Monday, June 25, 2012

Metaphysical Speculations on Tachyons

Metaphysical Speculations on Tachyons 
L. Edgar Otto   25 June, 2012
      [the last five posts form a set on the particle theme and the LHC]:
Within the scope of concerns focused in our scientific era the connection to the bosonic theory and tachyons suggest that such a quason, the reality of an illusive particle for lack of a general name in its evidence it has some reality, the Higgs of as yet indefinite definition and that it is thought such a boson or that in relative considerations we see a shadow of some theory that stars can be older than the universe or neutrinos appearing to exceed the speed of light as light can so appear, that in the early string theory tachyons of some description were part of the picture, this time like sequence of the phenomenon to resolve paradoxes of singularity and nothingness as the higher or Omnion idea of particles, in our contemplations, in sentience, we find in the actual world an analogy to theological concerns such as predestination or the grounding of forgetfulness in the philosophies of karma and so on...

This seems intelligibly a consequence in our slice of focused spacetime general or absolute in the background of the equivalence of our ideas of looping, or openness of sequences as one description.  It may explain a lot in terms of choices of the 'best of possible worlds' or how we invent or discover ideas and processes intuitively, and within some range uniquely for it is an issue also of originality in that the fundamental and original is creative thus new.  If such a process or mechanism of time as real, or suggestive of the idea of resolving the quasonic multiverse even of spontaneous events of sources or sinks appearing, of a quason as an organic being, we find also the grounding of something that could be enduring to which we have vaguely called soul or spirit in our world or imagined beyond it.

Was my life, anyone's life pre-existing in the nothingness or perhaps the mind of our idea of a God?  Or does it exist beyond the ideas of space and time yet only the truth of this unfolds after the fact of existing grounded in the objectivity of space and time such motes of light and matter?  Do we not so travel into a sort of shadow time before the world will be? On this level of speculation we may ask how it is we can imagine some endless future of indefinite extent to which we as once alive pin our hopes and fears for the idea of the eternal and yet rarely contemplate the eternity of nothingness that has gone before our birth.  Given the idea of something solid and of substance in matter made from space and nothingness could this not have an analog in ideas of mind and soul that is not an illusion?  An illusion more so that establishes illusions or in the establishment of the real restricts in the variable moment that repeats endless times but is the precipice to a new state beyond restrictions.

In any case this area needs more consideration but the natural resistence to speculation so restricted in grounding will perhaps explain and make real concrete progress in the sciences and explicit power as we print things so to speak or speak things so to print in vacua beyond the nth dimensions.

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