Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Zed Point Intuitions and Number Line Heirarchies

Zed Point Intuitions and Number Line Heirarchies L. Edgar Otto November 22, 2011

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On Matti's blog again:

Ulla, Ulla,

I do not understand what you have against Pythagoras (and for that matter Kea's take on things).

She mentions him today as well points out the prime 19, of which you can find that in my postings and of which Matti finds useful.

p-adics does seem, if we limit things to membranes of 2D, to utilize e^x values as a negative (therefore reduced attractive force).

Matrices tell us of physical stability and concrete matter. You can find Lubos post today on the quantum view but it reads a little dated to me.

We all can play God for we have the attribute of creativity- if God creates is that not the final conservation law, the last such one in question not broken and patched up ad hoc like the idea of mass?

Monopoles are obvious and ground the idea of a point electron.

If you want a very good picture and honest comments on the standard picture and its problems and first relations to genetics I refer again to you Peter Rowlands and his book Zero to Infinity.

Consider the configuration space idea for these 1D (usually continuous values are such).

Does p-adics not exclude a certain ideal point from the plane?

Pythagoras is a sort of ground or zero point flat space (but curvature is relative in such natural motions we imagine) and as Riemann said it approaches Euclidean there (not as Lubos says for a deeper probability system is a step or two beyond the quantum world- or the p-adic world where we do discuss absolute values and these points that are singularities that can jump between them. What is relativity but a millennium of a little further modification of Pythagoras- and mystical or not it does seem to relate to current ideas on symmetry breaking?

Some meaningless questions like the division of zero cautions and dynamics are really rather meaning-free.

A string has no dimension or is a very thing 1D yes? Is zero positive or negative on the line that divides a plane by the y axis.

128 or 2^7 is everywhere and Kea refers to an old paper by Professor Dolan that treats a triality of these.

Does the strange distances in p-adic space result in the same proximity as in utterly complex space?

The >c neutrino results will be verified but not so much and anomaly in some hierarchy when they realize they have indeed found a form of super symmetry and new physics and that the exciting achievement over the last century.

The limits of physics conspires to adjust our vision and experiments but science should be the bringing out of knowledge not the detailed attempt to reduce it to uselessness or pseudo-science and pseudo-philosophy.

No one uses Kea's advancing work because they simply do not get it.

I post today zed point rather than zero point ideas but it is very hard to read or see even. But I assure you it is on the sea frontier of all real and deep waters.

The knitted cosy keeps the heat in a bit both for the tea and the real emperor(ess) of the day the Emperor Penguins down under and caught up in this spill of lust for oil and other wasteful energy sources.

Since I have been blogging I must say - you and I - "We have come a long way, baby."

The PeSla

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