Thursday, June 14, 2012

Quasic Boundary Symmetry Breaking

Quasic Boundary Symmetry Breaking

L. Edgar Otto   14 June, 2012

At the foundational, logical, and informational level of flat Euclidean plane symmetry breaking, the factoring from one dimension to a lower one down through the tree of division and between different levels of division the intelligibly values of the numbers and limits do not necessarily intelligibility connect but can exist generally as systems related by a disconnect which in such an isolated system the totality of the product is intelligibly conserved over a dynamic span.

But such a system can sustain an idea of a neutral limit over supposed integration over an infinity of states and paths such as that of light velocity. The relation of the influence of a photon with the gravitational field is one of these ideas of dynamic limits or projected boundaries over a local extent and is thus a question of the foundations of mathematics more so than the physical nature of energy or gravity itself as the depth and span of the foundational.

Moreover, the same general concept of phenomena that can be distinguished within one such quasi isolated plane can affect systems regarded as a multiplicity of such planes where the supersymmetry as such expresses a general but not necessarily connection with others, or of the unitary (omnic) field.

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(This concept was intended as an idea to include two posts back concerning the nature of logic and theory.)

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