Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Optic Magic

L. Edgar Otto  19 June, 2012

I use the term "Optic Magic" as if a trade name for manufacturing (although it is clear to me that the promises once from the veterans administration for help with the establishing of a small business as with all other obligations and promises were impediments rather than investments in the future.  Lately it has shifted away from that administration to the small business agency.  The county as well as the technical schools and universities have ignored any such projects only as if they can teach the how to do things which is not really about enquiry at all.)  By Magic I also mean the interrelationship of numbers as considered related to physics and prefer this term to one such small object around 1973 made of planes of plexiglass and transparent with a light inside that the reflections were contained within a cube shape called "Infinity Optics".  This is rather a question than an informative name.

But it is the issue of how we may see infinity, vaguely, if we extend the idea of series and what are the boundaries of the absolute ( are there converging series that do so less than natural numbers?  In this intelligible language do we not relate all the geometries to the grounding of the Euclidean in matters of reflection as the extended ideas of symmetry before we seek new operations as in the deeper understanding of what we mean by super symmetry?  Does not the representation have parts that are hidden as if in my surface calyptic cubes there can be analogs in higher space to so enumerate and even beyond the simple idea of orthogonal lattices where we subdivide a cube itself as such a surface along the ideas of the great Coxeter.

In the idea of limits we should generalize the concepts and do so where the discrete meets the continuous- for certaintly until this view is grasped the physics is not unified and we ask such questions as how to derive from more general physics the more classical views- but the answer is obvious and trivial from these views.

We like the idea on some levels of mirrors and compliments in our analysis of the arithmetic properties and if we believe in a parallel magic in the mysterious sense and call what cannot so see in codes and messages and masses and so on, as the why of ratios of matter or dark matter for example the non scientific stance of arithmology.  The numbers of the electron shells are so called magic numbers but by this I do not suggest that the scientific and non scientific ideas meet necessarily in some sort of mystery.  But where there is mystery in the mechanism with the lower view we can compare the truth of science as if on some lesser level as a whitewashed method that suggests it could be magical if we see beyond the given space and issues like what is to be believed by all interpretations that relate consciousness and character to number.

How then in our description or language can we so relate and count the structures intelligibly,  that is at least a sort of possibility geometrically of measure of ideas and things like mass and gravity?  We ground the views- as Pitkanen has recently asked, if such seemingly structured objects that on the face of it if there are lost in subspace if we see the compliments of such structures from the equally relevant corpuscular view with is continuous geometry.  How is it that we can have a wormhole like structure that is independent in a sense from a general field if not that things like the multiplicity of branes or planes can be described physically with a distinguishing from principles of more general non necessary structures of space and vacua?  How can there be discrete magnetic lines of force in a homogeneous vacuum?

Again some of these questions will have obvious answers in retrospect-  the global warming concerns of Lubos in how some try what is not possible in the mathematics to contain the economy of the world as if a vague unified and environmental entity that believes it can sustain chaos with perhaps things like the new idea of the tax for the diversity of species, if this is an issue we can influence for Mother Nature, cannot be solved with the existing theories and this will become evident as well the closed mindedness of scientists on both sides of what may or may not become a natural disaster.  But it is clear that social sciences are not as simple in the application of theory as their ideas of necessity or false scarcities would today have us believe nor that the counter to such theories is not just a magical feeling that too thinks it the only way to advance science in the service of society.

As far as the manufacture of anything now said to be in favor again as economic solutions it is up to us for no one can guarantee reasonable things will be done between people.  I refused to take a pension that is the expediency for the moment from the county service officer being technically disabled due to advanced age (as once being unemployed awhile would count for enough to reestablish getting on one's feet again).  I doubt I will hire veterans again if they by mere social considerations are viewed and turned into disabled or threats to society by their partly suicidal chemical lobotomies by the parasites that life off such an industry.  But we are as Hegel says nothing without the state- this is true when the state is made in the non necessary reality of things the most powerful thus the grounding default.  What is lost in the process is the future of our children, and of freedom to enquire, and the right of peoples to say something for the development and peace in their own lives. Yes, and true help for those who really need it. More of us will live off the grid in the future to come- what good is debt and such education anyway,  I am a fool for trying to be part of academia all these years to find the dream empty.  What if they gave a lecture and a degree and only the disabled showed up?

Society may just as well be the magical idea of it for the service of its magical science.

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