Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Wild Card Numbers of Non-necessity

Wild Card Numbers of Non-necessity
L. Edgar Otto    05 June, 2012

(The following is a first attempt at newer ideas and a summary:)

There exists a general decimal (.:.),(.:),(:.) and so on... at the center of a sequence of (binary) numbers. (Can include equivalents of bra ket notation)

A prime (or power) can be 1 or 0, that is exist or not exist, or wild card (*) which is not necessarily to be interpreted as part of a gray group.

:*******************... is a general wild card number

Nature at some place of the uncertainty of existence does not necessarily distinguish which prime so exists or not as between what its state of the possible or impossible is the grounding.

Linearly this can be a matter of existential or global oscillation.

It can mirror some assumed totality such that the physical effects or space involved have intelligible differences.

Some space systems intelligibly approach this organization of numbers to ground various theories of the universe.

The wild card decimal is a singularity non necessarily contiguous, or intermittently so to positive or negative values in concept or in global defaults on the less general level of what is chance or necessity- or for that matter quasic structure.

Surreal numbers and those of the p-adic generalization may exist not as an ending to some state of all prime numbers but as a given or absolute that weaves between symmetry and dimension as concepts.

There may be intelligible order between  the totality of such numbers in a unique state of existence or unique change within some aspect of existing.

A subjective state in reason does not know what state it is in so as to distinguish philosophic and scientific logics from the deeper aspects of what is the neutral and absolute vacuum.

The distinction between rest and motion, from the Pythagorean view, is a difference of the intelligible applied logic of these numbers and may have a certainty to be found beyond the natural uncertainty of quantum logic.

What is at rest in one dimension may be in motion in  another as an existential or global effect, intelligibly, or this can have diverse but chaotic modification where wildcard intelligible.  This includes the null idea of at least minus one for the notation for the null polytope.

In a plane system these effects can be the beginning of multiplicity of the reductionism as if Occam's razor but is the minimum of simplicity for true understanding of physical effects where induction is found a validity again.

In general division by the various zeros, or infinities that are equivalent in wild card space as one or many universes indistinguishable is overall a dynamic process.

The uniqueness of numbers as in Godel's metalanguage system, as powers, while intrinsically unclear as to the proof of logic at a give system of arithmetical propositions is intelligible but involves powers of which these may be interpreted on either side of the wildcard decimal as that of the finite or continuous, the positive only or the imaginary mirrors.  Thus powers of two form a minimum provable reference of numbers as a continuum issue.

Technically it is not yet clear that we have solved the many and one issue (for wild card numbers when broken into various symmetries or sequences have on the average commensurable prime intelligibility's under quasic similarity issues) But this is suggestive of a greater generalization over the depth and span of intelligibility that we imagine such a totality as possible, not to do so at this stage let alone earlier ones, or to deny the foundational philosophy is dishonest science.  So to for lesser generalizations offered by some as foundational theories or incomplete theories of everything.

Can the same quasi logical methods show some creative entity or point dimension in such ultimate space (if beyond what I call the Omnium) to which the design or fact of the universe has the maximum complexity as well the minimum of simplicity?  Would that idea extended not be the most comprehensive and best of natural or ultimate design?

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