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Transactional Quasic Dialectical Dynamics (XQs)

Transactional Quasic Dialectical Dynamics (XQs)    Zionic  or Dante Space Generalization

L. Edgar Otto    02 June, 2012

I walked by the sculpture called Zion from the artist in South Dakota and notices that from the angle and the light that it had duplications of the outside structure as if an onion of shells.  Recall, I had compared it to an atom or a universe. I thought it would be a fine picture to emphasize again the differences offered for foundation ideas of a more generalized quasic space, one that moreover shows where some of the alternatives in the physics description make these views stand out in their own right as perhaps useful new branches of the discipline.

I noticed that its overall symmetry was not conceived as balanced by the artist but casually so with gaps as well as regions of circular discs or hollows.  I am wondering also what sort of picture Ulla asked me to try to draw- I think these can be so drawn or at least slices of such things that enable us to at least imagine a wider picture with structure.

But the issue here is one also of these spherical layers equivalent to the idea of multi layers of membranes and what forces exist between them in the mathematical analysis- and as Ulla says it is a question of some form of entropy relation.  In a steady state universe at least I quite imagine that, as in Penrose's concept of quantanglement where the stars make the entropy as a source and black holes are its sink that this can be a dialectical and measurable dynamics of change despite the overall balance of these existence and non existent states.

We do not have this in the reduction to  string theory but only hints of it for the string can be open ended or in a loop- but it is also what is outside this reduction that hints also of some structure as a field or gauge topology to which we imagine it can describe what we want to if we understood the weights in representations for mass or gravity.  TGD of Pitkanen seems to me capable of generalizing to this neutral situation as indeed a form or statement of the dynamics in the topology.  Of course from my view it is still but an essential part of the bigger picture.  On open string I call loxidromic and a closed one I call minimum quantization.

I approach it then from the informational models.  What happens outside the nucleus determines what happens outside was the first guess (actually of my father LLO in answer to a question I put to him once)  But in the quasic generalization where surfaces are abstractly connected it is clear to me these have the same sort of structures and ideas of superposition as if a stack of branes or shells of an onion.  I find it interesting that an artist would picture some form of Heaven, Zion, this way and give it more of a sacred name.

This transcends the usual meaning that arises in the Midwest as a structured object like Dante or Bohr as systems centered, parton like in the old sense.  The idea too of trinity, or the three way psychology as Freud, or reduced further the parent, adult, child idea of transactional analysis.  Yet it is the purpose or action of light that is the analogy here and the general idea of what sort of spectrum string remains on a curved or flat membrane surface.  Is there a (psychological) transaction between different levels of neutrino mixing and can it be of an intelligible measure.

This initial theory may lack a certain depth as some first blush theories do for I envision two clocks of which one cannot tell by itself the correct mechanical time but the difference with another clock in a constant ratio might pinpoint the time (ideas of simultaneity naively aside). But I mean this more like a quasifinite sense of sequences (after all in the Zion space open and closed are the same ground and description) and these relate, as with the 11 dimensional idea to what I think Pitkanen means by the prime numbers such that (in terms of Fibonacci-Phi) his use of 89 in itself without his derivation explicit even).  Over the plane or the sphere membrane is the two such clocks of infinite primes of which we can measure or sense the more fixed unity of time in the variations.  This moreover establishes such directionality as the angles given say the 64 codon chain code.

Let us note also that on a still deeper level a little more general physics is required than that one global photon can initiate a number of paths and objects in the observed recent surprise involving photosynthesis. It is not clear that such a global phenomenon is free from a dynamic product of the state of such primes as things permute or perturb if these connect on a deeper transactional level.  I like to think that this is a sort of grounding at least in the scope and compass of this possibly partial new physics also to higher pictures.

But it is enough for now to see the quasic idea between levels of the influences, especially the idea of something like a negative or neutral charge in the inside of nucleons in the Dante model as the shell plus the space between the shell as if a general omnic ray or closed higher space to which the boundaries are set and the dynamics contained within an action level including the limits of what is a pure conservation law such as that of the velocity of light.  What then makes these connections between levels intelligible and in the default of averages congruent, commensurable, and coherent?

Only at this first level of conception intellectually might we truly begin to ask the deeper questions on the nature of the structure for cosmology.  Why not in our naive idea of influence in our universe by other universes the same sort of explanation by one universe with these evolved prime informational multidimensional membrane dynamics?  Or is that question a rather primitive one itself?

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I thought of some simple concepts and possible methods to compute some of the angles in a circle of so many objects as in a variation here on the 11 star (read dimensions) artistic rendition of the first Confederate flag.

This is a question of the dynamics between shells of some generation where the half dead zone ring can be open or closed around something irregular or not such as polygons.  Here we can imagine 11 pentagons going outward in a view of elliptical space (the internal regular space usually a representation of the hyperbolic) and the gaps of so many angles between the pentagons.

What this suggests to me as a matter or area to explore is with a sequence of numbers this same property of the minimum quantization or loxidrome openness of a spectrum relates in inverses or dialectical compliments of the geometry or physics, informational.  Thus we can apply cycle or decimal measure to the whole open spectrum say in radio waves or treat the finite values of say particles as part of the force of a continuous system of some observed measure such as mass we add to our equations of physics based on no current set physics.

What strikes me is the numbers involved when, as in 1/89 in relation to the phi 11 cycle, is that the binary number sequences occur in the translation between bases in relation to the group number numerology.  Clearly we have here a half concept, half infinity, something between the infinite and zero which is a new entity for interpretation as fundamental as the zero place holder. The Quasic decimal point if you will.  A point of the fulcrum of thermodynamic models by number, the half thermodynamic law in the abstract center of indefinite negatives and entropy or time even as a creative force.  As well the hierarchy of the idea of zero, the null thermo law or variations beyond and ultimately apply to the physical real that of of the third.

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  1. Negentropy can be illustrated as this. Take a circle = total = entropy. This can preferably be in form of information, you know all. Is this the basic energy?

    Divide the circle by a border in two. Then you have created a degree difference. Divide the circe further. You cannot possibly say that then you will recreate the total.

    Think at information, say Newton. His ideas were overturn by Einstein, but you cannot say they are not valid. It all depends on the degree of information you need. Still today Newton is much used, especially in cosmology, I have been told. So Einstein represents a negative negentropy relative to Newton.


  2. Ulla,

    This is certainly an interesting comment and question, how you see or are trying to see these things.

    Nature is nature, to her nothing is overturned or it is relative. If we say things like politics in our defeat at elections is cyclic this solves nothing of the higher questions.

    But why break something that may be a whole already as given (from one view)? At this moment is the universe not flat and Euclidean? Is the earth in a sense flat after all? If there is such a neg-entropy as a relative thing then there must be so many sheets or membranes of higher analogies of it we can just about see from some small perspective. The earth thought as hollow also where we cannot see but some surface.

    What then represents negentropy relative to Einstein? We, not in what we can draw but in what we can fold find the overlapping of things obscuring others and the order as important and the connections as laws bases on what is implied if they overlap or not. But the folding of things may be done in more than one way as a result even if this is not random in the result- that happens when we divide the angles into ideas of two and and so on. It is the assertion that a point is strictly even or odd in its centering of colors if we apply laws or groups rigidly.

    I have further ideas, but am taking a break from posting on informational issues I call teleoscoping as part of the dynamics of change involving remote values at singularity. By totality do you mean a strictly closed system as to the laws of thermodynamics?

    These questions seem to me to be at the heart of string theory where the physicists just begin to understand the topology. Is entropy uncertainty if it is a total circle or radius in these early ideas of physical terms? Still, what you are saying or asking suggests to me a whole new area of approach- some such dynamics we have no good name or method for- but in terms of energy it is the maximum diameter of the universe (as paradoxically as that sounds on this level) as well the E mc2 and Planck formula.

    In the expression of a sequence or movement of information there are loop-holes in the sense that some sequences are lost into themselves and cannot return to the main (teleoscoping, purpose, sequence) state of general information save by spontaneous recreation by accident perhaps on a more foundational level. I like that you are aware of other views of how order may arise in the world rather than the idea that all becomes disorder. We need this belief to distinguish quantum theory from classical even if it gives us problems in theory unification (whatever the state or scope we can consider entropy, maybe entropy of thought or thinking on some thing or between conversations themselves.

    But your question as to the (they think rigid) division of circles or spheres is needed for the heart of some calculus methods and for what we can build on in the string idea. After all, cells tend to divide. And a worm in a four space apple can eat all the volume then come to the surface and eat as much again- does it eat the skin then what? That is only the beginning.

    The PeSla who may have posted along the lines today or tomorrow before you brought it up. So the comment is long. One thing for sure we do need a wider dynamics and theromdynamics at least as deep and of a wider vision as TGD.