Thursday, June 28, 2012

Girl in the White Hat

Girl in the White Hat

L. Edgar Otto   28 June, 2012

Abstractly, and with lesser degrees of stability in familiar space possible, the nucleus itself may comtain nuclei and so on in the general context of space non necessarily and in a quasifinite manner as the actuality of models exist.

A general sphere can be thought to have an equator and poles for things in the solid, liquid, and gaseous states.  Yet, from one view one physical model has colder poles and a hotter equator while for the complimentary absract objects the equator is neutral or cold, and the pole are hot jets.

The direction of these jets can be only for one pole or predominately to some degree in the main.  This especially applies to the dialectic of similiar scaled stars and black holes.  It may also apply to the dialects of the idea of dark matter and neutral quasonic creative energy.

In the illustration we view the reflections of the earth with the antartic facing us but as with all things viewed from outside other than a toally mirrored sphere itself seen from all perpectives as if from outside (let us recall that geodesic domes and eggs are more easily broken from the inside as well as this applies to shapes of higher genus) that we only see the hemisphere in infinite reflection within the region that is finite or expanding as if the totality from the outside.

Clearly we can project between a lower and higher space these circles of a distance once given so as to duplicate totality of the surface of a sphere in binary multiplications so as to contain the totality in a centered reflection or half the totality that on the grounding sphere would appear as lunes.

These generalized reflections show that some things in models can be hidden whatever the manipulation of the mathematics of operations like rotation, phases etc.  But what is seen is the phenomena of oscillation as of the climate and possibly the initial paths or states that set objects into rotation intrinsically or externally as the logic of these models are ultimately equivalent as with the inertia that is fixed or for some energetic reason accelerates or winds down.

The girl in the hat on a hot summers day is covering her face from the sun and as she passes by me she does not acknowledge my hello and never has in person although she inspired a few poems by flirting with me from the window across way to the next building.  These poems concerned the idea of viewing in distinction to touch as a topic I also dealt with in the sounds and seasons, fireworks, snow fall, and bats and birds and rain, the angle of sunlight and the discernment or focus as a measure of our eyesight in the varying depth of field.  Also the synchronicity of it all when even avoiding her our paths crossed and her reaction to hello was cold and often mean.  That and it seems there was a connection in my dreams that awakened me and tended to synchronize our variable schedules.

I write this off as one of those usual mysteries of life, of coincidence beyond the probability (the synchronicity did not occur without the dream connection and I had no intuition about today's event).  In such matters that appear to approach the psychic I do not admit that I find the occurences strange myself when at times I took a card called from a deck or predicted the color of gumballs.  Sometimes it is the gods that guide our paths I am compelled to consider but for what purpose I know not.  But all of this is a metaphor source of poetry and new takes on the creative as science.

The spin and cycle of things has a certain rhythm and the highs and lows of our unique paths and experiences of life and it is good that one can be somewhat aware of them even when there is less than the apparent information.  Clearly we watch while walking blind, as in justice and love, and it is ancient wisdom to try to put oneself in the experience or view as if we are in their place.  We do not need to question the foundations of the world for some reason more than that we as evolving beings need to touch the experience of them as if through anothers memories and their fixed or thousand eyes.

Clearly as if a stranger glanced but once on a bus and the memory stays, even interferes with new and real paths of life and love, something of human bonds even if seen differently from one to the other (as if we are and not they or neighter are slow to their accelerating weather of heat that but appears to the other as cold as the southern poles on but a speck of dust but it as transparent as a faceted diamond.

I am sure I have not conveyed the sense of symmetry clearly that I see or proposed as a new comprehension of what is applied the physics.  I am not sure as lack of recent comments show the ideas of Rio Frio while important are foundational and not an essental part of our models to consider.  I saw early on that these abstract and airy, even ghostly concepts were related and were analogous to the idea of our centering as a creative earth.  I imagined the general structure of the solar system, planets in pair for example- but in the physics my early take was that the newly discovered Van Allen belts, while electric in its grounding, was just a higher dimensional, even toroidal extension of the physical structure of the earth and equally as real as the soil I could stand on and stub my toe running barefoot as a child under the summer stars.

I should mention that the illustration of the photo of a pyramid with the earth in the center considered with the imagined possibilites of light and dark structures even if invisible in the perpendicularity, a dihedron of sorts in the abstract or one or the other sides seen- I call what could be seen on a lower level as the abstract particle like mediator and that should make clearer the concept I have called Ullaon of which I now include among my general symbology of things as a sketch of it in context, or a small part of it in the general conception of the abstract physics model. It can be seen also as a rather special case of the many or one branes.

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