Friday, June 29, 2012

Transperiodic (Xper) and Transaperiodic (Xapr) Lensing

Transperiodic  (Xper) and Transaperiodic (Xapr) Lensing 

L. Edgar Otto    29 June, 2012

As I was walking by the park, the bandshell made under works progress adimistration in the 30's and how odd that like the old ampitheater in Chapel Hill still stands and is a focus of the community as a creation of work and art, It occured to me to explore other forms of golden ratio tiling based on the ratio as used in the third Confederate flag.

I offer only an informal sketch as it proved easy to approximate and in a sense makes a fractal pattern much like the first phi ratio itself.  I suspect, along the lines of Fresnel interference lensing that as we increase the quasic dimension along these lines the differences in the axes conform intelligibly along the lines of these ratios.  It is possible too that as far as tiling, thus other forms of layering of aperiodic molecular lattices, these default to flatland that what is the period seems hidden in the lattice of squares.

Sometimes theory is fun, and sometimes it is art.

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Last Illustration called   "Imagination"

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