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Quasi-Actual Vacuum Physics

Quasi-Actual Vacuum Physics
L. Edgar Otto November 5, 2011

Please see my comment from the last post from the poet Dave King: I replied debating in my mind just how far and how much it is worth to continue such growing complex views of space (and yet it is daunting to figure out just where say the idea of ten or so dimensions relate to all this- and idea I may not understand in the way some mention it, 16 would give me 2 billion cells to deal with). That said, thinking about these things on the way to the coffee shop this fall morning I did seem to have some worthy ideas more along the lines of philosophy of science of which I am not embarrassed so as to conceal as too far over the speculation line, nor that they should be as the world not ready- not to make that judgment but some ideas can evoke fear in us as if a weapon- and as a weapon the control of communications and secrecy is the name of of the game- ultimately a pointless game from an objective philosophical stance as to what is certain in the objective or subjective worlds that stand as laws.

Dave King said...

Coherence and stability without purpose... I think that could do with a lot more emphasis these days.

The Pe Sla said...

Hi Poet,

You're ahead of me. I had to look more into this paradox- got a few things, but did not think them coherent, with purpose, or stable.

Right, Left, Center, or with absolute purpose or pointlessness for the meaning of life. Four quadrants. See the next post on these high speculations of which I thought I should sit on awhile or conceal as if a peek into such realms is uncertain, unstable, and of a disturbance to each of our continuum evolving a fragile purpose.

And the conclusion that there is no end to the theories nor they can be compared and measured, nor the experiments... I almost concealed the thoughts as a little crazy even for me.

But I understand what you said, thanks for that insight. Yet, as all may be quasi-predictable and he depth of the creative mind measureless, is not the poetry in it all our self fulfilling prophesy and a higher purpose?

If literature is time travel, the poet is quite outside the clockwork, and the vapors of time.

The PeSla

* * * * *

I connected the prime dots on the 2^10 grid and it looks way too random and jagged despite some overall patterns due to the quasic arrangement of the numbers in cells.

I note that along the main diagonal we can ask what is the closest prime to the center or end of some generation level of quasic expanding space (in my notes the wording and symbols are way too encoded and condensed as to be barely readable even to myself- and I imagine the translation would not be much better.

So, fill in the blanks, or expand through them... I mention then, 2 769 1023 and 4093 and so on without making more than the hint of conjectures that cannot quite be proven by say mathematical induction. It is here also I suspect I cannot see into the wide depths of how these ideas may exist in the literature as complicated as this already- or perhaps just how far TGD of Pitkanen may be as complex as this. That too goes for the ideas of Leo Vyuk and Frio in creative object spaces (black hole like entities). But in general the question goes a little deeper philosophically:

*We cannot decided how significant a particular theory is so as to compare them.

*In the sense experiment is shown quasi-predictible. so to pure theory likewise- yet together these seem to find a better center or focus- the art & spirituality and the science & philosophy.

*If this abstract difference can be real and relevant at all, where free will and determinism, either as totally and globally consistent, is thus not necessarily an acid test of philosophy or science should these concepts apply ultimately at all.

*Over the entropy or density, the prime diagonal distribution generationally, the universe exists between the initial and final states infinitely odds against being at all- so what remains actual here is but structural and arithmetical intelligiblity.

*For the smaller the quasic generation and dimensions where information is not irreducibly lost nor comes up against a wall or point of minimum representation, the less improbably things are or seem physical over the initial and end terms as a source tachynonic ordering in orderings.

*(Perhaps, it is not the ten natural dimensions, Euclidean or not, that we have to distinguish here but the 5 generations in a 2 x 5 (thus rapid and most efficient of encoding computation wise at least for music) binary dimensions of quasic powers.)

*From he general expansion or acceleration along the main diagonal of the quasic plane I have held an omega end as a singularity or the unit cell beginning of a singularity (or singularity complex) and in the center of a generational plane I held a third type of singularity or singularity complex ( a focus also time centered and reference zone for a creative object ). These later considerations lead me to imagine a series of such centers (and hardly linear even if stretch out like the gluons- a name we are stuck with so I call these glueguns after the raygun principle and gluons, and yes Martha Stewart.) Are there gluinos any more than szigs and szags on the fundamental level of particles such as Penrose says we may as well acknowledge? It is the same old way to debate the nature of higher symmetries.

*If we have the glueguns as part of the physical reality, roughly shadows of singularities which respond intelligibly to energy and mass but more exponentially than linearly- here also the division of the main diagonal given we can reach some endpoints involves the 3 + 1 of the 4D formalism (does that not sound familiar in the vague hints of such things in many of the writings of others?)

*Also the shift on a small level where a prime is near the 2^N + or - 1, how hard is this to be proven - The abstract ideas as in Pitkanen may meet resistance by the fact he does not present enough to make the case for his framework convincing- and of course there are two sides, conservative and liberal of how we view science or philosophy to which one side or the other sees nothing or something less than solidly sensible. At least the politicos in the field have a core ideology, if indeed it is a virtue to commit to something in our necessary negative moments of intelligent growth.

*I wonder in the promiscuous star paths in a cluster if in principle we can observe that for every star in such "non-linear" path encounters there is a shadow star or companions star that echoes its quasi-predictable motion- perhaps something like a black hole or some naked vacuum of space or node seen only as in the gravitational field.

But let me get back to the rather randomly jagged coordinates and paths connecting the dots of primes in the quasic field.

Where exactly do we say that a tree or for that matter a human is an individual? How can two cells that have any structure different at all differentiate? How can we actually distinguish electrons or monopoles from each other if in fact there are ways that suggest these the same.

*Given wide enough quasic generations these can be sub-generations where the culled (as if the evolving of the brain by culling the nerve connections to gain strategy in the adapting to the world by thought- or that the Brownian motion that impinge upon the bacterium are quasi-random actually for the physics too obey the quasi-chiral bias built into the path patterns of the bacteria.) That the pattern is the determining thing in evolution and mutation and natural selection just as much as when in a sub-generation the individuals are said to be differentiated individual and unique with just general similar features- the pattern can determine this and not the mutations alone provided there is an intelligible theory of vacua and that the universe is in the main an intelligible place on all measureless scales.

Theory and Experiment sufficient unto their day, seem inexhaustible for now. But what does this mean if our purpose is such a study or job- especially if at the end and beginning of indoctrination we wage the ideological wars with the next generation of our children as well work behind the scenes even though it may not be a deliberate choreography of conspiracies?

* * * * *

Note to Pitkanen's blog to Ulla and Orwin (Posted here for the convenience of possible readers):


I am familiar with the integral program and the depth of Wilbur's philosophy- I used his words depth and span for my take on things.

The difference you ask of the rest mass or relativistic mass can be asked on a much higher level which I suspect Matti is talking about.


I hope I am not confusing you. I might speculate on the structure of the soul but none of this can impose its concepts on the idea of God including number anymore than path integrals, Hamiltonian s, and combintorics and so on describe and reduce things to enough depth in span of the universe(s).

While the world remains simple- perhaps we share with the Deity the asking of stupid questions as we design our logic and universe. But the embellishments are fun where they go beyond a theory. The primes are beyond these frameworks I imagine- all is poetry in a sense... I am looking more into the 16 dimension spaces now way beyond the octonions and well complex square roots and octaves- all part of the picture.

The PeSla

* * * * *

L. Edgar Otto says:
November 5, 2011 at 4:00 pm

Excellent Post!

Nothing great in the history of human progress from the time of the pyramids could have been achieved without cost overruns- of we see the application of our minds to the world of wider technology as worthwhile progress (the Egyptians could have built an automobile but such a prototype would require millenniums to bring the cost within reach of many people) as we find and designate great wonders in the world.

I would add that although we do not see it now- the exploring of fundamental knowledge on the level of frontier big science and not just the state of it of the day- will lead to a better understanding of our biology- that at least should get some peoples attention.

Invent the governor and one of two working a steam engine is free to do other things like poetry- so said Bergsen. Progress is the freeing of us from slavery historically, the freeing of our spirit.

The Pe Sla

* * * *

This an example of applying foundational physics concepts to the patterns that organize life--- an excellent link and research. Also in the sci mag news today the disc thru a gravitational lens- I did not see that as of much general depth- but the idea of gamma bursts and more elements than found in the sun in galaxies of the early universe- that is relevant and right on! Should be kept in mind for issues like what elements can be made by supernovas and how such an answer might not be enough to explain some better theory of everything.

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