thousand times. We inherit a multiverse as wide as we all uniquely are who want to see.

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