Monday, June 25, 2012

Beyond and Between the Creative Teleomnium

L. Edgar Otto    24 June, 2012

What then if from our cathedrals of science,  in our day the collider we view as if made of stone or our first great attempt made of forming staves of wood bedecked in this year of the dragon that our creativity proves but a lesser copy of some idea of this world as perfection or perhaps but a pale dream of such absolutes of thought that our results of experimental toys of wisdom proves there is no greater thing of mind and life than we like the lichens making footholds and cracks in pointless rocks of which we move meaningless things from within our room in hopes we find some degree of mastery, God-like but so much the lesser gods, whatever we may imagine in this universe we can probe and discover its secrets including the mysteries and image of the eternal we sometimes despair of or harbour within ourselves?

Can we in thought or creativity make but a pale copy of such a vision of unity and birth of what Nature has already done herself?  If we steal from her as if to face a punishment from the gods for our gift, discoveries as the deed is done and someone eventually will find and not take it back who with lesser humanity turns to ignoble use of fire its own punishment and cyclic debt of increase or decrease that just perhaps nothing cares, we or the universe or gods, what the entropy does.

That said I come to the point in a mature theory and text to which authors speculate on the achievements and prospects, the possibly with new light taking into consideration the consequences, with a new and raw sense of poetry again in our curiosity and desire for new possibilities and first blush risks of consequences aware or not if we are foolhardy in the tinkering.

Let us not hide our heads in the sand in the facing of unknowns, try for the positive and abundance staring into the emptiness around us and the shadows we see of our own faces in the mirrors.  Development and progress need not be the source of evils, of fear so as not to gaze, nor be the source and sink of explosive false dreams that unravel us for in the equifinality of our journies in the life of the mind on the whole with new power and responsibility where the good or abundance has the edge and the ground is vigorous, alive, and while perhaps but everlasting is an era of security in peace.

I begin to understand now that my own concerns and contemplations on the cosmos has reached a certain level and I have been made stronger by the normal trails of life as if a fine edges sword with keen edge made strong by fire having survived but not of the expectations of some arbitrary shape but then, and not looking down upon those in lesser dreams of life I know the sense or hint of purpose has sustained me at the core survived while close to accident and with a few scars and still hurting wounds receding, the dreams I have encountered of others of which I could not share the sense of their joyful vision.

The obvious conclusions of theirs beyond me having reality if we break though what they present as if only on the surface that seemed to me too far into some world of fantasy and dreams- my friend galatomic comes to mind and all who set up against the flow of standard dreams an alternative for time flow and creation or of pointloop who saw the obvious need to show how things move from place to place and are the same yet change in terms of geometry and physics- each retiring from their dream back to the normal retreat of living fully in the end times- yet they are if not known a household name in their exuberance and I miss them in my tenacity of awakening vision- but that is the general state of all of us who care about these cosmic things, we apes full of new cosmogony.

In the building of the great cathedral of our time one aspect of discussion is the sense of mystery that we might cause a reaction that consumes the world that to some justify some completion of knowledge at presumed end times or that in our looking for such wisps of light nature conspires to keep us in ignorance.  Science quells many fears and gives us new power to responsibly shape if not create new worlds if we believe without clear reason they can spontaneously arise in laws of matters at the remote influences or those hidden within of extremes.  New definitions and understanding of energy and even organic structure may give us new uses, new capacities for work and poetry, new lesser purposes in our lives existing in this world.

A new problem also with a refreshing if daunting expanse of new horizons to generalize and view, for those who are in yet watch from afar the dream perhaps some higher unity or wholeness of what we vaguely describe as our spirit or souls.  Our theories of everything, our resolution of singularities into variations philosophically of the Omnium as familiar yet new grounding is unified in that things are intelligible- and there is new work to be done all many useful and rewarding levels as we build with flying buttresses that beyond our down to solid earth dreams of pyramidal compression.  I am closer myself to admitting that there was the hand of something higher still than all the speculations we long sometimes to encounter and obey, perhaps God in some sense of promise and repay for wisdom, He beyond our creative dreams and beyond creativity itself.

If I have laughed at the closed wisdom of your visions or that they seem absurd in retrospect as I recall the respect some dreams have in a cult or culture of a party line, it is not so as to deride but to smile in joy at life and its awakening and choices freely made in each own path that in a sense can be part of all of us.  Let no one steal your prayers and dreams. Arise, my child of Earth!

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