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Triune Fibonacci Numbers in the Intermediate Dimensions

Triune Fibonacci Numbers in the Intermediate Dimensions L. Edgar Otto 11-11-11 or (.9000009)

Numbers with a Pythagorean reality of their own- do they stand between us as a way to view the universe, the isopsephy with geometry as well, or are they the reality so described. Blake would have all such calculation an evil view of God as the mathematician- the first criticism of science. So too numbers start out in the dawn of knowledge that which everyman may obtain beyond his wealth or place in society.

I did this messy page of ideas starting out I would find nothing in particular, but hardly my pen touches the page than the adventure unfolds- I no stalking Lover. It is an observation where proofs of such are unclear if they can be obtained- but they are to some all of the reality of dimensions, between the confusion of 4 and of 10 that we too imagine the gods using patterns for a universe of mathematics.

The sequence of Fibonacci numbers, when read over the quasic plane, quite more than the emphasis of oddness and evenness of numbers by the Pythagoreans, I observe seem to fall into the binary powers of quadrants... and as the dimension grows I imagine this continues ever harder to find the tree in the next quasic state of higher imagined generations. But if we cannot say, beyond some idea of the randomness of the prime pattern if there are an infinity of Fibonacci primes or not- in some ways we should ask at this stage of math and physics does it matter and will that lead to a breakthrough not forever or centuries away?

In the debates recently I notice how it seems our working physicists and those who post, cheery pick from ideas to explain the new data or its possibilities if true, sometimes the migration to new dawns as if a flock of scavenger sea gulls pushing out papers first to find some bit of food in the flotsam and jetsam between the great oceans in the wide heartland to better climates in cycle or some final meltdown as if irreversible global warming, that they do not really understand complex numbers when it comes to ideas of tachyons and the frameworks involving light velocity. Kasner showed that the shortest distance (I imagine in space as well it could be time, and for ideas of action in general especially to those who emphasize the holographic principle) needs not be a strait line. It can be or can be greater than this... and he showed it can be much less.

To this concept of randomness (of course can we say a quantum path is certain in its determination globally, or can we but only probably predict it?) may also apply to more advanced mathematical ideas such as Viswanath's constant for all such Fibonacci like sequences even starting as random they approach his constant taken to the 100th power. It seems to me built into such dynamics of space we already can exceed the velocity of light somewhat but this merely adjusts the relativity theory as expressed in the lower dimensions and generations as still useful laws of invariance. As things grow or expand from some supposed center, such as the earth as an analog to Noether's sphere of action
- cannot energy x space in a relativistic sense appear to be a sort of action- those with the relativistic formalism only for explanations such as for gravity, those of a more continuous background and not say the idea of Finite Fourier Transforms- make much of this curvature difference as to what is the circle and what the line- so too the modulus? mentioned is an afterthought rather than an extension into a dynamic higher space, or laws that adjust to scale (that is, what is observed from the supernova neutrinos etc...)

On top of this we should add the ideas of Benford and his law for the frequency of digits including for example three digits taken together and so on... something that seems to extend beyond mere ordering a fractal like quality to the randomness.

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Posting on Pitkanens blog mainly to Ulla who does give links that are interesting but most of them are very much out of date:


Interesting you and apparently many others are interested now in knot theory. It is about time they generalized these things- and why did it take so long to begin to do so.

But none of these terms in the text or comments or links do justice to the concepts we are trying to express here.

What is a blackout but the alcohol in the brain not letting one set down that sort of neuro memory- but are they conscious? We know now that some in deep coma are in a sense conscious so how will the experience time?

My theme today was the Fibonacci numbers. In them I realized that most of the physicists posting on the issue of superluminal neutrinos as if imaginary particles have no deep understanding of complex numbers when it comes to some path or world line.

I am way beyond such simple extensions of space as the usual way to generalize dimensions and knots, twistors and overly simplified Feynman diagrams. One cannot live on rumors of physics especially if the case is way obsolete and a dead end, Ulla. By Trinity I assume you meant something like Kea recently stated about the neoplatonists- that is if there is any enduring structure or geometry and numbers to things.

1995 was a good year to take up the frontiers to Consciousness as the DNA structure discoverer did. But we have made little progress since then apparently- the Emperor will have no clothes if they do not grow and adjust to the current issues and near future ones of the new physics.

Why remake the wheel without searching the work of others? Why trust anything on the net?



The PeSla (L. Edgar Otto) says:
November 11, 2011 at 2:56 pm


You have shown me some interesting things I did not know but could have used. But since you are interested in these things I found some rather interesting new things about Fibonacci numbers in my casual study of the primes. Also, I had some general comments on how it seems people do not really understand the complex numbers in relation to tachyon ideas (Kasner, not my idea)

That symmetry of primes in binary- well, 11 and 13 pairs? I should look into this.

Which rather large prime was made of 111111… ?

Happy 1/ .9000009 inverse !

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A comment on facebook to Sultan Ratrout on his poem linked above:

I wrote:
an interesting description- like Dante (inspired by Mohamed's ride in the heavens) a Limbo of sorts.
but, if there is evidence of consciousness in someone with a coma, in real time too, then the question is if one is drunk and cannot put down memories do we forget the pain and the vision of greater things?
To there are we but fleeting dreams?
You, the unique you, and that which endures in the end in a wider awakening.

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Well,since Ulla replied: On Matti's blog:

At 10:08 AM, Blogger ThePeSla said...


Did you see this- my how we can play with some real things and do unexpected things?

"The endpoint is life, always" How poetic and heartfelt (still I am not sure we have communicated or understood each other.)

trial- sorry do not understand the context of the word. But yes we should not just point to things- in the consciousness questions in particular- our instruments but crude tools that indicate.

I did think this last post may relate to the Dark measurements so in that sense these are distinct and yet "real".

It is amazing how much in the standard language I do not know how to say or know about with the work done on primes and Fibonacci numbers from my crude search today.

Knots are prime- now that is an interesting comment to ponder. But to me knots are rather trivial and vague, now. Something I thought one would have to be around since birth to know- and something more intricate than a description by one sided spaces.

I know Matti feels as we all should overwhelmed at times by the 1100 or so regions of the maths but I would have him go a little farther, to where no one can be cited before yet is close to a new truth. After all, for me at this point in the philosophy of it all- the great trinity is Pitkanen, Sheppeard, and Otto as primary- but Trinities rise and fall.

Thank you for the reply.

The PeSla

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Here I sit, designed a close packed cube city, stuck posting with minimum things to do at the coffee shop. And in the logistics of it- so many billions of people in so small a space- I realized it described my little corner of the kitchen where I am stuck still crashing. A screen and radio, a window that can change the air once in awhile, sometimes a call to the outside, a little cubical, brick in a great wall, surrounded by the hallways and vents and rare but pointless lights out or fire, and the routine shared between us the view thru the snow or sunrise breakfast with my immediate neighbors. Damn cat woke me up this morning my roommates watching him but if they are drunk on cheap vodka or 40's it goes crazy and attacks the toilet paper or knocks over plants. So, it comes to me, sober and sane, wakes me up, because it knows I will fill its bowl that had been empty so long. When I come home it does not run out the door as with the others. You see, what is the point of learning or writing- I walk a lot- but I have to ask myself does the expression "get a life mean anything to me?" I mean, veteran's day is such hype. What can it mean but I do not have to take training to get a concealed carry gun under the new law in Wisconsin- thing is, we should all know how to shoot, but I just am not looking to own one.

Unfortunately, if you do not believe in hell here or in the hereafter, the expression "May my detractors rot in hell" rather looses its comfort value- but not on behalf of myself so much but the effect it has had on my children.

And the amazing thing is I have not said everything I have dreamed on the frontier, any more than a thousand little things that could not be covered as we live them or relive them as children again- amazing inventions and almost the best copy of some things never seen before. I would have to live all that again in real time to even begin to do it justice. There is no time left for a second best novel nor the time to waste learning what all young people do.

On the other hand, we can do some amazing things- this includes a mysterious communication as well as talking at a distance, with understanding, if we choose. Or time travel of a sorts- engineering our reality in the flesh (all that sense of touch of fragile flesh, that physical connection with the world precious too) and I learning what is so basic about my own body- watching the struggle of cheese curds or the aches and pains that sometimes arise forgetting I am not so young, and the broken teeth more valuable than artificial ones- what a crock the fears and all that medical this and that which will not make any difference at all- when the time comes, of which for ourselves we can know or come close to the time if we choose, it will happen all at once, not bit by bit. What a nation of drudged out hypochondriacs and wounded vets whose sense of honor and duty and sanity is in the landfill with their lost body parts- I mean, just because we had idiots make war does not mean we should all jump for joy and praise for a constituency politics made as surely as any other group thinking they have the privacy of love that has never been seen before and is special, and cannot come again.

Yet there is no one to grab by the collar and make a difference. I may as well talk philosophy with my drunken roommates who will not recall a damn thing.

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