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Eternal or Everlasting Particles

Eternal or Everlasting Particles

L. Edgar Otto   24 June, 2012

The more general idea of symmetry, beginning at the concrete sense of particle location as a four fold dialectic, asks over an interval or perpetually it projected, what is the grounding for the possibility of discrete dynamic translation?

Nature non necessary in its self characterization and unbiased finds a wider definition of what we mean by an abstract coordinate especially within an abstract space structure system.   These may be distinguished within a theory by labels and rules of notation to some degree of confidence and observation that grounds geometric analogy and prediction.

The objects so designated can be concrete or represent an abstract or virtual location (in space time, in quasic brane coordinate cells of multiplicity and so on).

From the viewpoint of being within a generalized mutidimensional and supersymmetric totality as from the outside is a discrete view the reflections where coordinates have symmetry of identities as if quasi identical or half shared the scope or span of the reality of the points of reflection may shift to any point as the real center, intelligibly and quasi independently.

Between the quason totality (as if a black hole type object containing the questions of where information goes and how as related to the geometry of thermodynamics) and the boundary beyond the finite but bounded horizon exists the dynamics that philosophically does not distinguish what is beyond that horizon into ideas of a coordinate adjacent dimensional totality a state relative dynamically yet absolute of the equivalence unto the boundary as central to the dynamics in what may appear multiversal of some existential or intrinsic form of general expansion that subsumes these questions of energy or entropy and local coherence as well the chance grounding by uncertainty of models as non necessary consistence, objectively and at a distance that acts as a unity or unity among unities, intelligibly.

The concept of regions in some general space of different if directed states of entropy is such a non necessary law wherein in the span of the concept we need a wider grounding as it goes into symmetric spaces beyond the conceptual horizon as if to also be homogeneous but diverse in the expression or expansion of energetic backgrounds.

The discrete dynamic translation-location is a foundational and traditionally assumed or even metaphysical principle to which the bias of nature may or may not always be chosen but such a principle or mechanism is needed to put on a more rational basis what we mean by sequences or causation in any of the physics including natural vibrational ones.  What appears a still string or even a multi brane sheet in one theory can vibrate beyond its own horizon but this needs not be a mirror world nor an added dimension or dimensions of higher spaces or time.  Such vibrations may be fundamentally unobserved in the eternal aspect of a particle.  This also grounds our concepts of tachyons if not the existence of such particles themselves, these too can be quasi everlasting as particles (or ground non necessary physical effects within and embedded totality but with intermittent predictability.

A number, especially conceived as eternally prime can be seen also as everlastingly prime in the sense of the consequences of a path that least to a many world multiplicity, fractally also but beyond ideas of complex space as a simple particle between real and virtual mirrors, can obey the idea of some series so as to "seed" the next phase of a cycle such that from a steady state maintained what we may consider as a third of the totality over all the series will resolve to the compliments of a half of such totality to assure the seed crop is maintained that experiments and states of matter and geometry, and living things, may not slowly become unsustainable.

In the singularity physics of such a phoenix (energetic and cyclic physics) world to define a count or number of a particle as if some sort of class concept or condensing of discrete singularities into the super-duper symmetrical dimensions as the usual but non necessary inverse compliment there is no ultimate distinction between the information or its mirror of open or closed strings even when adjusted for multiple closures across the totality of logical and thus binary possibilities.  Such a fixed everlasting coordinate is self moving as fixed between its evolving and expanding grounding of dimensions and makes the usual dialectic of our concepts of mass and gravity on the gross conceptual level.

But it does not mean anything necessarily that we suggest the totality of reality is open or closed as such a singularity center or complex as to if such super abstract data, the information, loops back or goes to some vague higher level or state to exit the reality, or actually vanishes even as an omnium dynamics from the viewpoint of the symmetries that we may style in theories of entropy or time.  This seems to begin to describe the rise of coherent sentient structures also.  If by this we mean the concept of soul it is an idea that is not necessarily contained yet intelligible at least within the realty of theories with wide depth and span of totalities and point like focus.

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