Friday, November 4, 2011

The Physics of Events and Coincidence

The shifting of the burden of proof in things like tenants rights or the castle doctrine that the judge presumes one can shoot a burglar for the self defense- that the lawyers will not defend some cases so the tide turns away from the rights of the poor more toward police powers- In Wisconsin the pendulum swings considerably right, and it is a bad time for those of us in the center. If politics is not a science how can science define itself as if the art of politics?

How can we vote with our feet if there are no new frontiers?

So, here in the sand-hills and drift-less (no glacier) area in the south of Wisconsin there are mounds, effigies built the indians of that day- in a place where the deer, 80% of their protein requirement (see WPR, search historical society) were so plentiful that it was as if they were domestic livestock.

The images, usually one could not see them from the ground, where the spirit animals of ancestors that guided the tribe. These animal symbols were cut out with deer antlers and some simple adzes that broke often.

Now the idea in general is that in the excavation and research Correlation is not Necessarily Explanation We know from Stonehenge that people were buried there- but like the pyramids (rising but deep into the idea of stacked compression to the ground and oriented to the stars) and the mounds- that long after the original meanings our holy ground and sacred places were not for the burial- but people wanted to be buried there as surely as the West allows graves around the first churches. The copper tool indians did make mounds for the purposes of burials before these effigy peoples and wild rice tribes.

OK, I post a photo of the subject topic here and type something else. What I type now follows, and synchronously corresponds to others in the topic in our blogging sphere. I may have inspired it, or maybe the times. Or it is just a coincidence.

Let us not forget one possibility is one or all of us are out of our minds. But can we say that the ancient man, less technically advance than we, were crazy? Did the wave of aborigines with there Stonehenge bury their dead near their Stonehenge and without the Neanderthal bloodlines did they bury them facing the poles strewn with flowers?

You may make the connection to the distribution of primes paper of yesterdays post and in the illustration above we have half the values of numbers as binary zeros- in a sense this is the spirit to which the primitive man understands the departed spirit into a place or space of mystery and yet a certain unity is there to which he desires that the dead can come to life again only with great effort and only as called and contained in some local region, that they too may transcend this mortal world of but a single substance to the poles and stars, the unity in loss that in our hearts, sane or fanciful, there is a coherence and stability if not purpose that we endure, perhaps become immortal.

But this correlation of course does not deeply explain necessarily why we have these understandings in our head. Perhaps the primes that one might imagine globally of a different and foreign order is the same question of universal laws or not- and the answer on a deeper level like why is the universe here rather than not- why that ordering- if indeed it is a good question. Yet in any case for millenia the human brain can speculate on this much as to the state of his being. Our era looks into its own naval of psychology and our simple universe returns to somewhere between the vortexes of Descartes and the regions different in form of reincarnations of the Buddhist view on that of the Hindu- or in the West the musings of Poe.



This sort of claim is hardly recent. For one thing my recent posts do discuss the fine structure constant and other issues that now seems your area of interest.

For another thing it is a general axiom of Einsteins. Can gravity vary itself over time or across the universe? I recall that question in the sci mags of 1960. Is there some sort of pressure underneath things that explains it all as the one commenter pointed out about Weyl?

But is seems to me, as in Lubos last two posts, this is all about our concepts of probability. Perhaps the misapplication of them in social or political matters really. I shall post on that today (The Physics of Events and Coincidence) which came from my mapping the primes in different regions of space in a quasic framework. Sorry if that sort of arithmetic did not match up to t your interest and help.

7000 years from now they two might look back and wonder if our great edifices of mountains were just burial grounds in the hope of some space flight, or just holy ground where we feel the old ancestor spirits come back to life- (to reverse that null hypothesis Lubos before Biblical time.)

The PeSla



  1. Coherence and stability without purpose... I think that could do with a lot more emphasis these days.

  2. Hi Poet,

    You're ahead of me. I had to look more into this paradox- got a few things, but did not think them coherent, with purpose, or stable.

    Right, Left, Center, or with absolute purpose or pointlessness for the meaning of life. Four quadrants. See the next post on these high speculations of which I thought I should sit on awhile or conceal as if a peek into such realms is uncertain, unstable, and of a disturbance to each of our continuum evolving a fragile purpose.

    And the conclusion that there is no end to the theories nor they can be compared and measured, nor the experiments... I almost concealed the thoughts as a little crazy even for me.

    But I understand what you said, thanks for that insight. Yet, as all may be quasi-predictable and he depth of the creative mind measureless, is not the poetry in it all our self fulfilling prophesy and a higher purpose?

    If literature is time travel, the poet is quite outside the clockwork, and the vapors of time.

    The PeSla